How to download and install gadgets in Windows 10

If you’ve been messing around with Windows for a few years and have come across versions of Windows Vista or Windows 8, you’ll surely know what the Windows desktop gadgets. These were programs that ran on the desktop and allowed the user to obtain various information, such as the weather of the day or the pending agenda. If you miss them in the new versions and want to learn how to enable them after activating Windows 10, here you will find a easy way to download and install them on your computer.

Why did they stop being built into Windows?

Gadgets were small accessories that helped the user to know more information just by taking a look. You could see the mail, the time or control the music player from the desktop, among many other functions. These they stopped coming by default with the operating system from version 8 of Windows.

After this change, it was still possible to download and use them on the computer, it required more work for the user, but that way they could decide if they wanted to include it or not. This ceased to be so Windows 10well they did not come with the system installation and could not be downloaded either. Users are not happy with the change, but Windows stood by.

According to the company, Windows gadgets were no longer available due to serious vulnerabilities of security to which the computer would be exposed. Well, hackers could get control of your computer using the configuration weaknesses of these gadgets. This was not reason enough for users, who claimed that they were available due to the versatility and comfort they offered.

As a solution, Windows developers they created gadgets identical to the original ones, but without the security problems that the company was concerned about. It is for this reason that now, you can download them from the internet and install them on your computer.

How to install gadgets in Windows 10?

If you currently use Windows 10 you can find free programs to install these gadgets compatible with the operating system. You will see that the appearance is identical to that of the originals, so you will not notice the difference and your computer will remain safe without the security flaws that the first ones had.


There are several programs to be able to do it and one of them is Let’s see the step by step to be able to install the gadgets using it:

  • Find this page in your trusted browser.
  • Go to the website and download the installers.
  • Install the application and when it is finished will run automatically.
  • When you start the session you will see the gadgets on the desktop.

Afterwards, all you have to do is configure it to your liking, you can easily add the ones you like the most and customize the view on the desktop. For install the gadgets you like the most you must:

  • Right click on the Windows pane.
  • In the pop-up menu select the option Add to insert the applications.
  • Double click on the gadget what do you want to activate
  • Check that it can be seen on the desktop.

If this way of customizing gadgets doesn’t quite convince you, you can also choose to modify them by opening the window that shows you all the ones available and clicking on Options to choose how they will look. It’s quick, easy, and they’ll look exactly like the originals.

rain meter

Another good option to install these gadgets in Windows 10 can be On this page you will find all the gadgets, but it also offers many more customization possibilities. It is a great option for those who want to achieve a more modern and personal desktop, without giving up the versatility offered by the original gadgets.

You will be able to choose between thousands of customizable skins and the installation will be just as simple as in the first option. When you enter the page you will see two options, the beta version and final version of the program. The beta usually accumulates more bugs, so we recommend you bet on the final version. The operation to download the gadgets is very similar, but let’s see the step by step:

  • Go to and download the installer.
  • Before installing it, you can choose the language and the installation type.
  • You will find two types of installation, the standard or portablewhich will let you run the program without installing it.
  • Next, select the gadgets you want to include and modify their appearance to fit your desktop.

These are two of the programs that can help those who are most nostalgic to recover these features from previous versions of Windows. Once you incorporate them, you won’t be able to live without them and it won’t take more than a morning to get everything ready and personalized to your tastes and needs on your computer. The most used options are the weather or the post office, to have everything under control without wasting time.

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