How to save the COVID passport in the mobile gallery

For all those people who like to return to travel and want to travel to other countries of the European Union, the COVID passport it has become a very important and almost essential requirement. In fact, we must carry it by hand together with our ID or Passport to facilitate the exit and entry to other countries. In order not to have to print anything and have faster access to it, we are going to teach you how toHow to save the COVID passport in the mobile gallery.

You already know that the way to verify that we have been vaccinated, that we have recently had a PCR or that we have overcome the virus is through a QR code that our Autonomous Community must provide us. Following the European directive, it is issued through different web pages where we must fill in the form to request it.

Once they approve it, we will receive a PDF document that we can download to any device and that we will have to carry by hand at the airport or border to validate it. We leave you a direct link to the Ministry of Health of Spain So you can request your COVID Passport quickly.

Apply for COVID Passport

How to save the COVID passport in the mobile gallery

Once you have downloaded the PDF with the COVID Passport on your mobile, you have two ways to save it to your mobile gallery, both Android and iPhone, in order to have it more at hand and not have to be searching through hundreds of files.

We’ll see how to save COVID passport in mobile gallery easily.

Taking screenshot

The first and easiest option to save the COVID passport in the mobile gallery is by taking a screenshot of the QR code along with our data so that they can verify that it is our document.

  • To take screenshots in Android, it is usually pressing the volume down button plus the power button, although your phone may have a different mechanism.
  • In the case of having iPhone, you will have to press the side button and the volume up button at the same time.

The advantage of this option is the speed with which you can save the COVID Passport in the mobile gallery, however you may have some problems when validating it. When we capture the screen, a smaller image is generated and worse quality. This can be a inconvenient If you have to zoom and the QR loses quality, making it unreadable by the validation machine.

Therefore, we are going to propose you another more effective method and with which you will surely not have any problem.

Convert PDF to JPG Free


The second method would be convert the PDF document downloaded with your COVID Passport into a JPG image to save it in your mobile gallery. Although there are different ways to do it, we recommend you go to the website of ILovePDF, one of the most used and free.

Convert pdf to jpg for free

Once you enter the web, you will have to select the PDF file of your passport and convert it into JPG. When the process is finished, you just have to download it to your mobile and you will have it saved in the folder where you have all the downloads.

You only have to move it to your image gallery or to any application like Google Photos that you normally use to store photos and videos. This way you will have your COVID passport always at hand and you will not lose quality if you have to zoom to the QR code.

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