Where to buy cheap Windows 10 licenses in 2021

Many users who are building their own custom PC or have bought one without an operating system wonder how they can save when it comes to obtaining it legally and officially. After spending thousands of euros on the new equipment, buy cheap Windows 10 licensess is a good way to avoid having to shell out more money.

If you want to go to the simplest, you just have to visit the Microsoft official page and get one of your licenses. Once you have downloaded the file, create a USB drive as the installation medium and prepare the new operating system on your computer.

But if you want to know where to buy cheap Windows 10 licensesEven for less than 5 euros, stay and read our updated guide.

Types of Windows 10 Licenses

When choosing the Windows 10 license that we are going to buy, we will have to take into account certain technical aspects and purposes for which you will use it on your PC. You can choose between the Windows 10 Home version or the Professional version.

The license of Windows 10 Home It is the basic one and with which you will have easy access to all the essential functions, leaving aside some more advanced ones. It is the most economical and the most used in home or school environments.

On the other hand, the license of Windows 10 Professional It has a greater number of functionalities and is intended for environments where more corporate and group work options are required. It is also the ideal choice for powerful computers with more than 128GB of RAM.

5 Pages where to buy cheap Windows 10 licenses

Leaving aside the option to buy them in the official store, we are going to show you some pages where buy cheap Windows 10 licenses, in both versions, and with really ridiculous prices. These licenses cost up to 10 times less than the original price, being totally official and legal.

They are known as OEM licenses, created for equipment manufacturers who sell their computers with the Operating System already installed, and which often end up being sold to the public due to excess stock. Still, you should know that these cheap licenses are intended to be used on a single computer.

Let’s see the 5 best pages where to buy cheap Windows 10 licenses.


The great e-commerce par excellence also has cheap licenses for this operating system for sale. They are totally legal and economical, around € 15 on average its price. If you distrust other unknown pages and want your cheap license, it is the best option today.

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They can also be purchased Cheap Windows 10 licenses on Ebay, although prices here vary widely and no clear average can be established. The most important thing when buying on this platform is to take into account the seller or the store where you are buying it. Typically, users tend to give high marks to those that are reliable.

buy license on ebay


Royal Keys is a website that sells software at low prices, from Microsoft Office packages to Windows 10 operating system keys. Its main mission is to provide genuine software at the lowest possible price. For less than € 2.5 You can have your Windows 10 Home or Pro license legally.

buy license in royal keys


Another of the best pages to buy cheap Windows 10 licenses it’s Hrkgame. On this occasion, it is a very complete website where you can also buy video games at much cheaper prices than in their official versions. In the case of the operating system, you can get it by about € 10 on average.

buy license in hrk game


Can you imagine buying one of the Cheap Windows 10 licenses for less than 2 euros? This is possible on Wyrel, one of the cheapest platforms of all. It is a totally secure website that is committed to transparent and legal trade between players, since you can also find many other licenses at ridiculous prices.

buy license on wyrel

Once you have your Windows 10 license, you must proceed to activate it. We leave you with one of our updated guides on how to do it:

How to activate Windows 10 forever

Final recommendations for buying cheap Windows 10 licenses

activate windows 10

Once you have decided on the page where to buy the license, we recommend that you pay close attention to the seller. Always buy from those who have quite a few sales and good appraisals. The best thing is to always avoid the cheapest prices, such as those that assure you a license for a few cents. In case you do not finish trusting, go to Amazon.

In case you have license issues, contact website customer service in question. Especially if it is a scam, you should make it known so that they can help you solve the problem and sanction the alleged seller. Although with these pages that we have presented, you will not have this problem.

Lastly, follow our tips on how to install Windows 10 on your PC. It is very simple, although if you have never done it you can skip an important step. You can also take a look at our other guides to activate programs legally and permanently at very affordable prices.

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