How to buy DirecTV Peru Prepaid Kit

To the buy the DirecTV Peru prepaid kit you will be able to access the channels with the most demands such as DirecTV Sport. From there you can watch all sports like football live. On the other hand, the DirecTV Peru prepaid kit gives you access to the most famous movie, series and news channels.

Cost of DirecTV Peru

Before proceeding further to contract the prepaid kit of DirecTV Peru It is important to know the cost of the plans and services offered by the company.

Among the plans you can select the one that meets your entertainment needs such as immediate availability.

Postpaid DirecTV Plan in Peru

The price and details of the plans are:

  • Gold plus HD plan for 137 soles as a monthly fee.
  • Silver plan plus HD for 111 soles as a monthly fee.
  • Gold plan plus HD DVR for 149 soles as a monthly fee.
  • Gold plan plus HD and 4K for 177 soles as a monthly fee.

All plans are adjusted to the best programming and definition of your television.

Prepaid DirecTV plan in Peru

The price and details of the plans are:

  • HD silver plan for 75 soles per month.
  • HD bronze plan for 65 soles per month.
  • Gold HD plan for 85 soles per month.

The price of this plan is reduced since the number of channels and the definition on your television is less than the postpaid plans.

Buy the DirecTV Peru prepaid kit

How to buy DirecTV Peru Prepaid Kit

You may buy the DirecTV Peru prepaid kit following the steps that we are going to mention. Likewise, you must know the places and shops from where you can purchase the kit and activate it from your home.

  • Acquire the DirecTV Peru prepaid kit in the shops designated for this or by calling the sales line from the number (01) 701-2671.
  • By having the DirecTV kit, install it in your home.
  • Recharge the prepaid plan to see the programming from that moment and live.

By following the steps mentioned, you will have access to the wide range of channels that have the DirecTV Peru prepaid kit from where to watch series, football and movies.

Install the DirecTV prepaid kit

How to buy DirecTV Peru Prepaid Kit

DirecTV Peru, offers the possibility of purchase a DirecTV Prepaid plan in Peru, from which you will receive a kit that you must activate and install on your own. Next, we detail the step by step.

Review the material required for the DIRECTV Prepaid installation

Before starting the installation of your DirecTV, you must make sure you have all the necessary material. The recommendation is to separate it into blocks so that assembly is easier. The blocks compose them in a simple way as long as you have them well specified.

To assemble the DirecTV antenna:

  • Bubble level.
  • Mast base.
  • arm plate.
  • Receiver.
  • Anchor kit.

Material that is included in the box DirecTV decoder:

  • decoder.
  • HDMI cable.
  • Power supply.
  • Remote control.

To search signal:

  • Compass.
  • 11mm coaxial cable.

Necessary tools to install which are not included in the prepaid DirecTV kit:

  • Drill and 10mm bit.
  • 11mm fixed or adjustable wrench.
  • Pencil.
  • Hammer.

It is important that you have a list crossing off each part that you incorporate so as not to leave DirecTV kit parts outside.

Find the right place to install the DIRECTV Prepaid Kit antenna

Once you have arranged the tools, you must find the optimal place to install DirecTV antenna. This place has to be a flat and firm surface, and you must also have a clear view of the sky, avoiding obstacles such as buildings or trees.

Find the satellite

For this step of the DirecTV Prepaid kit installation, you need to use the compass from where you can search for the satellite, for this:

  • Place the compass on some flat surface. It is important that there is no metallic instrument nearby to avoid interfering with the results.
  • You have to turn the compass until the colored needle is in the north.

Finally, you must point the DIRECTV antenna to the northwest at 305º.

