How to put an animated wallpaper in Windows 10

We are going to teach you how to put an animated wallpaper in Windows 10.

Your computer’s wallpaper gives it its own personality. Just like you like to personalize your own space in your home and make it yours, surely changing the background of your desktop and getting one in motion will be something that you will not regret and you will enjoy every day that you use your computer. Now let’s go.

Statistically, one of the systems most used and preferred by the community is the famous Windows 10, which was released in 2015. Since then, it is undoubtedly one of the better options when it comes to getting a safe and reliable operating system for our computer. It is no secret to anyone that the desktop background that this operating system brings by default is a static background of an extremely solid color. boring and unremarkable. Therefore, seeing that monotonous background always becomes tedious and a repetitive and boring experience.

Given this, the need arises to find a much more flirtatious and fun alternative that we can show off with our friends and loved ones. In this article you will be given the tools to change the background of your desktop, and place a moving background that you will surely enjoy seeing every time you open your computer desktop.

How to put an animated wallpaper in Windows 10

Let’s see how to put an animated wallpaper in Windows 10 easily with WMV video formats:

  • Select the Microsoft Store icon at the bottom of the screen and click Search.
  • Type “animated backgrounds” and select “Desktop Live Wallpapers” to use the free ones.
  • Now you just have to install the application and download animated videos to use as a background in Windows 10.

We recommend using short videos to put an animated wallpaper in Windows 10.

How to set animated GIF as wallpaper

If what you want is to put an animated GIF as a wallpaper in Windows 10, you just have to follow these steps. It is also valid for Windows 8:

  • Download BioniX and install it on the PC:

download bionix

  • Once inside the program, go to Tools and select the Wallpaper Animator option.
  • Now you just have to look for the GIF images in the folder where you have them downloaded, choose the one you want and adjust the settings you want (speed, magnification …)

The only thing is that you will have to run the application to see the animated background, although it will be in the background.

Another option: Push Video Wallpaper for animated backgrounds

The first thing you should do is get this program, which you can download on its official website that we leave you in the following link:

download push video wallpaper

Click on the tab “Downloads”, and you will have to click on the download button. The executable file is not very heavy. When it comes to having it, you just have to click on the installer and follow its instructions. Once you have installed it, you will notice that the program will automatically replace your old wallpaper with a pile of animated wallpapers. They are examples previously loaded by the program.

The program of Push Video Wallpaper offers animated backgrounds that will serve as an example or test, so that you can get an idea of ​​what the final result will be like. You will not have to worry about almost anything, because they adjust automatically to your desktop, without having to configure anything manually.

You can put only one to show, or create a playlist with several videos. Some are videos and some are GIF files. At the bottom of the window you will find the controls of the animated background, where you can pause the playback, go to the next one, go back to the previous one, adjust the volume or add more backgrounds.

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To end

This program supports various video formats, either GIF or specific videos. So the program allows us to configure long or short videos, as well as local files or internet videos. If you already have a localized video, you just have to go to the program and click on the button “+”.

If the file is local, you will only have to get to it by browsing your computer. But if the video is on the internet, you just have to copy the address of the video, and everything will be ready. In turn, this program will allow you to make your own playlist with your favorite videos, where you can do whatever you want and you will have total freedom in that regard.

You just have to go to the program and click on the button “Playlist”.

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