How to resize an image in Photoshop without distorting it

With Photoshop we can do a wide variety of image retouching and editing tasks such as removing the watermark from an image. Even with the new versions we can even edit videos for our social networks or projects. However, there is a popular option that allows us to resize an image without deforming it at all. For this reason, today we are going to tell you how to change the size of an image in Photoshop without losing quality.

Resize Photoshop image step by step

Open the image in Photoshop that you want to resize and choose Image > Image Size.

resize Photoshop image

A window will open with the preview of the image where you will have to indicate the desired height and width. Remember that you must keep the link option selected to maintain the original width and height ratio, or remove it otherwise.

resize Photoshop image

Select Resample to modify the number of pixels in the image. This will change the size of the image. Click OK.

Resampling Options

Resampling in Photoshop refers to the action of changing the pixel dimensions of an image (by adding or subtracting pixels). Although this is the most basic way to resize an image in Photoshop, you have numerous resampling options that you should be aware of.

Automatic It is Photoshop itself that chooses the resampling method depending on the type of document
Preserve details (enlargement) Noise reduction to smooth noise when scaling the image
Smoother bicubic (enlargement) Enlarge images with smoother results
Bicubic plus focused (reduction) Reduce images with improved focus and maintaining detail
Bicubic (smoother gradients) Slower but more accurate in resizing the image with smoother tonal gradations than before
By approximation (defined edges) Faster but less precious. Preserves the defined edges and gives us a smaller image, although with irregular effects
bilinear Medium quality. Adds pixels after calculating the average of the color values ​​of the adjacent pixels

Free alternatives to Photoshop to change image size

Since we know that getting free Photoshop can only be achieved through cracks and pirated files downloaded from the Internet, we want to offer you a couple of alternatives with which you can change the size of an image for free.

If you use Windows, you can use the old Paint with which it is very easy to resize an image. For it:

  1. Open the image and click Resize (Ctrl + W)
  2. Choose the type of scale you prefer, either in % or in pixels.
  3. check the box Keep aspect ratio to prevent distortion.
  4. Enter the new values ​​and click OK.
resize Photoshop image

If for whatever reason you don’t have Paint on your computer or you use a Mac, you can always use I Love IMG, a website where you can easily resize an image from the browser without the need for installations. It’s as simple as choosing the size you want by pixel or percentage and downloading it later. It also has the option to maintain aspect ratio.

resize Photoshop image

We hope that this tutorial has been useful to you and that you already know how to change the size of images in Photoshop or by using one of the free alternatives that we have proposed.

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