How to run a program when starting Windows 10

Among the functionalities of Windows 10, is that of establishing that a program opens when the computer is turned on automatically, this can be very useful for programs that we always want to have open, such as Discord or Slack, since they remain in the background and you will not have to open them when you start the computer. Here you will find how you can configure a program to start automatically when Windows 10 starts.

When installing a program, you often have to select several items in the settings, including whether you want the program to open automatically. But, if you already have the program installed or simply did not find the option when installing it, there are other ways to configure it. We show you in a simple way how to achieve it so that you can have control of your computer in a few clicks. Once you have done it, you will verify that it is the easiest thing to manage.

How to make a program start at Windows 10 boot?

If you want to enjoy this functionality, you only have to follow a few simple steps, so you can customize the startup and have your most used programs always ready, without having to do a single click. This is a very useful tool to facilitate users’ navigation in Windows. But do not overload the programs that should open when Windows starts, this could slow down the overall system startup.

We go with the step by step so you can start a program on your computer automatically with Windows 10:

  • press the keys Windows + R
  • You will see a small window open at the bottom of your screen, you have to write shell:startup in the open bar.
  • A window will open, in it you will have to drag program shortcuts that you want to start automatically when you start Windows 10.
  • restart the computer in order to check the changes.

As you can see, the configuration could not be more intuitive, it is a very useful tool to optimize the time on the screen and not have to open the same program over and over again.

How to know which programs start automatically?

If you want to make sure that all the programs have been included, you can check it on your computer. For know what programs start automatically when starting Windows 10 you must follow these steps:

  • Press the CTRL + ALT + DEL keys
  • Click on the Task Manager
  • Select the window Start and there you will see the programs that start automatically.

There you will be able to check which programs are configured for automatic startup and if any of them do not interest you, you can click on disable, so it will stop opening automatically when you turn on the computer. So you can control which programs open and which do notthis is essential to prevent the computer from becoming saturated when starting Windows.

Does Windows boot too slow?

Avoid setting many programs to start when Windows starts, especially if your computer has little RAM. Some programs may have a higher consumption than others, you should also take this into account when configuring it. If they consume too many resources from the start, computer performance will be less efficient and you can get to notice it with use. Although you can always speed up the startup of Windows 10.

You can check your consumption in the Task Manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL) before commented, in the window of processes, you will be able to review the performance of the programs and what they consume on the computer, this will be of special interest if you see that your computer begins to perform worse or takes longer to start up. You will be able to check data on the CPU, memory or the percentage of disk usage, if you see that any program has a high resource consumption, you can reconsider disabling it from automatic startup for a more fluid operation.

If even having few programs configured with automatic startup, your computer still has a too slow startup, it may be that you do not have fast startup activated. This functionality is usually integrated into the computer, but you can review it in the Control Panel Of the device. You just have to go to ‘Energy options’ and activate it.

These tricks will help you customize your computer boot. Your device will adapt to your startup and usage needs more efficiently, without compromising PC performance down the road.

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