Does your PC not connect to the Internet? Follow this guide 2022

Does your computer not connect to the internet? It has happened to all of us at some point! Sometimes the connection fails, other times it seems that the device does not detect it, a nightmare that many do not know how to solve. It is a very common problem and there are several ways to try to re-establish the connection. We tell you everything you can do if your PC does not connect to the Internet suddenly.

The first step will be not to get nervous, this error is more common than we think and it has affected us all at some time, however, it is usually easily restored or at least the cause can be found to be able to solve it as soon as possible.

Why won’t my PC connect to the Internet?

The first step will always be to try to detect the reasons for the failure, so you can find a custom solution.

Check the connection of other devices.

Check that other devices have a connection, so you can know if it is a problem with the device or there is a problem with the Wi-Fi you are connected to. You can look at it on the mobile itself, if you see that it works normally, you will know that the cause is surely the connection of the device with the Internet.

If, on the other hand, Wifi is not available on any device, it may be router problem or even the same company. You can try to restart the router to see if the connection with the connected devices is restored Very typical? There are classics that never fail!

Reboot the devices

Very connected with the first point, if you see that the error is in a device, you can try to restart it, sometimes it is a problem in the system or the drivers and restarting the computer are reset so that everything is back to normal.

Once restarted, check if the computer has a new Internet connection and if it remains stable during navigation. It is possible that with this simple step, the error is solved and it is only a specific problem.

Use the Windows Troubleshooter

If the trick of restarting the device has not been enough, you can always choose to use the network troubleshooter built into Windows computers. This system will detect possible faults by diagnosing the equipment and will try to restore your connection, solving possible errors or failures.

You can find this tool in the configuration section of your computer. Don’t know where to find it? you just have to go to Settings > Network & Internet > Network troubleshooter. There you can carry out the diagnosis and solve the faults that are causing the connection failure.

These are the first three steps to be able to detect if there is any error, in most cases the error is solved. If not, you can keep reading to find other possibilities.

Check if your network driver is up to date.

If the Internet connection is resistant and your PC cannot connect, it may be that you have outdated your Network Driver. If the drivers for this controller are not up to date, the device cannot get connected, please update the driver files and check the connection again.

Updating these files is very simple, you just have to open the device manager and access ‘network adapters’ and find whatever name your controller has. There you will find the option to ‘Update driver’ and ‘Search for updated driver software automatically’. The device will take care of the rest and you will be able to enjoy a stable connection again.

Have you tried it and no luck? Do not despair! You may uninstall and reconfigure drivers of the system to attack the problem from the root.

Check that there are no interfering programs

Some programs, such as antivirus or firewall, may be one of the reasons why your PC does not connect to the Internet, you can try to disable them and check the connection, if it is reestablished, this is surely the cause.

You can do it from the control panel, there you can modify settings of the Firewall in the section ‘Windows Defender Firewall’. You can also try to update your antivirus, later versions of antivirus can interfere with your Internet connection.

Factory reset your router

If nothing seems to work, you can always try reset your WiFi connection, you will only have to find the small ‘Reset’ button and hold it down for about 15 seconds. This will return to its initial factory configuration, reconfiguring possible faults with the devices.

Once reconfigured you will have to reconnect ldevices so that you can verify that the Internet connection has been successfully reestablished. Also remember to reset the security parameters of your router and even reconfigure the password, to prevent third-party connections on your network.

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