Activate Office quickly and easily in 2022

When writing, creating slides or accounting charts, you notice how the top interface of some Office product turns red. In addition, you detect an “Activation Error” message next to the name of the document you are working with. All this is a sign that there is an error with the Office license. Eventually, messages will appear inviting you to activate office products and even, you may not be able to use this office suite anymore until you activate it.

This is a problem, because if this requirement comes at a time when you have to deliver a report urgently, then you will have significant delays with your work or studies. To avoid all this, we are going to teach you how to self-activate Office products and leave them completely original. You will see that it is very simple to do it, you will only have to follow a comfortable step by step. Also, you can get cheap Office licenses and learn how to Activate Office 2019 for free and without programs.

Activate Office products with different methods

The Office activation process does not require high computer skills. If it requires that you follow the steps that we are going to comment on to the letter, since a single misplaced letter or an incorrectly modified folder can generate problems in the stability of the system. We don’t want to put pressure on you, but stay tuned and we’re sure you’ll get it right the first time.

Press the key Windows and R at the same time.

  • In the box that appears write: regedit
  • In the navigation tree that you can find on the left of that interface you will find a few folders. You will navigate between them expanding each of the folders within the first directoryyou will do it this way:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER (first directory) > Software > Microsoft > Internet Explorer > Main > FeatureControl > FEATURE_LOCALMACHINE_LOCKDOWN

  • Find it Office DWORD key and make sure its value be 1 instead of 0Click OK and reboot.

Upon reboot you should be able to see that the Office product activation problem is fixed. You’ll know because the message asking for Office activation will no longer be displayed. You will be able to breathe easy again and you will not have to fear for any unexpected error that delays your work.

Now, if you have Office 365, this method will not work, since it is a completely different version of the Office package in terms of its activation process, so another more traditional method must be used to achieve it.

What is included with Microsoft Office and why keep it activated?

Office is the most popular office suite in the world. It includes different programs that will help a student or worker to process text, images, graphics and other accounting tasks and even multimedia, since you can also create presentations with photos and videos.

Next we are going to give you some of the advantages that you will obtain when activating the Office products and what use you can make of them:

  • Microsoft Word: This program handles text processing. You will be able to write in it under different font styles, font sizes, with previously configured titles and subtitles. It has functions to underline, insert graphics, images, links or quotes. It is the most complete word processor today, this is the most popular Office product.
  • Microsoft Excel: With this application you can perform advanced automated calculations, as well as keep track of a company’s income and expenses. It is very useful for counting merchandise availability and a large number of arithmetic operations. It works with a cell format that can be given various attributes and related to each other. This is a vital application for a work environment that manages inventories.
  • microsoft powerpoint: With this program you will be able to create incredible slides to present your ideas to an audience. It is the perfect tool to create support elements for exhibitions, applications to a company or bank, expose your ideas in a graphic and clear way and with the possibility of including multimedia elements in them.
  • microsoft-outlook: This world-famous application automatically synchronizes the mail that arrives in your inbox, allowing you to quickly send emails without having to enter the Outlook web, everything you do from within the same environment. Also, if you click on an email you see browsing the Internet, Outlook will open a small window so you can write an email to that address.
  • Microsoft Access: Access is a powerful tool that is used to create manageable databases from a graphical interface.

Microsoft Office includes many other small and highly functional tools such as Publisher for the creation of leaflets, brochures and others, Infopath for the creation and management of XML files among many others, activate the Office products to enjoy everything that this suite has for you.

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