How to disable Google Assistant 2022

Many of us have become so accustomed to using google assistant for almost everything that is already part of our day to day. Whether it’s to schedule some tasks, play music on Spotify or control other smart devices that you have at home, we can configure the Google Assistant for almost everything. But it is also true that in some cases it is activated unintentionally and can tire us out. That’s why we want to tell you how to disable google assistant and turn it off completely on both Android and iOS devices.

Disable google assist button

Many users complain that the Google Assistant is activated because they inadvertently press the assistance button or because carrying the mobile in their pocket activates it inadvertently. Therefore, first we are going to teach you how to deactivate the Google Assistant button to prevent it from giving you problems. The same with this you solve your problem and you do not need to deactivate it completely as we will see in the next point.

To disable the Google Assistant button you simply have to go to:

  • Settings > Applications > Advanced Settings > Certain Applications > Assistance and voice input.

At this point you will see that the Google Assistant option is by default. If you change it for another app or you select Anythe button will be disabled without any use.

Disable google assist button

How to disable Google Assistant on Android

Now, if you want to prevent it from turning on when you say “Hey Google” or something similar that the Android device interprets as a voice command, then you will have to disable the Google Assistant completely. To do this, you simply have to follow these steps.

  • Open the Google appe (not Chrome) and select your profile picture in the upper right corner.
  • Now select Setting > google assistant > scroll down to option General Y turn off Google Assistant.

Depending on the mobile you use, the route you must follow may be different. Here for example we tell you how to disable Google Assistant on Xiaomi or Motorola 2022.

  • Settings > Google > Settings for Google Apps > Search, Assistant and Voice > google assistant > scroll to the bottom and select General > and turn off Google Assistant.
disable google assistant on android

How to disable Google Assistant on smart devices

All Google smart devices come with a built-in mute button and thus prevent them from being activated by Google Assistant commands. However, you can also use the “Downtime” option to choose the times of the day when you don’t want me to recognize them. It is a good option to prevent them from activating during the night and you get a scare. To disable it:

  • open the app Google Home > home > Setting > Digital Wellbeing.
  • Here you can choose those devices in which you want to activate the option «Inactivity time«. Select the days and hours and that’s it.
Inactivity time

How to disable Google Assistant on iOS

Those who have an iPhone or iOS devices already know that they have their own voice assistant: Siri. Some users say that it is more advanced while others still prefer the Google Assistant even if they have this operating system. However, unlike Android, it is not integrated into the phone’s settings.

Therefore, to disable the Google Assistant in iOS simply you will need to uninstall the Google app or access its settings and disable it manually. Although it really does not usually come activated even if you use this search app.

How to use Google Assistant offline

Before you go, we want you to know that you can use the Google Assistant offline and have more control over your privacy. Normally, this wizard uses the Internet connection to be able to access the information you need. However, there are many options and commands that can work perfectly offline, for example adding reminders or tasks.

You will simply have to download the language packs for offline speech recognition:

Open the app of Google > Settings > Voice > Offline speech recognition. There you will have the languages ​​available for you to download yours in Spanish or in the one you prefer.

google assistant offline

This is done from the voice menu, which we have already accessed to configure Voice Match. We just have to click on Offline speech recognition, and download the languages ​​in which we want the Assistant to work. In offline mode, everything will be more limited, but the Google assistant will continue to work.