How to read a QR code on the computer?

The QR codes they have become a very useful tool for all kinds of companies and situations, with a simple scan you can get all kinds of information, allowing users to access a link or page in a few seconds. They are even part of the process to enter WhatsApp Web. They have revolutionized the way to access browsers from the phone and now many are wondering how can you read a QR code from your computer.

Reading Qr codes from the phone is already routine for many smartphone users. The mode of use may vary depending on the model and brand of the phone. Typically, it’s as simple as opening a specific app like Google Lens or even the camera and pointing. This will normally activate the QR on the phone and the information on it will be accessible. This leads users to wonder if it would be possible read QR codes from computer and the truth… We have some simpler tricks to make it a reality!

How to read a QR code from the computer?

The first step to understand how to read a Qr code on the computer is to understand what this code is. These were born due to the limitations of conventional barcodes, that they could only store 20 number characters, these hindered their efficiency to store information of interest to users.

Qr codes encode information in two directions, up and down. This is a great advantage over traditional barcodes. Their function is very similar, they store a series of data that can be easily detected later, but Qr codes go a step further in the system and efficiency. They are fast, they store all kinds of information and their form is designed to reduce waiting time during scanning. It is a discovery that is increasingly being applied in more sectors.

Now that you know more details about these codes, let’s go with the tricks so you can read them from your computer. Remember that these are simple and quick ways to do it, the idea is that all users can do it without wasting time trying.

For Windows users

If you have a computer with Windows 10 or 11 you can easily read a Qr code, you just have to go to the Microsoft Store and download the application QR Scanner Plus. You must allow the application access to the camera function and from there, you can scan the QR. It couldn’t be simpler and the best thing is that the application is totally free.

If you do not have these updated versions of Windows, the task can be a bit complicated. If you can’t find an app available with your version of Windows, you can use one online QR code reading tool. You will only have to take the photo from your Smartphone and transfer it to the computer so that the program’s reader can analyze the encoded information. You will have it ready in 3 easy steps!

For MAC users

If you’re an Apple fan and put your trust in Mac computers, the QR Code Reader may be the solution you need. This application is very intuitive and fast, you only have to download and install it on your computer, so it can access the computer’s camera and do the scanning the QR code from the computer.

It is essential that you allow the app to access the camera for it to work properly. Check it if it is giving you any other problem. It will also be of great help to keep the QR stable and do it in a well-lit place so that the reader can detect the structure correctly.

This application, as well as the one for Windows, includes a catch history, so that you can re-access the information or the linked websites at any time. This is a plus so you don’t lose access to important information on your computer and save yourself having to re-scan the code every time.

For Linux users

Download applications in the Linux environment can be more complex, you can use the application Z Bar. But in case this is complicated, an online tool can be used. As we have mentioned before, you will only have to take a photo of the QR and pass it to the program so that it can read the content.

This may be faster and easier than the options available for Linux, as many applications are not supported, as they are with older versions of Windows. Currently, there are many online tools to do it and most of them are free, so it will not be a problem to use them to read a QR code from your computer. If you want, you can also learn in Tecnoguía how to scan documents with your Android or iPhone mobile.

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