How to watch cable TV over the Internet for free and legally 2021

If you want watch cable TV over the internet for free Legally, it is best to download some of the applications that we show you in this guide. There are many online platforms and DTT channels that have their own app to watch their broadcasts live and on demand. This is the case of MiTele or AtresPlayer.

However, we want to offer you some alternatives with which you can watch premium channels outside DTT and even at the level international. It is true that some of them have advertising, but it is the price that we must pay if we want to watch cable TV over the Internet for free.

Best applications to watch cable TV over the Internet for free

In addition to telling you a little about each of these applications, we will leave you the direct link so that you can download it on your mobile or PC and start enjoying your favorite cable TV channels. We have already analyzed some of them in Tecnoguía and we will tell you how to install them on different devices.

Pluto TV – The best to watch cable TV over the Internet for free

If we had to choose one of these apps like favorite to watch free cable TV it would certainly be Pluto TV. The best thing is that it is available to download from official platforms such as Google Play or App store, even on Amazon Fire TV Stick or Play Station. The best thing is that you can easily install it on your Smart TV.

One of its strengths is the quality of the content, being able to enjoy our favorite programs with good resolution and fluidity in the image. On Pluto TV you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of international channels such as Fox, CBSN, MTV, Cartoon Network, ESPN, HBO or Discovery Channel.

We leave you the main download links and a couple of guides in which we tell you more about this app:


Another of the best applications for watch cable TV over the internet for free it is UKTVnow, especially if you are interested in watching programs from other countries with good 1080p quality and on any Android device. We definitely recommend you take a look at our guide on UKTVnow APK.

With it you can filter the contents by category to discover new shows that you can also watch from a Windows device. Select the country where the channel is located and hit play to start watching TV for free.


If Pluto TV is our best option to watch cable TV over the Internet for free, Kodi becomes one of the most used, especially for its versatility and compatibility with different operating systems. In fact, you will be able to watch the programs on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and on your Smart TV.

In addition to this, it is the most downloaded, especially due to the wide variety of content of good quality that you can enjoy for free at home. Learn more about this app in our complete guide on how to download and install Kodi.

To watch premium TV channels for free, is another one of the best platforms that you can use. It has more than 500 international channels like HTV, Telemundo, Univision, Fox, CNN, Caracol, NBC.

One of its main advantage is that the contents are seen in very good quality, without cuts and without annoying publicity. However, it is true that you may need a free VPN to watch some channels from other countries.

You Tv Player

Especially in Latin American countries, You Tv Player It is one of the applications to watch cable TV over the Internet for free and you have surely heard of it. It is one of our favorites to use on mobile devices and, although most of the content is in streaming, you can also find some on demand.

Learn more about her in our guide to free download You Tv Player.

With a web format that no download required and that it is specialized in the live broadcast of different international programs. The good of is that you can filter the content by category or by country, so that you can use it to see new content online.

It is true that you can start using it from now on, but if you create an account You can sort your channels by preference so that they appear first at the top of the page.


TDTChannels it’s a open source project in which different users collaborate to improve the user experience when viewing fluid content and without advertising through it. It is available in both an app and website version so that you can use it on different devices.

download android


Finally, the platform Planetfools is another one that follows growing in popularity especially for the simplicity and ease of use. You have many cable TV channels that you can watch for free. However, the downside is the pop-up advertising that appear every time we access a channel.

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