Intruders on your WiFi network? The 6 best options to expel them

Be careful with the people who have access to your WiFi network because it is relatively easy for them to access your personal data and cause major problems. In case you notice slowness in the speed of your connection or simply want expel intruders from your WiFi network, we are going to propose 6 options with which to be able to do it in a simple way. It will also be good for you to know how to crack WiFi passwords and ways to protect our networks.

Change the password of your WiFi network

The simplest and safest method is simply change the password of your WiFi network on your router. This will forcefully disconnect all devices, including your own. You will need to reconnect by entering a new password on all your devices. This way, anyone who doesn’t have it won’t be able to connect.

To do this, access your router’s configuration settings (enter in the address bar of your browser), log in and change the password of your WiFi network. Also make sure to enable strong encryption (WPA2) and set a strong password. To do this, you can use one of the best password managers.

Reset router settings

Another method very similar to changing the password with which you will be able to expel users from your WiFi network is resetting your router to factory settings. In this way, they will not know the original password either. Remember that after this you should set a new password that is as secure as possible.

Use MAC address filtering on your router

Some routers have access control features that can manage which devices can connect. Each wireless device has a unique MAC address. Some routers allow you to blacklist connecting devices with a certain MAC address. They also allow you to whitelist only approved devices and prevent other devices from connecting in the future.

Not all routers have this option. Even if you can use it, it is not entirely safe. Someone with your WiFi password could change your device’s MAC address to match an approved one and take over your WiFi. Even if no one does, you will have to manually enter MAC addresses when connecting new devices or an attacker will be able to connect at any time. Since it doesn’t seem ideal, let’s move on to the next option.

Create a WiFi network for guests

A very interesting option that you can take into account in case your router has this function is to create a WiFi network for guests in your home. The guest network is a separate access network. Yes indeed, never give your guests access to the main network.

Many routers offer this feature by calling it “guest network” either “guest access» in your settings. This option provides a completely different password for them. If you ever need to change it, you can simply change the guest network password without changing your main network password and disconnect your own devices.

Disable Wi-Fi and connect via cable

Although it is a drastic measure, in case you only use WiFi to connect a computer or a smart TV, it may be best disable the WiFi option so you can only connect via cable. Logically it is somewhat abrupt since your mobile phone will not have WiFi access and will have to pull data. This already depends on you, but keep it in mind in case of a somewhat extreme situation.

Program to expel users from your WiFi network

We have left this option for last because we consider that it is not entirely effective. These software tools basically run a WiFi disavowal attack to temporarily boot a device from your WiFi network. This is not a real solution. Even after you deauthorize a device, it will still try to connect.

This is why some tools can continuously send “disavow” packets if you leave your computer on. Still, if you want to try some program to expel users from your WiFi, you can download netcut as one of the most popular and downloaded.

And surely with some of these six options you will be able to expel intruders from your WiFi network and avoid greater evils. Even so, you can always know who is connected to your WiFi network and be clear about who can really be intruders and who is not.

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