Where to buy it in August 2022?

if you need one cheap windows 11 license For both the Home and Pro versions, we are going to tell you which are the best pages to get them. Like cheap Windows 10 licenses, you can get some OEM-type licenses on the Internet at much lower prices than the original ones. These cheap Windows 11 licenses are totally safe and they will allow you to activate your operating system at the moment.

How much does the license cost for Windows 11?

The price of the Windows 11 license will depend on whether you intend to upgrade to this new version from Windows 10 or if you have purchased a laptop or desktop without an operating system. In the first case, upgrading to windows 11 is freeas long as you have the latest versions of Windows 10 and your computer meets the minimum hardware specifications.

How to get a free Windows 11 license?

Although we have already told you on our website How to Download Windows 11 Free in Spanish, it is true that there are several ways to get it for free. You can upgrade from Windows 10 for free as we have noted or you can download a specific version from the internet and activate Windows 11 for free with different techniques.

Anyway, in this guide we want to show you where to buy cheap Windows 11 licenses to make the process faster, safer and for life. These types of cheaper licenses are usually OEM.

What is an OEM type license?

The OEM licenses (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or Spanish original manufacturer are those provided to hardware manufacturers to be used in the assembly of their products. In the case of Windows licences, they are the ones provided to manufacturers who sell computers assembled and equipped with this operating system so that they can sell the complete computer to the customer.

These OEM licenses they are much cheaper because manufacturers buy large volumes. What happens is that these are later resold in some pages like the ones that we will show you below so that users can acquire them personally.

Where to buy cheap Windows 11 license

windows 11


Although it is true that you can buy cheap Windows 11 licenses like this Pro version for 10 euros on Amazon, it is true that they will not always be available at such low prices. In fact, many of them usually exceed €115 on average. The good thing about buying the Windows 11 license on Amazon is that you have the support and guarantees of this marketplace.

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The second page where you can buy cheap Windows 11 licenses, both in Home and Pro versions, is G2A. It is a very popular portal among users looking to buy keys and licenses for programs and games at much lower prices. In our case, it is about those OEM licenses that we were talking about before, with prices around 30 euros.


can also be purchased cheap windows 11 licenses on ebay. In this case, you can opt for direct sales or through bids where you can get Windows 11 licenses for less than 1 euro if you are the winner. One of the main advantages of buying here is that, just like on Amazon, you have the support of the platform.


Do you want a Windows 11 license for less than 5 euros? Then Royalcdkeys is another one of the best alternatives. Again, these are OEM licenses that you can get for both the Home and Pro versions. It is a totally secure platform where you can also get keys for other software or games.


Another of the best pages to buy cheap windows 11 licenses It’s Hrkgame. It is a very complete website where you can find OEM and RETAIL licenses at prices around 10 euros. Since most users usually upgrade from Windows 10, you won’t find much choice. But they are safe keys and with which you will have Windows activated forever.


Finally, another of the most popular websites when it comes to getting cheap licenses and keys is Wyrel. It is very similar to Royalcdkeys in terms of prices and variety, where you can also get some for other programs and games.

How long does a Windows 11 license last?

Any of the cheap Windows 11 licenses that you can get on those pages will allow you to have the operating system activated for life. These are not temporary keys, since they were created for equipment that is sold already assembled with this system. Of course, remember that, although you still have time to update it, Windows 10 will no longer have support in 2025.

Now that you have your cheap Windows 11 key, surely you are also interested in Buying cheap and legal Office licenses to be able to have Word, Excel and company permanently without having to resort to deceptive activators that can endanger the security of your computer .

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