How to convert a Word document to Google Docs

Microsoft Word is a classic for students and teachers, this application is easy to use and has many tools to create professional documents. However, over time, users have found free and equally functional alternatives to work with. One of these tools is Google Docs, an intuitive application with an interface very similar to that of Microsoft Word. Haven’t you tried it yet? Here we tell you how can you convert a word document to google docs In a simple way.

Let’s put the situation that someone has sent you a file in Word format, but you do not use the Office application. Modifying the file to convert it to Google Docs only takes a couple of clicks. This way you can continue editing and working on the document without losing the format or the information it contains.

Let’s see the step by step to convert a Word document into a Google Docs from your computer.

Why convert a document to Google Docs?

Google Docs has several advantages over using Microsoft Word. With Google Docs you can work online and not lose anything if you accidentally close the program, because the content is saved in the cloud. This is a huge advantage over Office products like Microsoft Word.

To work in Google Docs you will not have to download any software or programs, you just have to log in with your Google account in a browser and you’re ready to start writing. In addition, by being linked to the email account, you can access the document in its latest version from various devices, without having to think about sending the document every time.

Another strong point is its compatibility with all kinds of devices, it won’t give you as many headaches as installing Office products. You will have it available on smartphones, computers and tablets, nothing can resist it. Although it is true that the application has simpler tools, it is very practical and intuitive to use and its autosave will become your best ally when working.

How to convert a Word document to Google Docs

Now that we have already told you about the advantages, we are going to see how to convert a document to start working with Google Docs. We will do it from a computer, so you can follow the step by step without any problem.

  • Open your trusted browser and Sign in to your Google account.
  • Click on the google apps menuyou will find it in the upper right, with a nine-dot icon.
  • All Google Apps will be displayed, select GoogleDrive.
  • A tab will open with Google Drive and there you can access all your content.
  • Hit the button New at the top left.
  • Click on the option Upload file.
  • Locate the file on your computer and double click on it to upload it to Google Drive.
  • When it has finished uploading, you will be able to view the document in your Drive.
  • Then click on the option Open and select the option Google Docs.
  • A new editable tab will open with the document in Google Docs, there you can edit it without problem. In ‘My unit’ you will find the Google Docs document and also the original document in Word format.

Convert a document from your mobile

Do you want to view and edit a Word file, but you don’t have a computer nearby? It’s happened to all of us at some point! Google Docs is presented as the best option. You can open the document on your mobile by following these simple steps:

  • Install the apps from Google Drive and Google Docs
  • Sign in to the app google drive on your mobile.
  • Press the button with the icon +you’ll find it at the bottom right of your screen.
  • Select the option Go up and find the document in your files.
  • When you have located it, select it to load it in Drive.
  • Once it is loaded, select it again and it will automatically open in Google Drive, there you can edit it without problem.
  • Both documents will be saved in your Unitas it happens with the procedure in computer.

As you can see, converting a document to Google Docs is more than simple. Also, the formats are so similar that you will rarely notice significant changes in the structure of the documents. Later, you will have the peace of mind that this document is always available in your Drive, so you can access it from any device, just by putting your Google data in the browser. And in case you need them, check out some alternatives Portable Alternatives to Word.

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