Solution Printer paused Windows 10

Is your printer suddenly paused? Don’t panic! It can be due to multiple errors when printing a document. There are some 5 Methods That Can Help You Fix Printer Paused Error effectively and that in most cases solve the problem. This way you can continue with your work normally without losing half a morning trying. You can even print remotely if you know how to connect a network printer.

This is a more common mistake than you might think, especially on older or second-hand printers. If this has happened to you and you need an effective solution, try these methods and the problem will be solved in less than you think.

Solutions to printer paused error

These errors can appear at any time indicating that something is wrong in the printing process, which means that you must correct the situation to continue with the process. This error occurs in about 5 specific cases that we present below:

The printer paused printing due to a jam

It happens more than you can believe, the main reason why a printer stops printing is because it has a paper jam. This is easily fixed. However, you will have to open the cover of your printer and slowly slide the jammed paper out. This solution only requires time, care and above all… Patience!

If the paper tears during the process, you will need to remove each remaining piece. You will have to remove even the slightest residue, in order to avoid new paper jams. To avoid this, a good idea is not to put too many sheets in the printer’s feeder and remove them as they are printed. It is also a good idea not to cancel a print process if only one or two sheets are being printed.

Restart the printer to resume the process

In some cases there may be a failure to read the ink levels of the cartridges or the toner. This causes the printer to be paused until they are “replaced”, although very well in these cases it could just be restarted. You can try to restart it or reintroduce the cartridges to try to detect them.

To manually restart a printer, simply unplug the power cord and plug it back in after 5 seconds. This will cause the printer to resume printing from when it was paused. This is one more measure used to get the print settings to reset. Do not forget that this reset method should only be used in case of need.

Restart the printing process via software

If you can’t or don’t want to unplug the printer from power, you can restart its tasks through device manager. This section can be found at Settings > Devices. Once there you must select with the right click the printer that is active and look for the option “see what is printing” among all the options displayed.

After this, select Printer and uncheck the box called “Pause Printing”. This should start the print job that was paused for some reason. If this does not work, you should check the ink levels of the cartridges, that you have chosen the correct printer and check for paper jams.

You can also select the printer icon in the notification area of ​​the desktop bar, which is on the right and bottom of your desktop, and with a right click on it select “Resume” again.

My printer keeps paused and does nothing: What is causing the error?

In the worst case after you apply all these recommendations your printer will still be paused, so you have to direct your attention to the drivers, cables and that it is correctly connected to the power source:

Electric current

Check if your printer is correctly connected to the power supply, it may seem like a no-brainer, but the cable may have moved, broken or there is a problem with the plug.

printer drivers

It may be that some virus, update or uninstall by mistake has damaged your printer drivers, the solution is to uninstall the existing drivers using Setting > programs > Select drivers corresponding to the brand and model of your printer and press uninstall.

data cable

Check if the data cable has been disconnected from the printer, sometimes after moving this cable can come out, either from the base of the printer body or from the USB port connected to your computer.

With these tips your printer will be working again very soon, try one by one according to its level of complexity. And so that you never run out of ink, we teach you how to check HP printer ink levels, although it can also be used for other brands.

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