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Surely when reading the title you have made a confused face, I would have done it because who continues to download with eMule in 2019? You will be surprised to find out that the number of users is still significant and, in addition, it has grown in recent times due to the closure of other download methods. Yes! It’s not crazy, eMule is constantly active and, therefore, it is recommended as an alternative for P2P downloads if the most frequent means have failed.

For what we have been in this area for a while, reading about eMule helps us remember ancient times, like grannies looking at an album. But the truth is that there are people who have decided stay old school. By selecting the best servers and configuring this tool correctly, they manage to download files to impressive speed.

Download eMule v0.60c Updated to 2021

The most recent version is from 2020 and is known as eMule 0.60c. Although it is a beta version born a short time ago, it works perfectly and you can download it from the following link:

emule v0.60c (beta)

If you prefer the latest official version, v0.50a, we also leave you the free link below:

emule v0.50a (official)

Don’t look elsewhere! You will not be able to find a more stable or recent version, since it does not exist, so it is better to save yourself inconveniences beforehand.

If we download the installer, what remains for us is to comply with the required steps, wait the necessary time and not worry much more about it. Proper use of eMule provides many benefits.

The best alternatives to eMule:

How does eMule work?

How does eMule work

Through servers. However, it is not advisable to use any of the ones offered for download; the reason is that we can run into files that are not so innocent as they seem. Sloppy downloads and poof! Your computer will infected with viruses. Therefore, it is best to have the eMule server list as up-to-date as possible.

The best eMule servers

Knowing which are the best servers is not complicated. Other users take care of collect this information and provide it; Therefore, according to the data collected, the following are the servers that they recommend using if you want avoid losses:

  • TV Underground–> ed2k: // | server | | 4184 | /
  • eMule Security -> ed2k: // | server | | 8369 | /
  • GrupoTS Server–> ed2k: // | server | | 4661 | /
  • eDonkey server No1–> ed2k: // | server | | 2442 | /
  • eDonkey server No2–> ed2k: // | server | | 2442 | /
  • eDonkey server No3–> ed2k: // | server | | 2442 | /
  • !! European Community !! -> ed2k: // | server | | 4232 | /

Add and configure servers

Add and configure servers

Okay, I have the list, now what? We proceed to the configuration, which is not really difficult. First, you must access preferences and then to Server. Once done, in the menu that appears on the screen, we must look for the option to Edit.

A notepad will suddenly pop out! But nothing to fear, we must not start programming, in it simply we must paste the following address:

Apply, accept and that’s it. This is the easiest way to do it, although you might as well want do it manually For personal reasons and it is possible, it just takes a little more work. Of course, do not update from, all this careful selection of servers would be thrown away.

How to prevent attacks in eMule

Despite all the measures taken, you are possibly still fearful. It is normal, after all, eMule lost users due to infected files. But by taking the right measures, nothing should go wrong. Use an updated IP filter! In this way also filter servers that represent a potential threat.

To do so, we must re-enter preferences, but this time we will select Security. We will see an option that will tell us almost with neon lights that it is the desired one: “Filter servers” and there we must copy one of the two links given below:

We load, apply and accept.

Increase speed by opening eMule ports

Another aspect that stood out was speed. Setting eMule to increase it is NOT a headache. The secret lies in open positions through an application, easy to get on the internet. This way you get a High ID and you don’t suffer with exasperating slowness when downloading.

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