The 13 best websites to send large files


The day we can send large files by email will be a great achievement in the digital age. For now we will have to settle for some of the best websites to send large files for free or by subscription.

With this guide you will know some that will help you send them in the simplest way possible and avoiding the hours of frustration with FTP connections. And some of the websites even have iPhone apps and Android apps to make the procedure even easier.

Let’s see then our selection of the 13 best websites to send large files.

Google drive

websites to send large files

The first on our list comes from the hand of Google Drive, who offers you 15GB of free online storage, as long as you have a Google account. It’s really easy to share absolutely anything you want, be it individual files or entire folders.

You can also configure your own sharing options, from a download link that anyone can use, to sharing with specific people and granting them editing rights. And with the application installed on your desktop and your devices, it is very simple to move the files you need wherever you want.

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WeTransfer is another of the best websites to send large files that allows you to send large files (up to 2 GB per transfer) as often as you like. That way, you won’t have the typical last-minute email hassles when you run out of free transfers. You can email large files or send a download link from the site.

You also have the option of WeTransfer Plus. With a monthly subscription you can send unlimited files and store up to 500 GB, in addition to customizing your wallpaper or transferring emails.



Since its launch in 2005, SendSpace has been sending files millions of times a week. Every file is tracked, so if it gets lost in the abyss of the internet, SendSpace will do its best to find it. There is also a useful drag and drop functionas well as a SendSpace app, which means you can send large files on the go.


Firefox Send

Firefox Send

If you are one of those who use Firefox you should know Firefox Send, designed to share files in a simple and private way. Using its drag and drop interface, you can instantly send files up to 1GB (or up to 2.5GB if you log in) with end-to-end encryption and an automatically expiring link, so you don’t need to worry about your files staying online forever.

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Dropbox is probably one of the websites to send large files best known. Possibly you already have it installed and are familiar with its use, something that is a great advantage over other platforms.

You must register an account to use Dropbox, although it is free. In addition to a web-based application, there is a desktop application that you can install that allows you to sync and access your files from a normal folder.

Dropbox also benefits from having no file upload due dates – you can store files for as long as you need. There’s a 2GB limit on free plan, with other options available for teams and companies.



MediaFire is designed so that your multimedia files are available from anywhere. Not only does it store them, but it also includes a player so you can view more than 200 different file formats in your browser.

You will have 10GB of free storage with ad-supported downloads, or you can pay monthly to share ad-free, 1TB of space, and a better user experience.




Another alternative within the best websites to send large files without data limits is ToffeShare. Turn to P2P, so there are no intermediaries, although you can only send them to one user at a time. Without a doubt, another great option.



Box is little known but another of the websites to send large files. You can share files of any size with anyone, whether they have a Box account or not. No need to compress, just create a link to share files. If you want to send it with the file transfer service, different limits apply: from 250 MB with a free account, up to 32 GB with the Digital Business Suite account.



Wikisend is a free file sharing service that does not require you to create an account to use it. Simply upload your file and you are provided with a unique URL to access it.

The files can then be accessed for seven days for the other person to download as many times as necessary, and you can share files up to 100MB in size. Wikisend also allows you to share password-protected files if you sign up for an account.



Another service that simplifies things is Smash. With its free plan you can send your files without any size limit, they’ll be avalaible for 14 days and your recipients will be able to preview them before downloading them, even on mobile. You can password protect your files and there is even the option to track downloads in real time.

If you upgrade to the premium plan, your files will be available for up to one year. You’ll get priority transfers for files larger than 2GB, as well as file transfer history and reports. You will also have the ability to customize your download page with a logo and background image.




Formerly known as YouSendIt, Hightail changed its name and was relaunched in 2013 as a platform for sharing and collaboration, becoming another of the websites to send large files. Its free Lite plan lets you share files up to 100MB, with instant visual previews and the ability to add comments to any file.

With the Pro version you can share files up to 25 GB and get extra features like email notifications and tracking. And if that’s not enough, there is also a business plan, offering customized packages to meet the needs of businesses and professionals.



Terashare is different from most file-sharing services in that it uses BitTorrent technology to transfer the file directly from your computer to the recipient’s. There is not limit, although files larger than 10GB cannot be downloaded when you turn off the computer as this is the only place where the file is stored. Files smaller than 10GB are also uploaded to Terashare servers so they can be accessed at all times.

If you need to share a file with a lot of people, Terashare is a good option, as BitTorrent makes it possible for everyone who downloads the file to download parts from each other and also from the server.

You need to install a small client for it to work, and the files are shared via a unique URL. Terashare is completely free.



With DropSend you can send five large files up to 4GB free per month, 15 transfers of up to 8GB or 45 transfers of up to 8GB per month if you switch to payment plans. Quick, simple and safe to use, it will send those large and important files in no time. No need to install any software and it is available with 256-bit AES security.


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