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With the passage of time, new ideas and innovations arrive, which allow us to approach approaches that were very traditional, in a comfortable, creative way or simply adapted to today’s world. Among the innovations that we mentioned, the advance of traditional banking could not be missing. Nowadays, it seeks to take advantage of the new technologies and communication channels that we have, such as when sending money abroad. Welcome to the era of digital banks. Welcome to the world of accounts like Nickel.

To think of Nickel is to think of break the classical paradigm going to a bank office, standing in long lines, waiting for hours to fill out a form or some other of the many (and boring) things involved in the banking system to which we have been accustomed for a long time.

Let’s talk about digital banks

Let's talk about digital banks

To broaden the idea about the advantages that a service like Nickel offers us, we must first talk about a concept: neobanks. In short, neobanks are financial entities that do not have a physical headquarters or establishments themselves. These banks opt for the total digitization of their services.

Broadly speaking, when you start a business relationship with one of these banking organizations you are accessing an account and a card. These have the very attractive advantage of not having to pay commissions for its use. Rather, at least commonly, members simply pay an annual membership fee for use of the service.

As if the savings you can get are not enough, Nickel and other neobanks don’t just offer traditional banking services. Rather, they explore new areas of today’s economy. With it they seek make the most of technological and economic advances. To offer its clients the widest range of options on how to manage their money, at the lowest possible cost. It is not uncommon, then, when exploring what these neobanks offer us, to discover that they have services such as the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

Nickel in Spain

Nickel is a registered trademark of Financière des Paiements Électroniques, owned by the BNP Paribas group, a French neobank. It has authorization from the Bank of Spain to operate in the national territory from January 2021. They offer their clients the possibility of accessing a digital bank account, with a Spanish IBAN.

Since then, the number of Nickel points has been growing, which are located in various lotteries and tobacconists and allow you to withdraw the card, once the digital account is created and the deposit or withdrawal of cash. The Group growth prospects are staggering: Nickel hopes to become one of the main exponents of digital banking in Spain.

How much does it cost to open a digital Nickel account?

Let's talk about digital banks

As it is a neobank, one of the main advantages that this service offers us is the fact of being able to access its various services fast, agile, self-managed and with the greatest time savingsbut without our pocket being hit in the process, so their rates are frankly manageable.

Let’s analyze the costs from the beginning. The first thing is the opening of the bank account, which we will carry out from the website of Nickel or directly from the token present in the different Nickel points that we can find. To register our account we only have to present a valid ID, which can belong to up to 195 nationalities.

At the time of finalizing our registration as clients we must cancel a payment of 20 euroscorresponding to our annual membership, plus 3 euros for account opening, after which our card and IBAN will be active and ready to be used.

If we want to be a bit more refined, Nickel offers a personalized card to our liking which will entail an additional 10 euros more. We can also contract a Premium type membership, which will increase the annual cost from 20 to 50 euros, but not only will it include the personalized card, but it will also give us the option of using it to pay and withdraw money outside of Spanish territory.

Other fees to consider

On the other hand, there are other costs that we must keep in mind. Transferring money to other Nickel accounts is totally free and it is done immediately. Receiving a cash deposit into our account will cost us 2% of the total amount deposited. To withdraw cash at a Nickel point we will pay a commission of 0.5 euros for each withdrawal. For their part, cash withdrawals at ATMs within Spain are subject to direct commissions from the bank to which said ATM belongs.

Another service that we can access is to obtain information from our account via text message, taking 60 free messages per year. In case of consuming it, we will pay 1 euro that will allow us to use 10 more messages. We can even request our card pin if we have forgotten it, just paying 1 euro more.

Opinions about Nickel 2022

Opinions about the service

According to figures reported by Nickel after a market study carried out in 2020, they firmly assure that 93% of their clients, which already amount to about 2 million people, They were completely satisfied with the results. that had thrown them opening bank accounts with Nickel. Among the reasons they expressed for giving this assessment were facts such as how highly intuitive the management of all digital services is, the effectiveness in the movement of funds, either by transfer or through deposits and withdrawals, and the convenience of being able to attend any lottery or tobacconist.

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