Why your laptop won’t turn on and how to fix it

Few scares are as nervous as a computer that doesn’t seem to boot. When an error is detected when starting a laptop, it is normal to raise your hands to your head, but you must bear in mind that this can be caused by many factors. It is true that some errors can be serious, but there are others that are easy to solve. Let’s see why your laptop won’t turn on and how you can fix it.

These are the Steps to follow if your computer won’t boot, especially if you need the computer to work and you cannot take it to a specialized site at the moment. The most important thing will be to detect the cause in order to remedy it, so let’s go with it. You must bear in mind that laptops can be delicate to disassemble, if that point arrives, it is best to take it to the technical service. Before getting to that point, there are some bugs you can fix at home and without the need to disassemble parts of the computer. And remember that you can also know How to prevent your laptop from sleeping when closing the screen.

What can you do if your laptop won’t turn on?

The first step will be to detect where the problem comes from, therefore, you must verify if it is a problem. error with the screen or if it affects the whole computer. To check it you can press the power button, if you see that the computer starts to work, but still you do not see anything, it is probably a problem with the screen, if it does not respond when you press the power button, it may be the whole device .

To check if the problem is with the screen, you can connect the laptop to an external monitor with a HDMI or VGA cable. When you connect the cable you should see the screen normally, so you know where the problem is.

The problem is on the screen

If when you turn on the computer you hear a sound like blades on the laptop, but the screen is still black, they have already found the problem. If the fault is on the screen, it may require that you take it to a specialized site so that they can detect which part is failing without damaging the screen.

One solution, if you want to try it at home, is to turn off your computer and unplug it from the power. Once it is off, remove the battery from the laptop for 30 seconds and then reconnect it to the power. When it is connected to the power you can restart it, then you may see the items on the screen normally again.

You have already verified that the problem is on the screen and with this trick it has not been enough, it is best to contact technical service to try to repair it. This can be a tedious process, but it will be the safest way to recover your computer.

The computer does not turn on and the problem is not with the screen

You have tried to turn on the computer, but this does not respond or make noise, then it may be one of the components of the computer. The first step will be to review the general state of the computer to detect what may be failing.

You should keep in mind that fiddling with a laptop can be tricky, so follow these steps to be able to detect where the error is safely and easily.

  • Unplug the computer and remove the battery. Check if it is inflated, damaged or there is any indication that it could be the part that fails. If it has a dent or missing part, that may be the problem.
  • When the battery is no longer capable of holding a charge, try plugging the adapter into a different outlet than usual.
  • Try to use another adapter or cable, to see if the problem is in the charging cable. This is especially important if the cable has any type of damage or scratch.

Be alert if you start to notice a burning smell or see a spark, it is best to disconnect the laptop that does not turn on from the power and contact a professional, so that they can guide you safely.

You should keep in mind that laptops require physical maintenance to run at full throttle. Clean your components, especially RAM, since it is related to this type of problem. Once it’s pristine again, try turning the laptop back on.

What to do if the laptop turns on and turns off again?

You hit the start button and it seems that the computer loads without problems, it even turns on, but nothing turns off again. You must take into account several elements, taking into account that it is a laptop, you should check that has charge or is connected. It can also be due to problem regarding hardware or software.

Start with a little cleaning, you can help yourself with a brush or brush to clean the components delicately, the dust may be playing tricks on you. You have already done it and the problem persists, then check if it is the battery, try a new one or change the outlet.

You have confirmed that it is none of the above and you still cannot find a solution, it is time to check your computer hardware. This is already more complicated and requires more detail, but if you dare, you can follow these steps:

  • Check that the lights, fans or buttons are not failing.
  • Check that the pieces are well connected and that nothing moves more than it should. This is essential if the computer has suffered a blow or fall.
  • Check that no component has a burning smell.

You have already tried all these tricks and the computer does not cooperate, in this case, it is very likely that you will need the help of an expert to be able to continue with the repair. They will be able to tell you where the error is and if it can be fixed. Many choose to contact the manufacturer technical service, especially if it’s under warranty, to see what options are available. By knowing the components and the assembly, they will know how to guide you like no one else and you will have more possibilities of use your laptop again in less time.

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