Ninite in Spanish

Ninite is a program that allows the installation and update of several applications with a single click, avoiding having to do it one by one. This has many benefits especially in saving time and in the possibility of a clean installation from pauses and interruptions. Although it has been on the market for several years, it is still not well known to a large number of users, therefore this article provides as much information as possible about Ninite in spanish, with the aim that you can meet him and test the advantages he offers.

What is Ninite and how is it used?

Ninite it’s a package management system that provides users with the possibility of installation automatically to several of the applications that are most commonly used in the Windows Operating System. The program works by selecting your preferences from a list of more than 80 applications classified in 13 sections and groups that selection in a single installation package.

For personal employment it is free, and there is a paid version, Ninite Pro, which is available for professional use. In addition, there is a cheaper version, called Ninite Updater, which is available for users who want to be able to update with one click, but do not require the rest of the functions that Ninite Pro offers.

You will also have the possibility to create different packages to use one of them every time you need it, in addition to that you can keep all the chosen applications updated.

With the use of Ninite it is possible to select those applications that will be installed on your system. To do this, the program downloads an installation package that includes all the applications that interest you.

The procedure to carry it out is made up of a few simple steps that are described below:

  • The first thing to do is head over to the official Ninite website:
  • Next, you must select all the applications you want to install. Generally, a pair of them is chosen for each section; however, this is not a factor determining how many you can select.

  • At the bottom of the application selection is the button Get your Ninite, which must be pressed in order to start downloading the custom installer.

Ninite in spanish

  • At the moment of entering, and before starting the download, the selection of previously chosen applications will be displayed in the upper left part of the screen. In case you have forgotten one, or chosen one of more, you can go back and correct; If you are satisfied, start the download.
  • After the download is complete, select the appropriate applications and run the installer.
  • The program itself previously analyzes how to install the software on your operating system and will choose between 64-bit or 32-bit, so that you always have the correct version.
  • When you have started the installation, all the selected applications will begin to install, without pauses or reboots.
  • Installation will default to default locations, and no options will appear that cause background interruptions.

Ninite is a great way to get essential programs installed when a computer starts up for the first time or after it has been restored or formatted. On top of that, it’s a safe place to get the software you need for free.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Ninite in Spanish

Ninite can be a very useful tool In most cases. However, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this Program computer scientist.

Advantages of Ninite

  • You will be able to save time in the installation processes of your programs.
  • This software has customizable installers.
  • The installation process of the chosen applications runs fully automatically.
  • The installation of any type of malicious programs such as malware, bars or adware is not included.
  • Ninite’s system in Spanish is really very easy to use.

Disadvantages of Ninite

  • The program does not have an installer cache in the free version, although in the paid version it does.
  • When it is installed it does not show you the download speed.
  • The process of installing the applications cannot be paused.
  • Neither can the order of the download be organized.
  • It has a catalog of applications that for some users is somewhat limited.
  • There are no versions for Mac and Linux.

Keep Applications Updated with Ninite in Spanish

Ninite installers can always install the latest versions of the applications regardless of the date when they were created. For this reason, these are the instructions to follow when you want to update:

  • After the installation of the chosen applications with Ninite you have the possibility to keep the .EXE installer.
  • The installer has to be run again every time you want to update the installed applications.
  • The program will check the versions you have installed of each application before downloading and installing the software.
  • In cases where you already have the latest version available, Ninite will skip that installation and continue with the other applications.

How to share a Ninite installer in Spanish with a friend

If you’re interested share an app bundle selected in Ninite in spanish with someone else, you just have to carry out the steps indicated below:

  • The installer download page that appears immediately after clicking the button Get your Ninite is a URL or permalink.
  • To share your Ninite installer, you can copy that link or URL and then send it to the person you are interested in who also has it.
  • Through these types of links you can check and keep updated the programs that are most frequently used in certain packages according to your requirements.

One of those standard packages for a beginner or non-regular office computer user should contain the following applications: Chrome, Malwarebytes, Spybot, Skype, Glary, VLC, K-Lite Codecs, Spotify, .NET 4.8, Dropbox, XnView, WinRAR, Foxit Reader.

If the user is fond of Free Software and Code, the following applications need to be included: Firefox, Pidgin, Thunderbird, Notepad ++, Filezilla, VLC, ShareX, 7-Zip, LibreOffice, SumatraPDF, Everything.

