How to share Spotify Premium accounts

Currently Spotify offers its users the possibility of sharing their accounts in an easy way and without having to interrupt the reproductions. This functionality varies, depending on the different plans that the platform offers. To support users of this service, this guide describes how to share Spotify Premium accounts.

How to share Spotify account with other users

Your Spotify account can be used on any device, but getting your lists to be heard on two computers at the same time is not such an easy task, since the first connection will stop when you try.

The good news is that by taking a few specific steps you can achieve synchronization. The application allows you to download music both on your computer and on your device through the tool of the offline mode. For this, an Internet connection will not be necessary, since all the music will be stored in the memory of the mobile or computer.

The procedure to be carried out consists of executing the following steps:

  • The first thing to do is enter any of the playlists.
  • Next, you have to activate the option available offline, which you find in the upper right.
  • Now, you will notice two small arrows located next to the name of the playlist. You will see that they will begin to rotate.
  • When this happens, you will know that the application has started synchronizing the music in the playlist with the hard drive where they are stored.
  • Once the two arrows disappear they will be replaced by a green arrow. This will indicate that the synchronization has finished.
  • It is time to connect the device with which you want to share your Spotify account and the music from the playlists with the system itself.

Requirements to share Spotify account

For share a Spotify account, Certain requirements must be met, which are listed below:

  • The first requirement that you have to meet is that the account you have must be Spotify Premium.
  • It is also necessary that your device has an Internet connection.
  • Also, your Spotify Premium account is required to be active.

It should be noted that this device will be the main element where the music will be stored.

How to sync users to share an account on Spotify

Only the playlist you want to share will be synced. So the main device will act as the music manager. The list will only be modified in it.

The synchronization process requires the execution of the following steps:

  • Initially, you will need to run the playlist on the main device.
  • The second user, already with the music downloaded, will have to completely deactivate their Internet connection depending on the system they use.
  • Once both users are synced, they will have the ability to listen and play music offline without causing any interruption to the main user of the account.

Another way to share an account with Spotify Premium Family

There is another way to be able share your Spotify account with friends and family. The same is through the official subscription to another plan such as the Spotify Family plan. In it, by paying a monthly rent you can enjoy a better service, and also more complete.

How to share Spotify Premium accounts

In this option, you will have the possibility to share the account simultaneously with 5 other people without any interruption and without having to carry out uncomfortable steps.

The main condition to be able to connect all 6 users with the same account, is that they are added with the same room address. That is, they all live in the same residence and also have a computer, an Android device or an iPhone.

The steps you must follow as the owner of the Spotify account are as follows:

  • First of all, you have to access your Spotify account.
  • Once inside the account, in the menu on the left, select the plan Spotify Premium Family.
  • After this, you must click on the function Add to the Spotify Family Plan subscription.
  • At this time, you must choose the option of Invite on the Spotify Premium subscription.
  • Finally, you have to copy the proposed link and send it to the member or members you want to add to the subscription.

The procedure that you have to carry out if you are a co-subscriber, is detailed below:

  • Initially, when you get the link, you have to open it and accept the invitation.
  • Then sign up if this is the first time you use Spotify or log in to your account if you already have it.
  • Now, you must confirm your address, which must be the same as the owner’s.

How to get out of the Family Plan

How to get out of a family plan because of your decision

To cancel or exit a Spotify Family Plan, you have to follow the steps below:

  • The first thing is to log in to the account page.
  • Next, you must go to Your Plan.
  • Right now, you have to click Change plan.
  • Finally, choose to switch to another premium plan or Cancel Premium.

How to get out of the Family Plan on Spotify

If a person who has been invited to a Spotify Family Plan does not live in the same residence as the administrator or does not meet any of the admission requirements or criteria, they will lose their access to the plan and their account will have the free version of the plan. music platform.

In case there is an error and the requirements are met, Spotify will allow that person’s account to be verified again and it will be validated again. Through a link that the platform will send you, the postal code must be confirmed within a maximum period of 7 days and the company will make the necessary checks to decide whether to add your account to the Family Plan or not.

How to share any Spotify playlist

Although the ability to create playlists on Spotify is one of the main features of the service, Spotify is also renowned for its wide variety of playlists and podcasts. To share a playlist, the same process is always carried out. Next, it is explained how to do it from the mobile application and from a computer.

How to share a Spotify playlist from the mobile version

The steps you must follow to share a Spotify playlist using the mobile app are these:

  • First of all, you have to select one of the options Beginning, Look for or Your Library.
  • Once you have selected it, you will see the name and the cover of the playlist along with the list of songs that it includes.
  • Then, in the upper right corner of this screen you will find the menu with three vertical dots.
  • You have to press this icon to display a menu including several options for the playlist.
  • In that same menu, below the cover image you will see a colorful bar with the graphic representation of an audio wave, which is called the URI code.
  • This is a unique identifier that anyone with the application can use to immediately enter the playlist.
  • You just have to let someone else scan the code image with their mobile camera.
  • You can also take a screenshot and send it to whoever you want.
  • If you want to see other ways to share, scroll down until you find the option Share, which is located near the end of the list.
  • Once you press Share Another screen will be shown with all the platforms where you can share the playlist.

