How to add a User to the Administrators group in Windows

Adding a user to an admin group won’t take more than two minutes if you know how to do it. You will not have to install anything, you can do it with the same windows commands And we’ve come to show you. Knowing this information will help you optimize your tasks on the computer, taking advantage of the settings available in Windows. Once you learn how to add a user this way, you won’t go back, so let’s get on with it.

Today we show you how can you add a local or domain user still admin group local to an operating system. This is usually necessary when it is required that the user has more permissions or privileges to modify the settings of his device, as well as access certain information, if it is kept encrypted for certain users. There could be several reasons that have brought you here and the commands that we show you below are the best proof of this.

Not all users of a computer have the same permissions, in the case of Windows, you can make some of them have administrator permissions and others, guest. This is interesting if you don’t want to share all the information with the user or you don’t want them to have permissions to make changes to the configuration. If a standard or guest user tried to change something they don’t have permissions to, they would be prompted for an admin password or you would have to switch to a profile that does have those permissions.

How to add a user to the admin group with commands

In order to make this change in the configuration, you will only have to perform these steps on the device:

  • Open the console cmd commands, making sure you have Administrator privileges for it.
  • Type the following command in the console:
    • If we want to add a local user: net localgroup administradores "usuario" /add
    • If we want to add a domain user: net localgroup administradores "dominiousuario" /add

The command will change depending on the type of user, as you have seen, however, the result obtained with the two options is the same. In the case of domain users, it will have to be specified, in the case of local users, we will only have to put the name of said user in “user”.

This process will be very useful if we want to add multiple users to an admin group at once, you will have to specify them and you can leave them all added in just a couple of clicks. The commands are very useful to optimize tasks that could take up a lot of time with other processes. It’s simple and you hardly have to know programming if you know the command you have to enter. You will only have to launch the command with the added users and the process will be done on the device automatically.

Use Windows Computer Management

If this first option with commands is not your ideal solution, here we bring you another method that may better fit your needs. With this option you can add a user to the admin group without using commandsyou only have to access the Windows Computer Management. To achieve this, you will have to follow these steps:

  • go to Computer / My Computer and right click, there look for the option Manage.
  • Select the option Local users and groups and inside, look for the folder usersclick on it.
  • List existing users and right-click Right-click on the user you want to add to the local administrators group.
  • From the dropdown menu, select Properties.
  • Within properties, select the tab Member of. in this tab you can see which group it belongs to the user.
  • click on Add and you will see the window open Select groups. Select the button Advanced.
  • Click on the button Search now and shows all groups. Select the name of the target group where you want to add the user and click To accept.

You will already have the user in this group of administrators and with it, you will be able to access its permissions. This second method can be longer, however for some people it is easier and more visual to add local users to a group. You can select the one that best suits your needs, you will get the same results and the permissions will no longer be a problem.

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