What are Rappicréditos? We explain it to you

Rappi It is one of the most popular and booming delivery platforms these days. The main headquarters are in Colombia and it currently has a presence in Argentina. Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.

The increase it has had in its users is due in part to the possibility of using the Rappicréditos to make payments. Below, you will find as much information as possible related to this payment method.

What are Rappicréditos and how do they work?

They are known as the Rappicréditos to that amount of money that is available in the Rappi mobile application. You can use this amount in the payment of various products that can be purchased online.

The way in which the Rappicréditos works is quite simple, since all the money that you enter in the Rappi mobile application will become part of your balance. In addition, it is not necessary to worry much about its acceptance because all the companies that are registered on the platform will accept your credits.

It must be clarified that Rappicréditos have no limits in terms of quantity so you can collect the amount you want and then proceed to exchange it for any type of product of your interest.

How to pay with Rappicréditos

The procedure to follow if you want to be able to use your Rappicredits to pay in an easy and fast way requires you to carry out the steps indicated below:

Download and install the application

  • The first thing you should do is download the RapiApp mobile application from the official Play Store or App Store. According to the operating system of your device (if it is Android or iOS).

What are Rappicréditos?  We explain it to you

  • Once you have downloaded the app, you have to install it. To do this, it is necessary to grant the user permits required for the installation and use of it.
  • Next, enter the application already installed on your device. To achieve this you have to register as a new user or enter if you have already done the registration.

Search for products to buy

  • Now, within the main menu of the application, you have to locate and choose the option to search for products if you want to purchase one of them.
  • When you find it, you should check the specifications of the product, as well as its availability and its guarantee.
  • Once you have decided, you choose the store and select those products that will go to the shopping cart. After this you have to click on the buy button.
  • At this time, a screen will be displayed where you will be informed of the amount you are going to pay. Also the shipping address for the product you have purchased.

Acquisition payment

  • Next, a list will be displayed including several options. In it you must select the Payment Methods option so that you can continue with the process.
  • After this, you have to choose the option to Pay with Rappicréditos as long as you have a credit balance so that it can be paid.
  • To conclude, click on the button Confirm payment through the application. This way you will have the possibility to view a message confirming the payment.
  • In the same way, you will be able to see both the payment receipt number as well as the purchase amount and the items purchased in order to support you.

After carrying out this process, you just have to wait wherever you are, be it at home or in the office until you receive the service or product purchased through RappiApp.

It is appropriate for users to know that to process payments with Rappicréditos, it must have been activated in the mobile application. Therefore, it is essential to be attentive to the balance that is maintained in it.

Requirements to use the Rappicréditos and advantages of your employment

In order to process the payment of an order through the Rappicréditos the essential requirements are:

  • First of all, the user must have registered in the application beforehand.
  • At the time of acquiring the product or service, you must have sufficient credit in your favor.

Main benefits that Rappicréditos users can enjoy through your employment are as follows:

  • It allows to obtain greater comfort in the purchase operation.
  • Increases the practicality of the service or product that is being purchased.
  • Through its use it is possible to save a good amount of money in the total amount of the purchase.
  • The purchase process is protected in all its phases, from the beginning to the end.
  • With all this, additional security is generated for the buyer and also for the seller.

How can you get the Rappicredits

The Rappicréditos can be obtained through points for membership, for referrals or for purchases and recharges made with Credit cards. You can even earn some by being dissatisfied with an acquisition that has been made through the application.

In general, with the balance you have available in your RappiCredits of the RappiApp mobile application, you can make different purchases. This will allow you to enter a variety of products placed online that you will have access to with just one click.

Here are some of the various options for raising Rappicréditos:

Referring to your contacts

Another option for to win Rappicréditos is through the use of the referral system. The greater the number of users who enter your referral code in RappiApp, you will have the possibility of receiving more Rappicredits from the application.

