How to download files from Slideshare?


Slideshare is a presentation platform with more than 20 million users and allows users to share their presentations and documents. It generally hosts presentations in PowerPoint, Word, and other formats.

It has become the best site to find information and presentations of any kind: academic, social, financial, among others. Given the relevance of Slideshare, many users wonder How to download a file or presentation from Slideshare? Is free?

In Slideshare it is possible to download all the presentations you want, as long as they are public. If you want to know the steps to download, keep reading this post.

Why download files from Slideshare?

Slideshare has been presented as one of the best platforms where you can get a variety of material in a document format. Being frequently visited by students and researchers to learn about the visual and multimedia resources of Slideshare.

It stands out for its varied material and access to it without even registering, which is why many decide to download the material from the platform. Due to its simple, flexible and efficient interface.

If the document contains videos or music, you can download it in a format appropriate to its nature. Generally, it allows you to download in PPT or PDF, another reason why users prefer download files on slideshare It is the accommodation of large files up to 100 MB without difficulty to obtain it.

Also, if you don’t want to download the file on Slideshare, you can create a collection of documents and have them in an exclusive section for you. If you have an error when downloading, you can comment on the presentation to communicate with the author.

Download a document on Slideshare

However, download a document or files on Slideshare it is an advantage for students and professionals who want accurate information in a presentation format. Therefore, there are different ways to get the files from Slideshare, from options in the platform to save and download, to external tools.

In this section, we show you everything you need to know and have to download a file on Slideshare

Download a file without creating an account on Slideshare

A general thought for file downloads on Slideshare is that you need to create an account or even subscribe. This first method clarifies that nor you need to register to get a file.

  1. Enter the Slideshare website from the browser
  2. Locate the document you want to download within the platform
  3. Once selected, copy the URL, which is located in the top bar of the browser
  4. Then paste the link of the file you want on the website www.docdownloader.comgo to the options for Slideshare and click on “Get link”
  5. Once you click, you will be directed to the connection and Captcha verifications, approved that you are not a robot, you will have access to download the file in PDF, Word or PowerPoint format.
  6. You must wait a few minutes while the download is processed and verify the captcha again
  7. Finally, the download will proceed automatically

This method is one of the most used by users who do not want to register on the platform. Although it may seem a bit complex, the web tool will guide you through the adjustments you must make to download files without problem.

download files from slideshare docdownloader

Download with a Slideshare account

The next method to download slideshare files is to register on the platform, you can do it for free. One of the advantages of Slideshare is the linking of accounts, you can log in with Facebook or LinkedIn to avoid doing the process manually.

However, if you want to create a new account we explain how to do it:

  1. Enter the website of or access in the mobile application
  2. On the Slideshare presentation page you will find options for login or registration. If your goal is to link the account with a social network, by pressing on registration you can do it
  3. For registration, you will be asked for some details, such as the purpose of the account: personal or business; email, telephone number, among others
  4. Later, you can log in to the platform
  5. Go to the Slideshare search engine to add the name of the presentation or the topic you want to investigate
  6. Select the presentation you want to download
  7. In the lower options of the presentation you will see some options: “download” “recommend” and “share”. Pressing download will execute the download of the file automatically.

It is another simple method to download a slideshare presentation, however, some presentations are reserved for premium use, limiting the material to be obtained from the platform.

Even so, if the document is public, you will be able to download documents or files from the free version.

download slideshare files

Another Tool to Download Files from Slideshare

If with the previous methods you have not been able to download a slideshare fileWe present this tool to you. Online Downlader which supports more than 200 platforms, including Slideshare.

Similar to the first method, you have to enter the Slideshare website and copy the presentation URL, then paste it in the bar and click download. It will show you the download options, choose the most convenient one and voila, you will have your file in minutes.

Is it easy to download files from Slideshare?

Downloading files from Slideshare is easy, There are different strategies and tools to achieve this, either directly from the platform or with external applications. We recommend that you register and download the files from Slideshare in order to create a collection of documents, creating a personalized order.

We hope these strategies will be useful for you to download files and documents from Slideshare.

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