Pages to see football matches already played


Sometimes soccer fans don’t have enough time to enjoy a specific game. All they can do is watch it after the match has been made. Therefore, it is important to know about the best options for pages to see football games already played.

Pages to see football matches already played

Here are some of the best pages you will find on the web to be able to watch those football matches in deferred that interest you:

Footballia is the most recognized and accepted website for see the football games already played. It is a page that can be translated into Spanish. The catalog offered by this site is one of the most extensive in terms of football matches on the entire network.

Among the most important functions that Footballia offers its users are:

  • The web is very simple and intuitive. Since it presents a search engine that allows you the possibility of directly finding the game you prefer.
  • Through it you can search by teams and also by players.
  • One point against is that you cannot download the games it has stored.
  • In Footballia you will be able to find thousands of matches from the 78 international team and national team competitions available. As well as information from more than 80 domestic leagues distributed throughout the world.
  • In its database of more than 18,000 games you can find from recently played matches to matches that were played in the last century.

To be able to see the matches already played in Footballia, you only need to have previously registered completely free of charge. In this way, you will have access to the extensive catalog offered by this website.

On the other hand, you can subscribe for a fee of € 3.99 per month or € 19.99 per year. This price is very low when compared to all the material and the advantages that this website offers to all football fans.

How to register in Fotballia

The process to register in Footballia is simple and consists of following the steps indicated below:

  • The first thing you should do is enter any search engine on the web and type or enter The page is in English and the matches are narrated in multiple languages, but this will not be a problem.
  • You have to proceed with the registration using the email and clicking in the upper right corner of the page, on the symbol of the man with a circle.
  • A message will then be sent to your email account. Locate it and click on the confirmation to finish the registration process.

This way you will have complied with the procedure, so that you can enjoy watching the matches already played that interest you the most.


This website is currently one of the most used for the football game download. This is mainly due to its ease of use since it is completely free. The main characteristics of this website are the following:

  • Fullmatchsports It has a wide range of matches to choose from, they can be national teams or teams.
  • The games of teams located in the middle and lower zone of the standings are really difficult to find.
  • On this website it is possible to find matches of the biggest competitions worldwide, both in domestic leagues and in continental tournaments.
  • In addition to football, through this page you can also download and watch other sporting events such as Formula 1 or Moto GP.

Pages to see football matches already played

How to download football matches on Fullmatchsports

You can download the matches of your preference from Fullmachsports in a simple, safe and free way. To do this you have to follow the steps listed below:

  • First of all, you have to enter Fullmatchsports.
  • Next, select the sporting event that you are interested in downloading.
  • Then, click on the Links option in order to choose from where you are going to carry out the download.
  • Finally, choose the download method of your preference, it can be Mega, 1fichier, Uptobox, among others. The only thing left is to wait for the download process to complete.

Direct red

This is one of the most popular pages among sports fans for its varied offer of sporting events. However, for find soccer games already played you have to go to the repository and not to the known page. To carry out the download, you must help yourself with the use of download tools such as JDownloader2 and video converter programs.

The steps that must be followed in order to download all the games that catch your attention in the repository of Direct red, are as follows:

  • The first thing to do is download the tool JDownloader2.
  • Next, you have to enter the Red Directa repository.
  • Once you have logged in, you have to look for the event you need to download.
  • Now, you need to copy the video link in JDownloader.
  • To continue, download a video converter program.
  • Finally, convert the file that you have downloaded in JDownloader to MP4 with the video converter.


The official page UEFA website makes it possible for its users to watch football games already played free of charge and in high quality. Because it is an official medium, you will be able to watch free football without cuts at an excellent level.

With this website you will have the possibility to watch national and international professional matches and minor categories, both in the male and female field. For this, it is only necessary to be registered in advance.

The registration procedure is quick and easy. The steps you need to perform are as described below:

  • The first step is to go to any search engine on the web and write UEFA TV or write to take you to the official UEFA website.
  • Initially, everything will be displayed in English. However, you will be able to make the switch to the Spanish language when you have registered. In any case, these are words that are very easy to understand in English.
  • Next, you must register with your email or Facebook, quickly pressing on the right side on the icon of a man with a circle.
  • Once you have accepted all the conditions, you will receive an email to confirm your account and you will have entered the web database.

Having carried out the above, you will be able to see the football games already played that are stored.


Tokyvideo It is a web page similar in operation to YouTube with an extensive offer of audiovisual content that different users have uploaded. In Tokyvideo you can find videos on a multitude of different topics, and of course, many soccer related videos, including from highlights and documentaries, to complete matches already played.