Through this type of links it is possible to do a good remote technical support on computers that belong to friends and family.

How to select the language in Ninite

Through Ninite, applications are installed by default in the current language of the user’s operating system. This can be modified by using the / locale command which is executed from the console or CMD; leaving the expression for example as follows, if it were the case of the Spanish language: [your ninite .exe] / locale sp-SP

This command downloads and installs the applications in the specified language. For some applications, the user interface language must still be changed manually in the application settings after the installation is complete.

To specify the language and the country code, you must use the two letters extracted from the ISO 639-1 standard that refers to the corresponding country, plus the two letters that correspond to the same country with respect to the ISO 2-letter code that is assigned to that country or territory.

Ninite Security Details in Spanish

Some of the security details that this program offers its users are explained below:

  • Application updates represent privileged operations and should be done with great care. For this reason, Ninite guarantees that the data corresponding to the application’s configuration are transmitted safely and that the downloads are validated before being used.
  • Each of the Ninite .EXE files is signed by the creators of the software. Those .EXE files are linked to through a TLS connection that has the following appropriate settings in order to obtain the latest information on the configuration of each application.
  • Installed programs are downloaded from each publisher’s official repositories individually and then a SHA-1 hash (delivered via TLS) or valid publisher file signature is verified prior to execution.
  • In case the official repository is not trustworthy, the .EXE file has the possibility to use Ninite’s own repositories stored at:, and the files that have been retrieved from the cache within Ninite Pro are also validated immediately before use.
  • If validation fails in any way, the application update issues an error message. There are no options or indications with which you can ignore these inconveniences and thus proceed with unreliable or unknown data.
  • Every time Ninite incorporates the most recent versions to its list, the downloads are checked from the original site and various virus scans are run. Furthermore, Ninite has always refused to accept the various offers of allowing toolbars or unwanted software to be incorporated into its installers.
  • In the event of minor warnings or download failures, you have security software configured to warn of unwanted offers in installers. It is possible to ignore these messages with the assurance that you will not have problems because Ninite will choose not to install anything that is not correct.

What to do if a Ninite program is not installed

The situation may arise that when installing one of the selected applications we are present some unexpected problem and we show an error message. Here are some possible ways to solve the failure, according to the error that is occurring:

Error 215 / Certificate error

Some antivirus, firewalls, and HTTP proxies have the potential to interfere with Ninite connections and cause this problem. You have to do a test by previously disabling your antivirus. Another possible reason that sometimes causes this error is when the date on your computer is not correct.

Download failed

In this case you should try to run the installer again, as there are some small cyber errors that can cause this and the quickest solution is to restart or reinstall. If the error persists, it is recommended to download the program that has the problem from its official website.

Failed installation

Similarly, it is suggested that you install the application from its official site. In any case, it is advisable to leave a message to Ninite technical service so that they can solve this problem.

Although considering the small errors, it is possible to try restarting your computer and reinstalling the application with Ninite again, before going to the editor page.

You are ignored by an application with a “.NET Required”

If you get this message, try to select all the desired applications on the Ninite website, but this time adding the .NET application.

An app does not install with the message “program running / locked”

In this case, what you should do is close the program you are updating, as well as your browser, and try again.

What to do if Ninite hangs with Windows 10 and Windows 8

When the program freezes and after a while you are presented with the message: ninite.exe not responding you can try correcting the situation by performing the following steps:

  • The first step you should try is to start ninite.exe again and continue the job.
  • In case the problem continues you should try to restart Windows.
  • The next thing you can try is to run a check disk, to verify that the process is not able to read the data from the hard disk.
  • Another cause of this problem can be interference in the Internet connection, you can make the corresponding verifications and if not, you have to restart the router.
  • Ultimately, if this failure is occurring with other applications, it is possible that your computer has been infected with some malware or virus that does not allow your applications to function properly. You must do the review using an antivirus tool, even those that work online work very well.

