How to activate Internet Explorer in Windows 11 in 2022

Internet Explorer has been the quintessential browser for many years, it came onto the market in 1995 and in a matter of 3 years it became a key element for user navigation on the Internet. That is why, since then, it has not stopped undergoing modifications and improvements to optimize its operation. Although it is true that there are now more browsers on the market that are taken by a large part of users, such as Google Chrome or Safari, Internet Explorer is still a basic that many still need, even if it is not operational in Windows 11. We tell you how you can activate Internet Explorer in Windows 11.

Use Internet Explorer in Windows 11

With the appearance of other technologies for web browsing, the competition was increasing and the use of Internet Explorer was declining. It is for that reason that With the release of Windows 10, the creation of Microsoft Edge was explored. Internet Explorer was more difficult to work at a technical level, complicating the development of websites and pages. These were worse and slower than in other browsers, so the browser was left aside and Microsoft Edge was chosen.

Nevertheless, Internet Explorer was still available to use in Windows 10, you just had to open that browser. This has changed with Windows 11 and it is not available, something complicated for those who have pages that can only be opened with that browser and need to access them from their computer. Here you will find how to install and use Internet Explorer, if your computer already has the Windows 11 update.

How to activate Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge?

There are not a few users who need to access Internet Explorer and cannot because this no longer added in Windows OS. Some consider downloading and installing an older version from the Internet. However, this browser is not compatible with the Windows 11 operating system, so all efforts would be in vain. The solution proposed by Windows at the moment is to work with Internet Explorer as if it were a mode within Microsoft Edge. You will be able to install this mode on your computer and work with Internet Explorer features on your Windows 11 computer.

The steps to use this mode are not complicated and will be the best ally for those who need Internet Explorer to access websites that are not compatible with other browsers. We tell you step by step what you should do:

  1. Go to your computer and open Microsoft Edge.
  2. Click on the 3 dots icon, you can find it in the bar at the top of the browser.
  3. Select the option ‘Setting’ within the dropdown menu.
  4. A new window will open on your computer, you should look for the option ‘Default browser’ and select it.
  5. Finally, you will need to select ‘Never’ in the option ‘Allow Internet Explorer to open sites in Microsoft Edge’. This will cause websites not to open directly with Microsoft Edge mode and will open in available Internet Explorer mode.
  6. It may also help to check the option ‘Allow sites to reload in Internet Explorer mode’. That way you won’t have to be changing it every time.
  7. All that remains is to save the changes and everything is ready to be able to use Internet Explorer on your computer.

How to check that the mode is activated?

You can check that you will have to change the settings depending on whether you want to use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. How? Very easy! Once you have finished configuring the mode, you will see that a new button with the old Internet Explorer logo appears in the upper toolbar of the browser, you must press it whenever you want enable compatibility mode.

The page will reload with the new mode and it will be like using Internet Explorer on your computer without it actually being installed on your computer. Once the compatibility mode is activated, you will see that to the left of the logo there will also be the old logo of the browser. Also, you can configure the options of each domainin case you want one to always open in this mode, without having to pay attention to the button or choose as you see fit.

The configuration could not be simpler and you will be able to use Internet Explorer on your computer without having to depend on previous versions of Windows. You can activate or deactivate this mode with a simple click, a fast and efficient operation. This way you will enjoy all the advantages of the browser that Microsoft now proposes, without leaving aside everything that users loved about Internet Explorer.

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