The download process in Tokyvideo requires the fulfillment of the following steps:

  • The first thing to do is locate the games you are looking for quickly, through its search bar located at the top of the screen.
  • Now, to proceed with the download, you just have to choose the game or video you want.
  • Next, you have to right-click on the chosen content and click on download video.

In this way, you will be able to download the games of your interest and watch them whenever you want.


This is one of the most widespread social networks in the world in terms of the number of users. On Youtube You can find both summaries of the games that are uploaded through official channels and with all rights, up to football matches already played complete.

Due to the television rights that must be respected when publishing a match, it is not so easy to find complete matches that have been played recently on the net. Nevertheless, You will find videos about the highlights or the best plays of the matches played in the different tournaments worldwide.

On YouTube it is possible to download football games completely free of charge. To do this, you must use any of the various converters found online and follow the procedure below:

  • The first step you need to take is to go to YouTube.
  • Next, you must search for the game you want to download.
  • After this, you have to copy the link of the video game and paste it in the chosen converter.
  • Finally, you have to download and save the game on your computer.


This web portal allows see the football games already played, as well as any other sport in season. It can be online or via streaming. It is one of the options that can be recommended, since it is 100% reliable. In addition, with LiveTV you can watch your favorite sports over and over again legally.


It is a page that has the ability to quickly adapt to any type of support. Therefore, it is very easy to view football matches already played from the computer, Tablet or Android mobile just by entering its website.

Due to the fact of having more than 20 different channels, with PirloTV you have the possibility to watch football live. You will also see games delayed and all for free.


It is a website that is widely accepted by the Spanish public for watch football games already played. This platform is very easy to understand and each of its broadcasts has several reliable and ad-free links. EliteGol It offers different channels of live and delayed broadcasts from all the European and South American leagues. One of its advantages is that it is completely free.

Professional pages to watch and download football matches

Here are four of the websites that have programs for analyzing videos commonly used in professional clubs. With all of them it is possible to prepare a study in greater detail of both your team and the rival according to the data, videos and statistics on the performance of the teams and players.


MediaCoach is one of the web pages that has software to analyze the videos of soccer games. For this reason it has become a useful tool for coaches, analysts and sport directors of many clubs. Most of the professional teams in Spain use this portal to meet the opposing team and make the best possible approach to the match.

This software includes three scenarios that allow the coaching staff to reduce the analysis time if it arises before, during or after the meeting:

  • Desktop, to analyze before the game takes place.
  • Live, presents live data of the meeting.
  • Portal, allows to do a post-match analysis.

It is one of the most comprehensive video analysis programs in this segment. With it you can obtain detailed studies on the other teams in the competition. The disadvantage it has is its high cost that makes it very difficult to buy it for someone who does not belong to a professional team.


This is another of the tool options video analysis of the games already played most used. On WyScout You can find data, statistics, videos and other elements that allow a detailed study of both each of the players and the entire team.

Pages to see football matches already played

Some of its main characteristics are the following:

  • It is a platform with a large database that offers its content to those users who are part of a technical body, to teams, associations, sports directors, and even specialized journalists.
  • Through WyScout it is possible to download football matches already played in order to study the performance of both the rival club and your own team.
  • Similarly, you can also focus on detailed analysis on different players, using individual reports.
  • WyScout is present in many professional football clubs, especially within the coaching staff and sports management. The reason is that you can simplify and reduce the times in the tasks of collecting data and videos. More than 80 teams from the 5 biggest leagues in the world use their services.


InStat It is an expert page in the process of data analysis and videos of matches already played. In this way it has become an indispensable element for many professional technical bodies. The most important advantages that its employment offers users are:

  • Through its use, it is possible to have the information of more than 950,000 different players and more than 6,000 games every month.
  • All this is achieved just a few hours after the game has been played. This makes this portal different from the others.
  • In InStat you can find statistical reports and reports of the opposing team aimed at players, academies and even referees.
  • In addition to football, the platform also offers information about other sports such as basketball, handball or hockey, among others.


Scout10 is a platform on the web, which allows players, agencies, clubs and others related to football watch and download games already played in order to analyze them later. The most relevant functions that this page has are:

  • On this page are available matches from the lower categories to the first division. This is because the same teams are responsible for uploading the games.
  • In addition, Scout10 has CUT10 AND CUT10 PRO, video editors that are very useful in analyzing both your own club and the opposing team.


If what you want to know are the best pages to see football matches already played, or do a more detailed analysis of football matches already played, you can confidently use one of the specialized platforms described here.

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