What is Glovo Prime? Advantages and options

Glovo is a company that focuses on the purchase, delivery and shipping in periods of less than one hour through its independent distributors, known as glovers. It emerged in Spain and works in more than 40 cities in the country. One of the reasons for its boom and growth is the possibility of making free deliveries through an exclusive service. Next, you can learn about what it is Glovo Prime, your benefits, and options.

What is Glovo Prime and how does it work

Glovo Prime is an exclusive service that for a monthly subscription allows its users to access unlimited and free deliveries. In addition, the user is offered a wide variety of product categories so that they can place their orders through the app: restaurants, drinks, snacks, gifts and pharmacies, among many others. The clients of Glovo Prime they can place their orders at any time saving the costs related to shipping. The fee for this subscription is 5.99 euros per month, depending on where the user is located. The app works through electronic devices, and its application is available for iOS and Android. Glovo currently has more than a million users distributed throughout the world and every day this number is increasing more.

Advantages of using Glovo Prime

Glovo Prime presents several advantages to the user that cannot be enjoyed through the Glovo common subscription. Some of the main Glovo Prime benefits are the ones mentioned below:
  • Shipments are completely free in selected establishments.
  • You can enjoy exclusive promotions.
  • Subscription renewal is done every month, until it is canceled.
  • No commitment is made. The subscription can be canceled at the time you prefer.
  • The price of the service is comparatively low.
  • It allows you to obtain the product you want in the comfort of your home in less than 30 minutes.
  • Another advantage is that it can reach more restaurants and places, and thus you can request that any type of order be picked up.

How to use Glovo Prime

The interface of this app is easy and new, the necessary steps to use Glovo Prime are listed below:
  • First of all, you have to download the Glovo application from the App Store or Google Play according to your mobile system (iOS or Android).
  • Once the app is installed, you have to select the product that interests you according to the category of your preference.
  • Next, the payment of the order has to be carried out.
  • After this, the address where you want your product to be sent at no additional cost is entered.
  • In less than an hour the delivery person will be with the product you have requested at the door of your home or office.
  • Once the request is made, the client can see through the geolocation the delivery person who brings your order in addition to its route in real time.

What is Glovo Prime for?

What is Glovo Prime?  Advantages and options Glovo, in addition to being an app to order food at home, also allows you to collect and send orders of any kind thanks to its extensive network of delivery people. In the Glovo app, transport has a cost that we must pay, although it is usually less than that of other traditional courier services. With the service Glovo Prime shipments are free. The platform presents various categories of establishments to which you can place your orders, such as restaurants, drinks, supermarkets, gifts, pharmacies, snacks and more. Glovo also has agreements with several fast food restaurants, like McDonald’s, Forster’s Hollywood, Burger King, KFC and others. Their delivery service works 24/7 and shipments are made immediately.

Alternatives to Glove Prime

Some alternatives to Glove Prime When it comes to ordering food at home, the most popular are the following:

Just eat

What is Glovo Prime?  Advantages and optionsJust eat It is one of the most important platforms in the country in the food delivery service segment. More than 9,000 associated restaurants are stored in its databases. Through this application it is possible to choose between pizzas, hamburgers, tacos, oriental food, kebab, and Thai food, among others. Within your offer is includes food from cuisines around the world, that you can order to be delivered to your home. You can also order your favorite foods from your favorite chains. The payment method admits from credit cards to PayPal payments. The steps to use this application are as follows:
  • The first thing you should do is download the application on your mobile.
  • Next, you have to enter the details of your delivery address.
  • Once the address is indicated, the geolocation button is activated.
  • At this time the application will show you the associated restaurants that are closest to your home, you just have to locate the one that is most to your liking.
  • In addition, the application will tell you which of the restaurants near your home are open and which are not.
  • After choosing the restaurant, select the dishes that you like the most.
  • To pay through the application accounts with various modalities such as: cash, credit or debit card and PayPal.
  • From this moment, your order is transferred to the selected restaurant and as soon as it has been prepared, the Just Eat courier will take it home.

Uber Eats

Among the best applications to order food at home is Uber Eats. This North American company, in addition to its transport service with driver, has also created a app to order food at home. Through the application of Uber Eats, you can mainly investigate the associated restaurants in your city and eat whatever causes you, be it hamburgers, pizzas, salads, sushi, and other foods. Once you have chosen the restaurant and entered your address, the application will show you an estimated delivery time. When making the payment, you can use your Uber account or add a credit or debit card, payments are also received by PayPal. As soon as you pay, you will be able to monitor your order in real time and know where it is at all times. Another advantage is that you do not need to place a minimum order.

Lots of food

Lots of food is an app with which you can choose the restaurants closest to your home, or sectorize the search by areas. Lots of food will put you in direct communication with the restaurant of your choice. In this way you will know first-hand what are the suggestions or offers that may attract your attention.

What to do if the Glovo app doesn’t work

Sometimes there may be inconveniences when you try to enter the application by Glovo. If this happens to you, you should not worry, because in each case there is a solution. For this reason, to solve the problem you must follow the steps indicated below:

Check your internet connection

When there are problems in the Wi-Fi connection or through your mobile data, it will be impossible for you to access the Glovo app. For the purpose of check the status of the internet connection, You have to try to enter other applications in order to rule out that this failure is occurring. In the same way, you can proceed to disconnect your mobile device from the network and re-establish said Connection.

Check the operation of your device

On certain occasions, applications installed on mobile devices begin to have complications caused by the appearance of software problems. In order to solve them, you have to try to restart the mobile and re-enter the Glovo App. Check if this problem is occurring in the rest of the applications.

Clear the device cache using an app

With some frequency, software glitches appear when a large number of files are stored in the memory of the mobile device. To solve this, you can help yourself with the CCleaner tool for Android, it will perform the cache cleanup equipment and will increase the space available in it. In addition to this, CCleaner makes all applications that are not being used to close. Through this process, the tool will increase the performance of your mobile.

Clean the Downloads folder

It is very useful to delete the APK files that are saved in the Downloads folder. After this, you have to enter the Settings menu, in order to clear the cache memory of the Glovo App and finally you must uninstall the application.

Download the Glovo App again

Locate the Glovo app in the Play Store (Android) or in the Apple App Store and download this application for your device.

Enter the App again

Try to enter the App again Glovo and make sure you are entering your password and the correct email. In case you do not remember the password, you can go to the option Have you forgotten the password? In this way, the system will send a new link to your email so that you can proceed with the resetting of your access code.

When the app is locked

In case you application crashes or does not work properly, Follow the steps below. You have to try each of these options. If the first option does not solve it, you should try the second and so on.
  • First, restart the application.
  • If it is not resolved, you must restart the mobile.
  • Lastly, if it doesn’t work with anything, you have to delete the app and download it again.

Login problems

If they show up problems logging in, You must verify that your email address and password are correct. If this is not very clear to you, it is important that you click on the option Have you forgotten your password? , found on the login page.

Customer Assistance Service

If after trying all the options the problem is still not resolved, what you have to do is ask customer service for help, using the following steps:
  • Entering the app, look for the Contact Assistance section.
  • After that, choose the App function.
  • Next, select the option for General problems.
  • Finally, choose the Others function.


Now that you have all the information related to Glovo Prime You will be able to evaluate if you subscribe to this exclusive service to enjoy unlimited and free shipping of the orders you make through the Glovo platform. In addition, you have information on some problems that may arise when you use the app and the options you have to try to solve them.

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