How to watch Movistar Plus for free in December 2021

In this guide we will tell you all the methods that are available to see Movistar Plus for free in December 2021. Currently, as you surely already know, the one that was known as Canal Plus, has been transformed into a new platform called Movistar Plus, being one of the payment chains with the highest demand these days, basically for providing excellent service, good quality and variety in content. It is a very useful network for watch any series or movie online from the Smartphone or computer, with various paid plans according to the customer’s convenience.

If you’ve been wondering how to watch Movistar Plus for free, and enjoy all its benefits, stay reading this post, here we are going to give you all the information you need to know, how it works, the best methods or other alternatives that can be very helpful.

Methods to watch Movistar Plus for free in 2021

There are several options to do it, so here we are going to show you the most popular ones to show that they are the best of the whole web. The truth is that they are divided into two different segments, which are the following.

Movistar Plus IPTV lists

One of the best options for watch Movistar Plus for free is using the IPTV lists. These are channels that use an IP protocol to play them on different PC, mobile or tablet programs. You just have to use one like VLC Media Player, Kodi or any other to see the contents of Movistar.

If you want to know the best IPTV lists to watch Movistar Plus for free, visit our guide updated to December 2021 where you can also download some of these programs for free.

see movistar iptv lists

Best Apps to watch Movistar Plus for free

apps see Movistar Plus for free

It is without a doubt one of the most used options today, it is quite simple to use, as well as practical and effective, it is as simple as installing the applications on the mobile device of your choice, since there are them for both iOS and Android, even some websites give alternatives for the PC, and they are not only available for the Plus but for different international channels where you can see Streaming.

If you have any doubts about what they are the best applications to watch Movistar Plus for free, here is a small list with which we consider to be of excellent quality for Android devices:


If you are convinced that IPTV lists are the best option to watch Movistar Plus for free and you want to play them on your Android device, it is best to use an application like Wiseplay. It is focused on the reproduction of these lists and, the best thing, is that you can get it directly from Google Play.

To be able to watch the games, series and movies once you have your lists ready, this app is one of the best options currently available. You can download it from the following links:

Free Direct GP

Although this apk It disappeared a while ago from the map, we can still get it to see Movistar Plus for free on Android devices. Above all, it is focused on football games that are broadcast on this channel. Remember that to install it you must allow the applications from Unknown Sources on your mobile or tablet from your Settings menu.

free download


Another of the best applications to watch Movistar Plus for free it is Kodi. In this case, you can download it on Android devices, Windows, iOS and more. In this case we have streaming playback of original channels with series, movies and much more.

To be able to see Movistar Plus, you only have to install a addon that decodes the IPTV services of this television. We recommend our guide on Kodi and how to install it on different devices for free.

kodi tutorial

And we also leave you the direct link to download the Movistar addon for Kodi.

download movistar kodi addon

Other apps

To know these and other mobile apps With which to watch Movistar Plus for free, take a look at our updated guide:

other apps

With a satellite decoder

watch Movistar Plus for free

Many experts on the subject consider it as the most Pro option of all, this is because this decoder allows you to do an all in one. This means that you only need to have the device at home, and in addition to this, a cable with an HDMI connection for the TV, where you can enjoy all the content offered by the platform, and not only is there, but also Netflix, HBO and DTT in HD.

Too different applications can be installed with a TV Box and thus be able to have better access to all kinds of content including not only series and movies, but also music and without the need to have a lot of equipment connected to the television.

The best set-top boxes of 2021

The truth is that in the market you can get many, and although all of them have pros and cons that should be taken into account, those that stand out the most for meeting all the expectations of users are EDISION Piccollino and Fonestar RDS-584WHD, one more current than the other, but both very functional, they work fluently and without failures.

Another that can be found for sale with similar characteristics is the Engel RS8100Y, which also has a value for money that is difficult to find. Although some can be a bit expensive, we recommend that you make the investment, since the difference with respect to Software and Hardware is enormous.

€ 48.40

in stock

4 new from 48,40 €

5 used from 44,07 €

As of December 9, 2021 11:24 am

€ 95.00

€ 177.99

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4 new from 95,00 €

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€ 105.50

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36 new from 98,78 €

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As of December 9, 2021 11:24 am

Last Updated: December 9, 2021 11:24 am

Final recommendation

In addition to these options to watch Movistar Plus for free in 2021, we recommend you take a look at other interesting guides on IPTV lists with which you can watch many premium content for free and on different devices:

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