How to recover deleted photos from mobile on Android and iPhone


At some point we have all tried recover photos that we have accidentally deleted of our mobile. However, you do not have to be an expert to be able to restore files that we have deleted by mistake and that is of the utmost importance to us, these images can be recovered quickly and safely.

For recover deleted photos from mobile on Android and iPhone You must follow a series of instructions that we will teach you below. Remember that because they are completely different operating systems, they have different alternatives to be able to recover these files. To find out what these steps are, continue reading this article.

How do you delete photos from a mobile?

Many times It happens to us that we delete a photo and then we regret it because that image can help us, but other times the photographs are deleted without us knowing. For this reason we present you some reasons why photos are deleted:

  • To the empty the gallery This happens when we try to delete duplicate or unnecessary photos, but by accident we end up deleting photos that are important.
  • When organize your photos by albums, but then you delete the photos app, this happens a lot to iPhone users. Because by deleting the application you will also be deleting all that information.
  • when it occurs errors in the software of your cell phone. This can happen spontaneously and many times it cannot be controlled, which makes the system vulnerable.
  • when you have a smartphone with little storage memory and you use microSD cards to expand its memory. Many times the cell phone requires that the card be completely clean or formatted, so many times it does this action itself.
  • when by accident you touch the delete icon Or drag it to the trash.

These are some of the most frequent reasons why users may delete photos by mistake from your cell phone.

Recover deleted photos on an Android mobile without root

One of the things you should know is that the route to recover deleted photos from your Android mobile It will depend on the brand you use. However, all devices come with a default app called Gallery and you can access this option here.

For recover deleted photos follow these steps:

  • The first thing you are going to do is access the gallery app.
  • Here you are going to give the Albums option and then you are going to scroll until you find the Trash option.
  • By entering the option Paper bin You will be able to see all the photos that you have deleted, which you can recover without any problem. Remember that when you recover them, it is saved again in the same folder from which it was deleted.

One of the great functions that the trash can of android devices is that the deleted photos can stay in this folder for around 30 days counted from the moment you deleted the image. Many times this application usually indicates the days that remain for the photo to be permanently deleted.

The deletion of the image in this folder is done automatically The deadline has expired, so it is recommended that to recover a photo in this option you look for it before 30 days.

The android image trash app It also has an empty option, so you can empty this folder when you feel sure you won’t be reusing anything in there. In this route you can find from the photos, videos and gifs that you have deleted from the gallery.

Recover deleted photos on a rooted Android phone

In it if you have root on your android phone things can improve a lot, because a broader and deeper scan can be made, even the original photos can be displayed. However, the end result of the search will depend on how long you have to delete that image.

The Steps to recover deleted photos on Android with root are:

  • The first thing you are going to do is have the diskdigger application and give it super user permissions. After this the application will be executed.
  • In the app you will choose the specific request that you want to make or that suits what you are looking for. It is recommended to leave the ones that come by default.
  • Followed by this you will select the file you are looking for and ready wait for the result.

One of the things you should keep in mind is that in the Diskdigger free app you can only choose between photos and videos, so if you want to search for other files you will have to upgrade to the Pro version of this application.

When performing the scanning from Diskdigger will only show photos that have been deleted and that you can recover through the application. In general, this search takes time when you have many deleted files or the device has a large storage.

Recovering deleted photos on Android with root is one of the easiest things, because this allows a better search. However, doing it from this mode is left to the preference of the users, because they may have problems in the system that make it more vulnerable.

To the find the file you deleted, you just have to click on it and select the recover option. This will be available again in the gallery of your device.

DiskDigger recovers photos
DiskDigger recovers photos

Recover deleted photos on an iPhone mobile

In a iPhone recovering deleted photos is easier, because it is not necessary to have root. The Photos app saves the files that have been deleted in a folder called the trash can, they remain with the same quality and size as they had before. In the event that you have deleted the photo manually, there will be no problem in being able to recover it.

The Steps to recover a photo on iPhone are:

  • The first thing you are going to do is enter the Photos app.
  • After this you will go to the Albums option and you will scroll until you find the More Items option.
  • In the More Items option you will locate the Deleted option and here you will find all the photos and videos that you have deleted in the last 30 days (it will also indicate how many days remain until it is permanently deleted).

For recover the photo from the trash can you just have to press it and give the option to Recover. These images will return to their original folder with their original size, without any limitation. You must bear in mind that after the 30 days have elapsed, the photos are permanently deleted from the device.

One of the things that you should take into consideration is that iPhone if delete the Photos app you lose the ability to recover the deleted photos, because there is no record of this app on the cell phone. Likewise, on iPhone you can activate the option to confirm the deletion of an image so that when deleting a photo a confirmation message appears.

You can recover deleted photos from a backup on iPhone

The iPhone by default come configured to make a backup copy of the photos and videos in iCloud Library, so all your files are stored in the cloud. However, the free space is very small because it only has 5GB available, so if you are saving files since you bought the cell phone, it will be full.

For To find a photo that you deleted from the app in the iCloud you just have to follow these steps:

  • On the iPhone you will open the Settings option.
  • When opening this application, click on your name (this is at the top and once you open the application).
  • Then you will select the iCloud.
  • The first thing you should do is buy and make sure that the Photos section is activated and that inside the iCloud Photos option is checked. In the event that this is activated, it is likely that all your photos are safe.
  • Here you will navigate within this application until you find the photos you are looking for and that were automatically synchronized to be saved in this digital storage.

One of the things that you should take into account is that many times this option is not activated by default, so you must do it manually to Safeguard your photos and videos. However, in iCloud you can get a premium option that allows you to have more storage and you can save more photos and videos.


Recovering deleted photos on an Android or iPhone is usually an easy and simple process option, when you follow the steps indicated above. You should keep in mind that Android has a totally different alternative to iPhone to be able to recover accidentally deleted photos.

All cell phones, regardless of the software they have, have the option of recovering the photos from your default application to view the photos. However, many times this option must be activated by the user from the app.

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