You must take into consideration that the sharing options may vary between devices, but commonly those that appear are the following: WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, SMS messages, Copy link and a “More” option where you can choose email, Google Drive or AirDrop on iPhone, among other applications.

When you select the preferred option, you must follow the instructions to share your playlist through these services, since not all share in the same way.

How to share a Spotify playlist from the desktop app

There are two methods to be able share playlists on the desktop version of Spotify. The first requires you to run the following procedure:

  • The first thing is to find the list in question in the Playlists section of the navigation column of the app on the left side.
  • When you right-click on any playlist in that section, a menu will appear offering a variety of available actions, including Share.
  • Clicking on this option will present a second layer with all the ways to do it: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, Skype, Tumblr, Spotify code, Copy playlist link, Copy code and Copy Spotify URI.

In the same way as in the mobile application, each of these options behaves differently.

The second way to share from the desktop application is from its own main window.

  • Below the name and description of the playlist you will find the button with the three horizontal dots, something similar to the one in the mobile application.
  • You then click to see all the available actions, including the same Share option that was explained in the first method.

With these processes you can share Spotify playlists with your friends and family.

What to do when Spotify is not working

Due to multiple reasons, problems may arise in the service of the platform. Some of the more common faults and their possible solutions are listed below:

Spotify service failure

If it is impossible for you to enter the application, it is very likely that this is due to a general failure of the service. In that case, you can check it in Downdetector.

How to share Spotify Premium accounts

Another option to find out if the drop is general is to check with other users. This will help you see if someone else is having the same issue right now.

Problems with the application

It is common for the Spotify application on Android to freeze and not allow you to close the song. In that case, the proposed solution is to force the arrest on the mobile. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Spotify icon on the computer or the applications section.
  • Hold down the icon and tap on the “i” in the menu.
  • The application information will then open.
  • Now, at the top you select Stop.

To verify, reopen Spotify and play the song you want again.

Can’t download songs

If you ever try to download a list or song and you get an error, you have to make sure that you have Wi-Fi and that your Premium account is still active.

If everything is fine, it may be that this error is due to the maximum number of songs that you can download on Spotify, which is a total of 10,000 songs per device. If you are trying to download more of these, you will get the error.

Another detail that you should consider is if you have storage on your mobile phone or tablet. You can change the location of the downloads from the settings or check the available space, in this way:

  • First, you have to open the Spotify application on your mobile.
  • Then go to Start at the bottom.
  • Now, click on the upper right corner to open the settings section.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • At this point, In Other, choose the option Storage.
  • Finally, choose between SD card or device storage.

Here you can see the space that is available in each one.

Certain songs do not appear

It may not appear because the song is not on Spotify. Also, if you are on a Spotify Family Plan managed by someone else, it may be that the administrator of the Family Plan of your account has blocked the explicit content in the songs and this means that some do not appear or cannot be played.

In this case, you should check with your plan administrator. The process for unlocking the songs is as follows:

  • The first thing is to log in to the page of Spotify Family Plan.
  • Now, the member you want is chosen.
  • You must activate or deactivate Allow explicit content.

Lack of space

If you are going to download songs on your mobile, you may run out of space. A direct option is to uninstall the application and reinstall it. Once you do, choose which lists you want to save and which ones you don’t. From Android it is also possible to delete the Spotify storage on your mobile phone in Application Information or Applications, for which you must perform the following procedure:

  • The first step is to open your phone or tablet settings.
  • Then go to the section on Applications.
  • At this point, place Spotify on the list.
  • Now, you must go to Storage.
  • Finally, click on the button Delete data.

This will eliminate the data that Spotify is occupying and you will be able to download again.

Another option is that you can uncheck the downloaded lists:

  • The first thing you will do is open Spotify.
  • Next, choose a list that you are no longer interested in having downloaded.
  • Finally, at the top, you must press the green button.

From now on, the download icon of all the songs on the list will disappear, except for those that are repeated or downloaded for another reason. This way you will be able to eliminate the lists that you do not want and you will save space.

You cannot activate a trial account

If you can’t create a Spotify Premium free trial it must be because you’ve had an account before. In that case, try another email you have or create a new email to test.

Premium plan does not work

If you’ve renewed the Premium plan and it still doesn’t work for you, log out and log back in to force a sync. If it still doesn’t work, check the status of your subscription on your account page: You will see the type of plan you have and when the next invoice will be issued to your account. Make sure the plan is any Premium mode. And also, that your payment appears as active.

In the case of being part of a Family Premium Plan, Talk to the person who owns the account in case you have been removed or deleted from the plan.

Spotify Support Service

If your problem does not appear in this list, Spotify has a Support section that you can access from the browser. You just have to go to the address and from here you can write the problem you have and it will autocomplete according to the most frequent problems.


There are several ways to share Spotify Premium accounts, including its requirements and the procedures to carry it out. In addition to the available methods to share and synchronize playlists.

There are some inconveniences that can occur in the operation of Spotify accounts, but it is easy to find the causes and possible solutions.

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