The process to do this is quite quick and easy, you just need to follow the steps listed below:

  • The first thing you should do is enter the application menu. After logging in, click on the Refer and win option.
  • Next, your invitation code will be displayed next to the Invite in seconds option.
  • When you click on the option, the code will be shared by email or on all your social networks. This way you will ensure that your contacts and friends receive it and can copy it in the app.
  • Once your contacts receive the invitation, they can become your referrals. Every time one of them registers in Rappi with your code, you will be able to win Rappi gift credits.

Through your credit card

Can get your Rappicredits through purchases that you carry out with your credit card. Another way to get them is by recharging the aforementioned credit cards.

This is an excellent option in order to increase your balance when the Rappicréditos collected by the other options are not enough in order to complete your order.

For company benefits or promotions

Another option for to receive Rappicréditos is through benefits or promotions that Rappi constantly gives to its users by means of an SMS text message. In this way you will receive a code that you must then enter in the mobile application and by doing so this balance will be reflected as a Rappicrédito and you will be able to use it without problems.

Therefore, it is recommended that you always have the application’s notifications and messaging service active.

In addition, affiliated companies are constantly giving you promotional discount coupons. You can use them without any problem at the time of making the payment of your order.

What are Rappicréditos?  We explain it to you

If you are not satisfied with a purchase

Although this is not an official way to receive Rappicréditos, the company can reward you in this way if you have any inconvenience in an order.

In addition to your rating and opinion about it, if your product does not receive it as you expected it, you can request help in the customer service area.

In case you decide to cancel your order, return can be made in the form of Rappicredits. Which you will be able to use in your next purchases within this application.

All these are the simplest alternatives to get this credit and to be able to buy any of the Rappi products.

It is important to be informed that these Rappicréditos do not expire and are accepted by all the companies affiliated with this new online purchasing system.

In addition to the above, the application provides the user with a support center where you can process any concern that may arise in this regard in order to provide you with a short-term solution.

What can be covered with Rappicréditos

As you already referenced above, Rappicréditos are a payment method which is useful in the process of acquiring a wide variety of products necessary for the Rappi user.

Within those lines that can be covered by Rappicredits the following can be highlighted:

  • The payment of meals purchased under the delivery modality. Including but not limited to: drinks, groceries, sweets and many more.
  • The parcel service nationwide.
  • Buying items online, whether or not they have promotional discounts.
  • Pharmacy products, liquors and supermarkets.
  • Entertainment items: toys, sports, books and music.
  • Tech gifts and equipment.

Due to the fact that the platform is in continuous growth, every day we try to incorporate more necessary items, so that the user can acquire them and process the corresponding payment from the tranquility of their home or office.

How to fix problems with Rappicredits

Sometimes inconveniences are presented to users in the operation of the Rappicréditos and they cannot validate the codes when trying to redeem. Here are some of the main problems and how they can be solved.

Errors when entering the code

When Rappicredits can’t work, it is usually because you are entering the code incorrectly. Typically, you can find codes that contain both lowercase and uppercase letters.

However, this is not so important, and it is even suggested that when writing the code everything is entered in capital letters to avoid confusion with the letters and thus it can be properly validated.

Problems of the application itself

Another of the inconveniences that occurs more frequently, preventing the good performance of the Rappicréditos it is caused by bugs in the application itself. Therefore, it is recommended to check that the version you have installed is the most recent. You can also uninstall and reinstall the app.

After reinstalling the app, you can log in and ensure you have the latest version available. This generally does not present any errors related to the app, so this way the Rappicréditos should be able to work without any problem.

Ask for help from the technical service

If after trying the previous solutions, you still have problems with the Rappicréditos, it is necessary that you contact the company’s technical support service in order to help you with the process of recovery of the Rappicréditos. The same happens if you are trying to insert them with the card and they do not come out.


Now you have all the information related to the Rappicréditos you can now take advantage of their employment to acquire the products you need more comfortably and safely through the Rappi application. In addition to saving good money on the total amount of your purchases.

Also, you have the possibility of win Rappicredits through the different options that the platform offers you to increase your credit balance.

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