Remove the watermark from an image for free online in 2021

Every day more users turn to the watermark as designers or writers who share their work within the internet on sites or social networks. This, then, nowadays people’s work is not recognized on the web, and it is done to avoid difficult or uncomfortable situations, that is, others steal the credits for a job they did not do.

There are many ways to remove a watermark from a photo, and many of them are not complicated to use, they do not require much effort. So that remove a watermark from an image it’s possible.

How to remove the watermark from an image online?

Although these measures have been taken and watermarks have been placed, these are often not the safest option since they can be edited or removed from the photograph by means of photographic design and retouching programs. Thanks to them and the tools that can disappear or remove these effects.

It is important to pay attention to the previous point. Once you have knowledge of the legal warning, it should be noted that it is very difficult for it to be done through programs installed on your computer. Normally for this type of case, it is frequent to use programs such as Photoshop to remove watermarks.

Watermark remover

But since what we want is to be able to remove the watermarks online without downloading anything, we are going to use a great platform called Watermark remover.

It is the preferred among users because it has tools to blur and soften all the images you want. Here, within the application, removing the watermarks that may be hindering the appreciation of a spectacular image will be much easier than with any other type of program.

go to watermark remove

The steps to follow to remove the watermark are:

  1. Open the image you want through the program. Once inside you must go to the part of Image watermarks.
  2. There you must click on the part that says Add images.
  3. Choose the image that owns the watermark.
  4. I know should shade the area where the watermark is located.
  5. Once it is located and shaded, the option is clicked


Another efficient and fast alternative is Inpaint, with which we can also remove the watermark from an image online and for free. Although its interface is in English, you can use the google translation extension to put it in Spanish. You only have to follow the following steps once you enter the following link:

go to inpaint

  1. Select image to which you want to remove the watermark.
  2. Use the Red color tool located in the lower left and select the watermark in question.
  3. Once indicated, at the top you will see a green button “Erase“.
  4. make click and you will see that the watermark has disappeared. Now you just have to to download your image and voila.


Photo effects

Another free and very intuitive platform that we can use to remove the watermark from an image online without having to download anything is Photoefects. The procedure is really simple:

go to photo effects

  1. Once inside Photoeffects, click on “Upload my photo.”
  2. Select the option we want to make, in this case “Add filters / remove watermark?”.
  3. Click on Next and then select “Add filters / remove watermark?”, “Adjust automatically” and “Remove the watermark?”.
  4. Now we will have to locate the watermark and select it. Click on Finalize.
  5. You just have to to download the non-watermarked image you edited.

photo effects

What is a watermark?

In the digital age, the watermark is the seal, the signature, the logo, the text … In short, it is what identifies the authorship of, in this case, an image and therefore has a high value for the authors from the same. They also apply to videos and we can see them regularly in the media so that when someone else uses the resources it appears who said image comes from.

In addition to this, it is very important in everything related to copyright and, above all, in the most commercial aspect of digital works.

remove water mark

Are watermarks necessary?

Honestly, yes. First, because everyone likes to identify their work so that when someone else sees it, it can be attributed directly to them. And second because, unfortunately, in this digital age it is typical for users to use the works of others in a commercial way without permission.

However, there are times that we want to use certain images for things that are not going to be monetized or simply because we want to have them for something personal. In this case, it is normal that we want to learn how to remove the watermark.

That is why we are going to explain to you how you can remove a watermark from an image without having to install any program and from any device, be it computer or mobile.

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It is very easy to remove or remove a watermark from a photo or an image using these programs. It is recommended to use this type of program and the tools that it provides in an appropriate way, that is, respecting the work done by other people.

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