How to play browser videos in VLC?

Sometimes watching videos directly from the web browser can generate some performance problems on the computer, and there are very few solutions for these kinds of technical difficulties. One of them, the most effective, is play browser videos in VLC from different platforms, from YouTube to Twicht or Vimeo. If you have this same problem and want to learn how to solve it, keep reading this post.

How to Play Browser Videos in VLC

Although it may sound like something complicated and that only the most experienced can do, the truth is that it is a fairly simple process.

  • The first thing you should do is open the YouTube video of your choice in your browser. Copy the link to the address bar of your browser as shown in the image.

After this you just have to copy the link, open the VLC program and do the Ctrl + N key combination.

A window will appear on the screen where Open media is indicated, there you must paste the link that you copied previously and press the Play button.

After this, the video will start automatically, without ads, without slowing down the computer and without having to wait long minutes because it has remained static.

How to Play Browser Videos in VLC with Open In VLC

There is a way to view web videos in VLC directly from the web, all you have to do is install the Open In VLC extension in the browser, either Firefox or Chrome.

  • The first thing you need is to enter the following link:

open in vlc (firefox) open in vlc (Chrome) .

  • To finish the installation, you must enter YouTube and position yourself on a video that you want to play. You press Right click on the videoor and select the option “Open In VLC”.
  • An announcement will appear to finish the installation, downloading a file that will appear on the screen.
  • Once you have downloaded the file, unzip the content in a folder.
  • Then run the file named “Install.bat” to finish the installation. This step works Windows only.

You cannot delete this folder for the extension to work properly. If you did not like the extension, you can remove it without any problem by going to the folder that contains the files and executing the uninstall.bat file.

Advantages of playing browser content in VLC

While today’s technology is incredible and functional, many people have old equipment with little capacity. Also, overloaded with information and therefore quite slow.

With VLC the graphics card of almost any computer can work properly. You can even achieve that the consumption of CPU and RAM is much lower than that of any current browser.

Therefore, make use of VLC as a video player from the web brings with it many benefits, among which are these:

  • The computer does not need to exert as much effort to be able to reproduce a video.
  • We avoid ads
  • The life of your computer is extended.
  • You avoid having to constantly see advertising on the part of the platforms.
  • The battery and energy consumption of the computer to be able to play a video is much lower.

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