How to remove the ninite.exe file from your operating system

Because ninite.exe is an executable, the possibility is always present that by wanting to delete this file the operating system and even the data could be damaged. To avoid having problems when you try to eliminate ninite.exe, you must follow the steps indicated below:

  • First of all, you have to establish a restore point for Windows. The restore point will make it easy for you to roll back your changes, in case something goes wrong.
  • Next, you must press the key F3 in order to open the standard search window. Then enter ninite.exe in the search box and in a couple of minutes, Windows will find all the copies.
  • At this point you can try to locate the program that the ninite.exe process belongs to. Then you must uninstall that program.
  • If the problem continues, and the file cannot be removed that way, go to the search results you did previously and try to manually remove all .EXE results.
  • It should be noted that, if the process is running, you will not be able to delete the file. In this case, you have to stop the process through the Task Manager, for which you have to right-click on the Windows taskbar, then choose Task Manager. Then you click on the panel Processes. Next, select .EXE and press on the key Delete.
  • There are certain malicious programs that hide under different names. In order to remove this type of program, multiple tools are available. One of the most popular to permanently eliminate this type of hidden files is the program EasyRemove.

Alternatives to Ninite in Spanish

Here is a selection of the best programs that can work as alternatives to Ninite in spanish and that are currently available on the market:

Chocolate and

On the official website of Chocolate and a large number of applications and utilities can be found available for download on Windows computers. To add the commands to perform the installations you have to use PowerShell which at first can be a bit difficult.

Ninite in spanish

With its graphical user interface it is possible to keep track of what you are installing and what you are not. You can install your favorite applications and leave everything on behalf of Chocolate and. It has an open source version and there is also a Pro version which is of interest to companies that have many Windows computers.

Just install

Just install it is another good tool oriented to the installation of applications on Windows computers. It is necessary to follow a command line process in order to install any of the popular applications.

Just install It will install all the applications properly and you will be able to see them from the Control Panel, which means that you can also uninstall them in the normal way. All applications of Just install They are downloaded from their original sources and it will only install the applications you prefer and will skip all the dialogues and prompts.

It’s a simple process to create an .EXE installer as you download and install all the applications, rather than using different command line strings.

Silent Install Helper

Another free Ninite alternative is the Silent Install Helper. In this case, you are not limited to installing specific applications as in other Ninite alternatives. You can install all the applications you want with the mentioned software.

All important program installers must first be downloaded to the application before the first batch of installations can be created. The Silent Install Helper it will alert you if it detects that a program installer is attempting to install something unwanted such as adware.

Silent Install Builder

The Silent Install Builder it is another of the suitable alternatives of Ninite. Although its price is high, you can use the free version, which is fully functional in installing your favorite applications on a Windows computer.

You can create installation packages that include all the files necessary to install all the applications.

The application is capable of recognizing the most widely used installer configurations such as Windows Installer, Install shield, Nullsoft Installer and Inno Setup. After creating the package it is possible to install all the programs on the computer.

In a similar way to Silent Install Helper, it is necessary to download all the installation files of the applications you want and then add them to Silent Install Builder. There is also the possibility of using scripts in the registry of the installation process, in case the installation of applications is required on many Windows computers.


RuckZuck is another free Ninite alternative. The application can be described as a portable program that allows the installation or updating of many applications.

Ninite in spanish

The interface of RuckZuck it is very simple and easy to use. All you have to do is choose the applications you want on your computer and then press the button. Start the installation. RuckZuck It works by downloading the installation files with PowerShell and then installing them on the computer.

Windows Remix

Windows Remix it is simple and functional and you can let this tool do the installation of some of your favorite applications. There is a good selection of applications available through Windows Remix.

With Windows Remix all you have to do is select the applications you want to have installed, and then start the process. The installation will be done in bulk and will skip the restarts that some applications require, such as antivirus programs. You have the possibility to do a single reboot at the end when everything is installed


Scoop is another command line installer similar to Chocolatey, but with the significant difference of installing all applications in a program folder outside of your user folder. In this way, you do not need to have administrator permissions.

In addition, with Scoop There is no need to worry about tracking dependencies, just type a specific command through PowerShell and that way you can get started with the installation process.

It’s easy to keep your apps up to date with Scoop. All you need to do to update is enter a command via PowerShell in order to update all the applications they have installed.


Through this article you have obtained enough information about the program Ninite in spanish and its importance in managing the download and installation of application packages on computers with the Windows operating system.

In addition, some of the most frequent errors that can occur during the processes are described together with their possible solutions, as well as a selection of the best alternatives to Ninite in spanish existing on the market.

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