How to scan documents with the mobile: Android and iPhone

There are countless occasions when it comes in handy scan documents with mobile. Maybe you need to send your insurance card to your doctor, but you’re traveling and don’t have a scanner. Or you want your friend to see a picture of your new puppy, but all you have with you is the impression he gave you last week.

Whether you’re on the road, at home, or even in the office, scanning documents with just your phone can come in handy. Here are some easy ways to do it, whether you are an Android or iPhone user.

Depending on the phone you have and the app you use, this process may be slightly different. However, no matter what phone or app you use,make sure the camera is well positioned and focused before trying to scan the document.

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Scan documents on an Android mobile with Google Drive

scan documents with android

If you have a document but don’t have access to a scanner, your Android phone can come in handy.

Here we explain how to scan documents on an Android mobile thanks to the app google driveso the first thing is to download and install it.

google drive
google drive
  1. Open the app and tap on the plus sign at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  2. Tap “scan” and take a photo of what you want to scan. The app will automatically scan it and change it into a PDF.
  3. Now, tap on “done” at the top right corner of the screen and then “save” at the bottom right. You can now access that document at any time by opening the Google Drive app.

Scan documents with iPhone

scan documents with iphone

You can scan documents with your iPhone or iPad using the app Grades. Although in the latest versions of iPhone the camera itself is already capable of recognizing a document to save it automatically when taking a photo.

To scan documents on these Apple devices:

  1. Open the Notes app.
  2. Create a new note with the plus sign (+) in the top right corner.
  3. Tap the camera icon in the toolbar above the keyboard to open your device’s camera.
  4. If you’re using an iPhone, select “Scan Documents.” If you’re using an iPad, select “Scan Documents” from the Action menu (the square with an arrow). This will scan the entire page and automatically capture it as a PDF. If you only want to capture a part of the page, you can use Markup to draw only that part instead of tapping “Scan Documents”.
  5. After making any edits to your scan, tap “Save” to save it to your note, then tap “Done” to return to your note list and see all of your scans that have been saved.

Alternatives to scan a document with the mobile

It is true that with Google Drive for Android and Notes for iPhone I don’t see the need to download extra applications to scan documents, mostly because it wastes unnecessary space. Still, you have some other alternatives like camscanner. With it you can scan documents without watermark and convert them to PDF for free.

CamScanner - PDF Scanner
CamScanner - PDF Scanner

Another interesting application is Office Lens, Microsoft’s alternative to scan documents with your mobile. The good thing about this is that if you use OneDriveyou can save the scans in the cloud.

Microsoft Lens - PDF Scanner
Microsoft Lens - PDF Scanner

As you can see, scanning a document with your phone is something very simple that everyone can do. Surely the next time you want to scan, you will use your own mobile to do it.

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