Fix the base-mast assembly to the floor or wall

In this step for DirecTV kit installation Prepaid the objective is to fix the base and mast assembly to the floor or preferably, the wall. For this, you must:

  • Mark the first hole in the wall and drill with a 10mm socket until the dowel inserts correctly all the way.
  • Insert a dowel and temporarily fix the base-mast assembly with a bolt.
  • At the end of the mast you will find the spirit level. You must make sure that the bubble is inside the center circle.
  • Then you should slightly adjust the arm bolts to help with leveling.
  • Proceed to mark the other 3 remaining holes.
  • Once this is done, drill the other 3 holes.
  • Insert a dowel into each of the holes.
  • Place the base-mast assembly, adjust and screw until the base is fixed on the wall.
  • You should check that the bubble is completely inside the circle to make sure the neck is at 90 degrees.

Once this is done, remove the spirit level from the mast.

Finish joining the cymbal-arm assembly to the mast

This step entails some difficulty, so you must follow the step by step of the installation of the DirecTV Prepaid kit.

  • You will need to tighten both bolts on the arm with an 11mm wrench to make it snug.
  • Proceed to join the plate-arm assembly with the previously installed mast base assembly.
  • Identify that the red mark on the right side of the chainring-arm assembly is in the right degree by guiding you from the table at the end of the article (1) choosing, as a starting point, the city in which you are or the one closest to you .
  • Once this is done, turn the antenna and orient to 305º northwest with the help of the compass that you previously used.

To finish, adjust the screws keeping the rotation to join the cymbal-arm assembly with the neck.

Connect the antenna receiver with the decoder using the cable

This is the last step for the installation of the DirecTV Prepaid Kit. Here the goal is connect the previously assembled antenna together with the cable and decoder following the steps below:

  • To start, run the coaxial cable inside the arm.
  • Then, plug the coaxial cable into the receiver’s input.
  • Make sure you fit it tight.
  • Take the other end of the cable to the decoder connect it.
  • Verify that the access card is correctly installed in the decoder.
  • You should look to tie the wires and connect them all before plugging it into the power.

Once this is finished.

  • Connect the HDMI cable with the decoder.
  • Connect the HDMI cable with TV.
  • Connect the power source with the decoder.
  • Connect the power cord to the wall outlet.

Configure the decoder following the instructions requested on the screen

This step is easy, you find all the instructions step by step by following the screen until the software update itself.

Set up remote control with TV

in this penultimate installation step of the DirecTV Prepaid kityou must configure the remote control with your television, to do this:

  • Select the menu key on the remote.
  • Select the setup/help or settings option.
  • Select “remote control” and then “program remote”.
  • Select the brand of your TV.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • In case the brand of your television does not appear on the list:
  • Press the mute and select buttons until the light reaches blinks twice.
  • Enter the numbers: 991.
  • Point the remote at the television and press the 1 button.
  • Press the “chan” key intermittently and slowly until the TV turns off.
  • Press select to achieve save code.

To achieve configure the TV input buttonyou must press the mute and select buttons until the green light blinks twice.

  • Enter the code number 960.
  • On this occasion the light should blink 4 times.
  • With this, you will have managed to finish the installation of the DirecTV Prepaid kit.

The steps, although they are not easy, give you a clear picture to install the complete kit on your own in your home.

Call to activate your DIRECTV Prepaid Kit

How to buy DirecTV Peru Prepaid Kit

If you are a Movistar: dial *100# for free. If it’s clear: Dial *20100# toll-free or call 2004-610.

Recharge prepaid DirecTV in Peru

How to buy DirecTV Peru Prepaid Kit

Enter the DirecTV main page to make your recharges by following the steps below:

  • Select the plan you have.
  • Indicate if you want to add any of the Premium plans such as HBO pack, Hot pack or other plans.
  • Select the price of your recharge.
  • Finally, calculate the recharge according to the selection.

You can also recharge online from the app DirecTV for cell phones.


Buy the DirecTV prepaid kit in Peru It will provide you with a different form of programming and experience with the best television proposals in the world. Installing the kit is a delicate procedure and it is important to follow the instructions to enjoy DirecTV Peru.