How to know the serial number by CMD? windows and mac

Find your PC serial number by CMD It can be very useful if you can’t find it on the computer’s label or because the label has worn off. Especially at times when some component of our equipment, be it hardware or software, begins to present problems and we need to resort to technical support.

In addition to having explained to you How to activate Windows using CMD commands, in this guide we are going to use other commands so that you can find the serial number of your PC. we will leave you two options for windows and how find it on mac.

Get PC serial number by CMD

Knowing the serial number by CMD is the fastest and easiest. It does not require additional programs and it will take you a matter of seconds. You simply have to do the following:

  1. press the keys Win + R and type CMD in the Run tab.
  2. Type the command «wmic bios get serialnumber» and you will see the serial number of your PC on the screen.
serial number by CMD

Find Serial Number by Powershell

You can also find the serial number of your PC by Powershell. This is a much more complete system tool that allows you to delve into other more complex topics. However, to see the serial number, it will be enough to enter a few commands. Check if you have the tool in the Windows search engine and, if not, download powershell, activate the program window and simply enter one of the following commands:

  1. ”Get-WmiObject win32_bios | Format-List SerialNumber”
  2. gwmi win32_bios | fl SerialNumber
powershell serial number

View serial number on Mac

Finally, if you use a Mac and want to know the serial number of the equipment along with other information and data, you do not need to insert any command. All you have to do is go to the next section:

  • Select the apple-logo at the top left of the screen > About This Mac.
mac serial number

The serial number of your computer is something like its identifier, the equipment ID. On laptops you can find a sticker with this number either on the side or on the bottom. Although it is also usually shown on the box where you bought it. But since this can be worn out or lost, it is best to check the serial number by CMD, Powershell or from the Apple menu of the Mac. And if you still do not have it, we will show you How to Download Windows 11 Free in Spanish.