How to write a power in Excel in 4 easy steps

In today’s tutorial we are going to explain how write a power in Excel step by step and graphically either by manually adding the quantities or by using the figures already put in other cells. In addition, we show you other interesting guides so that you can get the most out of this Office program.

But first, let us tell you what powers are in math and how you can automate them in Excel.

What is a power in mathematics?

Before learning to write a power in Excel we must know what we mean in mathematics when we talk about them. A power is a shorthand way of representing a multiplication of several equal numbers. For example, when we want to square or cube a specific number.

When using the Excel shortcuts we can speed up the process of obtaining these results. Here we represent it graphically with a small number, but you will really take advantage of it when it is large amounts and you do not have to take out the calculator to do it manually.

Step by Step: Write a Power in Excel

1. The first step to write a power in Excel will be head to the blank where we want to insert it and write the sign “=“.

2. Next we will have to write the base number that we want to process in the power. For example, him 9.

Step 2

3. Now, depending on the keyboard of your computer, you will have to insert the symbol “^“. It can be located to the right of the letter P or the number 6.

step 3

Four. Then write the exponent of power. For instance, 3 to raise it to the bucket.

Step 4

Pressing Enter we will obtain the result of the power, in this case 729.

step 5

Using quantities in different cells

You can do the same by selecting the amounts already exposed in the cells.

For example, if we want to raise A1 to the amount of B1, we only have to write in the cell where we want the result by writing “=“, Click on A1, symbol ^, click on B1 and pressing Enter.

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