How to write fractions in Word in 3 steps

We tell you graphically what are the main steps to write fractions in Word quickly and easily. You will see that you can use these methods whether it is simple fractions, operations with exponents and even long equations. It can be useful if you are a teacher and want to prepare a math exam or so that students can prepare exercises with which they can review at home.

3 steps to write fractions in Word

Let’s see how we can write fractions in Word, including fractions with exponents. These steps can be followed in any version of Microsoft Word you have, be it 2013, 2016, 2019 or any other.

1. The first step will be to go to the section of Insert, located at the top, and click Equations (Right part).

2. We see that different options appear to insert in the new text box and, among them, is the fraction one. You can choose between different examples such as stacked fraction, skewed fraction … This already depends on the style you want to give it in your document. U.S we will select the first option.

3. Now you just have to select each of the spaces to insert the values ​​you need. In our case, we want to put 5/20.

Fractions with exponents in Word

In the case of wanting write fractions in Word with exponents, the procedure is the next:

1. We write the symbol of the operation to write, in this case “+“.

2. We go back to add a fraction from the section of Equation > Fraction. To add an exponent you must select the number box and click on Indices, located to the right of the fractions. Click on the first option and write the values in the spaces.

write fractions in Word

You can add as many values ​​and exponents as you want. For example, we will add an fraction composed of a radical for square roots and so on.

write fractions in Word

Automatic equations in Word

You also have the option of add automatic equations found by default in Word and then edit on them. You just have to go to the section of Equations and select the arrow that appears to your right to see the available options.

write fractions in Word

Learn to use Microsoft Word

If you think this guide on how to write fractions in Word has helped you, we recommend that you take a look at other tutorials that we have in Tecnoguía. For example, you can learn to write or insert text over a picture in Word or make schedules in this program.

Knowing how to use Word correctly can make our work much easier and save us time when preparing our documents.

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