How to put line spacing in Word

When writing a document on the computer it is important to know that it is leading. The line spacing is the space that exists between the various lines of the text, that is, that is the vertical distance that separates the words that are written in the different lines. The idea of ​​leading appears in word processors and in programs that allow you to create and manage content.

For multiple reasons, a user may wish modify line spacing of your documents depending on the occasion. Sometimes a small line spacing is needed, with little distance between the lines, while in other cases a larger line spacing is required (with the lines well separated from each other).

The Word program offers spacing within its tools. This is very important to carry out a job, which can be from a simple letter to a certificate or diploma. It is important that the line spacing is adjusted to make the document look more professional.. This can be done by default or personal taste, whichever is preferred. This tool also allows you to incorporate other types of functions such as the separation between one paragraph and the next, the size of the indentation or the way to preserve lines of text and paragraphs on the same page.

Types of line spacing

Word contains in its programming various types of line spacing that adapt to each document. Each of them varies the separation between one line and the next, fulfilling various functions. These include:

  • Simple: This first option remains fixed in the default program. Nevertheless, adjusts the line spacing depending on the font size. Its most frequent use can be seen in letters and academic papers.
  • 1.5 lines: Here the separation of the line spacing and it is usually for academic use. Its formality makes the texts take a more professional style.
  • Double: Its value corresponds to line spacing 2.0 and is frequently implemented in formal procedures, their separation is equal to two blank lines.
  • Minimum: East it is the lowest value that Word offers. Although it is not widely used, it can be implemented in those documents where space saving is required.
  • Exact: The variation of this option will depend on personal judgment, since its value can be perfectly modified for the font in the “In” box. It is normally used for texts with specific parameters.
  • Multiple: The diversity of space in this type of line spacing is considerable. The values are adjusted in the box “In”, always at personal decision, and it is usually used in texts that require space, such as: written tests or surveys.

How to use this tool

To put the line spacing in Word the following steps must be followed:

1.- As a first step, it is essential to choose the paragraph to which you want to adjust the line spacing.

2.- Then slide the mouse towards the “home” tab, and click on the box that says “line and paragraph spacing”.

3.- In this box, a menu will be displayed where you must choose the amount of space you want between lines. When you move the mouse over each option, you can see how each line spacing in the paragraph looks.

4.- When the text is displayed and it is decided which is the correct amount of space for the document, click on the amount and the change will be automatic.

Also, there is another way to adjust the line spacing: the cursor is moved to the box “spacing between lines and paragraphs”, it is clicked, when the menu is displayed, the “spacing options” are clicked again. A box will automatically open where you can configure the line spacing to single, 1.5 lines, exact, multiple and double; alternatives other than those offered in the previous step.

Even in the “set as default” box you can choose whether you want these settings only for the document you are creating or for all Word documents. Something to keep in mind is that Word adapts the line spacing according to the size of the font that is chosen, but it also offers different types of line spacing to adapt the document according to what you want. The most used type of line spacing is single, but 1.5 lines and double is also used.

Now, if what you are looking for is to establish spacing between paragraphs in the document, it must be taken into account that for the text to show a more careful appearance and, in addition, be easier to read, the space between two paragraphs must be greater than the spaces between the lines within the paragraph. This gives visual unity to the paragraph. Word allows you to insert a space before or after the paragraph, or both. For this to be programmed, the following steps must be followed:

1.- The paragraphs for which you want to change the spacing are selected.

2.- Go to the “home” tab and look for the box “spacing between lines and paragraphs”; In this option, a menu will be displayed and the option “Add space before the paragraph” must be chosen.

3.- The spacing between the paragraphs will automatically change.

If you want to configure the spacing of the paragraphs, click on the option “Spacing between lines and paragraphs”, where a menu is displayed in which you must select “options line spacing”. A box will quickly open where you can configure the required space between each paragraph.

These changes can be in all Word documents, if it is what you want, for this you must select the box “Set as default”. Another detail to keep in mind is that sometimes by modifying the spacing between paragraphs you can accidentally create a blank page at the end of the document, but this is not a major problem since you can erase or eliminate those blank pages.

Another way to space paragraphs

How to put line spacing in word

Another way to space the paragraphs when making a document in Word, is to click on “design” and choose the option “spacing between paragraphs”. Here is the alternative to select the space line spacing that is useful for the document. As you move the mouse over each option, you will be able to see the changes that it produces in the document.

If you want to set a single space for the entire document, you must choose “no space between paragraphs”. In case these options do not meet the required spacing, you can go to the bottom and select “spaces between custom paragraphs”. There a box will open where you can adjust the numbering until the required spacing is achieved. In any case, if you need to change the spacing only in some paragraphs and not in the whole document, it can be done very easily; it goes to “page layout”. There is an option that says “spacing”. We proceed to change the numbering of the spacing that is needed before or after each paragraph.

To conclude, it can be said that it is not very complicated to put line spacing or spaces in Word. This is used for various reasons and through these tools, different actions can be carried out that allow modifying the document according to what is needed. With each of the steps mentioned, you can apply all the necessary changes and customizations to the text and achieve a neat and professional document, allowing you to achieve a work with excellence.

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