Portable alternatives to Word


Download Word portable or any other software, it implies that an installation is not necessary for it to work. This type of program includes everything you need so that it can be run from any type of computer, so you can always have them at hand. You carry them on a USB drive or on a portable disk.

But not all programs can be made portable, because they are very complex. Among these programs is Word, for example, although many more can be found. It is common for you to find pages on the Internet where portable versions of this program are distributed, but in this case they end up causing problems, without neglecting that they lack legality.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that Microsoft never provides the user with a portable version of the applications that integrate Office. This means that until now, at least officially, there is no portable version that allows you to run Microsoft Word from a USB drive, from a memory card or from a portable disk.

The main reason why can’t make Word portable, is that the main objective of software portability is to make it run on any computer, easily and lightly. With Word, there is no possibility of accomplishing any of these objectives.

It is recommended that if you find a portable version of Word, do not download it as it may be malicious software. In case you really need to use a portable Word, there are programs that facilitate this conversion.

Word portable

Portable alternatives to Word

So much Word portable like Microsoft Office portable, they are tools with which you can work without having to install any type of software, so you have more flexibility when working with them.

The programs that make up the Microsoft office suite are the most used today, but for security and portability reasons, it is impractical to install this suite every time a compatible file is needed. Individual portable programs allow you to open, edit and save the files you need without installing the software. Therefore, if you need compatibility and flexibility, having portable programs may be the most suitable.

How to make Word portable

Having stated the previous point, on the Internet you will find a large number of Portable Word versions so you can work without installation. However, you must bear in mind that these portable programs are committing the crime of piracy, in addition to breaking the terms and conditions of use established by Microsoft.

The reasons why downloading these portable programs are not recommended are:

  • The portable versions that you find on the Internet do not need you to enter a serial or make the purchase of a license, so millions of people around the world can download and use these portable applications without paying the developer.
  • Microsoft has not announced that it intends to develop a portable version, neither Word nor any other of the applications that make up the Office suite.
  • The potential benefits of using portable programs, such as no installation, the little space they occupy on the hard drive and the convenience of having them on a USB drive, do not compensate for the loss of income that occurs when not having to enter a license.
  • In addition, download Word portable of any website, it may be a potential risk to your security.
  • Many of these Unofficial versions of this program include malware, so they can affect your computer, or they can also contain some type of code that can work as a spy program, in order to steal personal information.
  • At no time does the company that develops Office offer any user portable versions of applications. Therefore, there is no possibility of executing this type of program from any device, officially, and therefore legal.

Move Word to a USB drive

If you are also interested in move Word or Microsoft Office from your computer to a USB drive and then to another computer, maybe you think the program works the same way on another computer. You must bear in mind that just copying and pasting your Office files to a USB drive does not work when you make the copy, since the entries that are created in the Windows Registry are needed, so the application will not be configured in a different computer.

How to move Word to a USB drive

The first thing you should keep in mind that it is impossible for you to manually move all the components that are included in Office. But, to do this there is a software that allows an easy transfer of programs, so it can be a way to make a transfer of all the records that are necessary so that it can be run Word, without having to reinstall it on another computer.

This program is called EaseUS Todo PCTrans, and it is a program that can be very useful if you want to move programs that are installed from one computer to another, or also from one hard drive to another, or between different versions of Windows, among other utilities. This program helps to move all the applications that are most used by users, such as Office and Adobe, among others.

Steps to move Word to a USB drive

Before starting the process, you should note that Word is saved on the USB drive as an image file. This means that this image file can be restored from the USB drive on any other computer that also has the transfer program installed.

For move the Word app to a USB drive you must follow the following steps:

  • The first step is to run the EaseUS Todo PCTrans program, where you must select the transfer mode. You must have previously connected your USB drive to the computer. You must click on Application migration, and then on Start, to be able to continue with the next step.

Portable alternatives to Word

  • Then you must select Word to transfer, following these steps:
    Select Word to transfer.
    Click on Browse to select the external storage device where you are going to move the application.

Portable alternatives to Word

  • Now transfer Word to the drive where you are going to copy it, for this you just have to click on Transfer, to start the migration of the application.

From this moment Word is saved on the USB drive, in the format of an image file. So you can take it everywhere, with the advantage that you can work on any computer, without having the need to install it.

Alternatives to Word portable

If you do not want to use programs like the one mentioned above, you currently have different alternatives that allow you certain Word application portability.

These are the following:

Word online

Portable alternatives to Word

The online versions of Word they are the closest thing there is to a portable Word today. In this way you will be able to both create and edit documents, in a simple way from your computer or mobile. This alternative also offers you other advantages, such as, for example, the possibility of working as a team in real time with other users. To use this alternative, follow these steps:

  • Enter the website of Office from your browser of choice.
  • Sign in using your Microsoft account.
  • Then click on the Word icon to start and use the application.

The online version of Word It has the same appearance as the normal desktop version, so you can work without noticing any difference between the two versions. The only requirement to use it is to always have a good Internet connection.

Mobile apps

Another way you have of not giving up the use of the applications offered by Microsoft, such as Word, and you want to use them anywhere, you have the option of using the applications for mobile. These apps can be used on devices smaller than 10 inches, and no subscription is required.

For use Word on mobile all you have to do is log in using your Microsoft account. By signing in, you can read and edit all the Word documents that are stored in OneDrive. Of course, you can also create documents in the internal memory of the mobile or a similar device.

Using programs similar to Word

If you must frequently create and edit Word documents, it is necessary that you can always have this program or a similar one on your USB drive, as a portable program. One of the most recommended alternatives to Word is LibreOffice, which you can download from its official website.

Word and other Office applications, such as Excel and PowerPoint, they do not have a portable version officially, But the LibreOffice suite is a great alternative to Microsoft Office programs, besides being totally free, open source and has a portable version.

This program has a word processor that is fully compatible with the DOCX format, as well as a robust spreadsheet program and one with which you can create and view slide shows. It is a stable program, with all the functionalities of the Office suite programs and a similar interface, so you will not have problems using it.

Advantages and disadvantages of using portable applications

Use portable apps has a number of advantages, such as:

You have the ability to move from one computer to another easily. You just have to copy the folder with all the files that are necessary for the application on a removable drive. With only this step it is enough for you to use them on any computer.

  • If you buy a new computer, you can copy many of the programs in their portable version, instead of performing installations. In this way you can save both the download time and the time you invest in installing and configuring the program.
  • Although operating systems perform better and better, if they are not properly maintained, over time they will slow down. This can have many causes, but one of them is the installation of many programs that end up contaminating the system in various ways. Using portable applications avoids this inconvenience.
  • If your computer’s hard drive has little capacity, it is a recommended option to use portable programs on a removable device, which are official versions.
  • In the event that you have to work on a computer other than yours, you may need to use certain programs, so having them portable is a good solution, since you avoid having to waste time installing everything, in addition to leaving the other computer the same.
  • If you are going to work on a computer that is protected, in which you do not have administrator rights to install applications, portable programs are the solution.

However, these portable programs they also have their disadvantages:

  • Not all the most used programs, such as Word, are found available in a portable version.
  • Some portable programs do not have all the tools and functionalities that the installed versions have.
  • Some portable programs may end up leaving a trace in the temporary files folder. Although this is not a problem as such, if you are a user who cares about privacy and security, it is a point that should be taken into account.

Download Word portable It is not possible, since it is one of the existing programs that does not have a portable version officially, so the versions that you are going to get on the Internet do not have any type of security. Therefore, it is recommended that you use one of the proposed alternatives, such as software to transfer to a removable drive or similar text editing programs, which do have an official portable version, and are therefore safer.

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