How to take screenshots in Windows 10 in 2021

At the time of take screenshots in Windows 10 You have several options, both within the operating system itself that come by default and some programs specially designed for this. Depending on your tastes and preferences, as well as the space and technical resources of your computer, we recommend using one or the other.

In case you did not know, we have told you where the screenshots are saved in Windows 10 by default, although it is something that you can change easily. Let’s go from the simplest to the most complex to learn how to take screenshots in Windows 10.

Keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshots in Windows 10

In Windows 10 we have 4 commands that will allow us to easily take screenshots:

Imp Pan and paste

If you select the key Imp Pan, the capture is automatically saved to the Windows clipboard. Let’s say it would be like taking a photo on your full screen. Now you just have to go to a photo editing tool, a document or even email. For example, we recommend using the classic Paint.

Position yourself in the program and press Ctrl + V or Right click > Paste.

Now you just have to cut the part you want or save it directly in the format you prefer.

Alt + Imp Pan

There are many users who use a dual screen system or multiscreen to have the work and leisure areas divided. With the shortcut of Alt + Imp Pan there will be a screenshot only of the tab or window that we are using. It is a way to save time in case we do not want the rest of the content to appear.

The procedure is the same: go to the photo, document or email editor and paste the capture.

Win + Imp Pan

In the case of wanting to save time because we want to save the screenshot as it is without editing on our computer, then the shortcut of Windows + Imp Pan is your best option, because it allows you store it on hard drive directly.

Win + Shift + S

Finally, a recently added function with which we can directly cut and edit the capture with the Windows system itself. To do this, press Windows + Shift + S and you will activate Trim and Annotation (Snip & Sketch). Now you just have to select the part of the screen that you want to save as a screenshot.

Using the Snipping Tool

Another method of taking screenshots in Windows 10 is using the Snipping Tool. To access it we just have to write your name in the windows finder that we will find at the bottom of the screen or in our Start menu.

However, it seems that this function is going to disappear soon, so the operating system itself recommends us to use the last shortcut that we have taught (Win + May + S).

Best apps to take screenshots

Beyond these basic and easy-to-use options to make screenshots in Windows 10, there is a wide variety of free programs for this operating system with which, in addition to taking screenshots, we can edit them and add symbols and annotations that may be useful to us.

If you usually use them in your day-to-day, you might still want to have one of them to save you editing time. Here are the 3 best programs and extensions to make screenshots in Windows 10.

ShareX – The most complete for screenshots in Windows 10


The first one is a free and open source option known as ShareX. Among its functions, it allows us to select the part of the screen that we want to capture, draw and pixelate on it, and we can even record on video what happens on our computer.

download share x



If you are looking for an alternative that takes up little space and is quick to use, then LightShot is for you. In addition to being able to quickly select the part of the screen that we want, we will have a good later editor to add the indications we need. You can add the extension for Chrome if you only want to use it when you browse or use its complete and free program.

download lightshot

Automatic Screenshotter

Automatic Screenshotter

A very interesting option when taking screenshots in Windows 10 is Automatic Screenshotter, with which we will be able to automate this process. For example, we can make them on a specific video so that later we can analyze them calmly. It also lets us define its size and format, something very interesting especially if we want to send these captures by email or an app.

download Automatic Screenshotter

And how do you do it on Mac?

Obviously these keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots do not work for Apple computers. In that case, we recommend you take a look at our tutorial to take screenshots on Mac. You will see that it is not difficult at all and you only have to use the appropriate programs or learn the corresponding keyboard shortcuts.

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