How to change the font size in Windows step by step

Although the default font size on Windows is usually adequate for many users, it may be the case that someone needs a larger font or prefers a smaller one. Whether you want to read an article from Technoguide at a larger size or you want to see more text on the screen by reducing the font, in this guide we are going to tell you how to change font size in Windows 10, Windows 11 and Windows 7. We also recommend our guide to know what type of font an image has.

Change the font size in Windows 10

To change the font size in Windows 10 you have two options depending on whether you are satisfied with the established sizes or prefer to customize it further:

  • The first is doing right click on desktop > Screen settings > Scale and distribution > select the size by adjusting the percentage you prefer.
change font size windows 10
  • If you are not satisfied with the +125% maximum that Windows presents in its basic configuration, you can resize the font a little more from «Advanced Scale Settings«. Activate the option “Correct application scaling» and in the «Custom scale» just below write an amount up to 500 to make it even bigger.
change font size advanced windows 10

If you don’t see the option to adjust text size in Windows 10, you may need to update your software. The text size setting was removed in version 1709, but was re-introduced in version 1809 and later.

Change the font size in Windows 11

To do it in Windows 11, the process is very simple and will only take you a minute. And if you still don’t have it, see How to Download Windows 11 Free in Spanish.

  • go to Setting > Accessibility > text size and slide the slider to adjust the font size to your liking.
change font size windows 11

Change the font size in Windows 7

If you’re still using a Windows 7 computer and want to change the font size and program icons, the procedure is very similar but with a different interface:

  • Beam right click on desktop > Personalizeand then at the bottom left under Display.
  • Select the size you prefer and then click Apply.
  • Now you just have to Restart the system and you will see the font size in Windows 7 larger.
change font size windows 7

A trick to adjust the size of icons in Windows 7 is to select the folder, file or program that you have on the desktop with just one click and move the mouse wheel to adjust the size automatically.

Once this is done, it should change the font size throughout the Windows system and in all programs and applications on your computer. You can change the text size again at any time by following the same steps above. Remember that if you do not have your OS activated, you should see How to activate Windows 10 forever: Guide July 2022.

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