How to make or create a letterhead in Word?

When we are working in Word we may have doubts: how can we make a sheet letterhead for the delivery of a job or assignment? Or to identify a particular stationery of your company or business, many questions arise: how do I do it? What steps should I follow to achieve it? Is it easy to make a letterhead? You should not worry anymore, because today we will give you a series of steps or recommendations that will help you create your own letterhead in Word, simply and easily.

We are going to start by telling you what a letterhead. It is a type of printed material that serves to identify the documents of any individual or company in which identifying data are placed, often with a logo, that will differentiate you from the rest of the people or companies in the field in which you are developing .

Make a letterhead in Word it is quite simple even for those who do not use this application very often. But be clear that it has a bit of complexity. You just have to familiarize yourself with the tools necessary to prepare the document, the creation of it will be part of the creativity and taste of the person who makes it. Remember that it will be your hallmark to stand out from the rest of the group. In this way you will be able to give a professional style to your projects.

Making it yourself is quite a solution practical and economical, compared to more expensive ones, such as hiring a printing company, in which the experts would create your stationery in a more professional way, but at a cost.

Step by step to create your letterhead in Word

These are the steps and recommendations so that you can create your own letterhead for free. This software is available on computers or devices with Windows Operating System. This includes a number of tools that allow you to perform simple tasks with a professional appearance, such as, create letterhead. Now we go to your computer and open the Word application.

1.- You must have the application Open Windows WordIf you don’t have it installed on your computer yet, on the internet you can access the official page, download the application, download it and that’s it.

2.- When opening Word in a blank document, start your creation, we begin by placing a header at the top of the sheet, followed by that, we go to the bars and in the ¨Insert¨ tab

3.- Then we click on the button header. A series of options will be displayed to choose the type of header you prefer, such as header, footer and page number.

4.- Another method to do it more quickly is simply to do “Double click” at the top edge of the sheet, this will automatically open the selected “header”. The same works with the footer.

How to make or create a letterhead in Word

5.- When you open a options menu for header page. Choose the one you like the most and click on it. You will see a text that tells you “The content of the header will appear at the top of each printed page”, the same happens with the footer.

6.- When you click on the “selected heading”, it will be automatically added to the sheet. You can edit it or include new elements with the help of the toolbar. Explore and design the letterhead the way you like it.

And voila, you already created your letterhead in Word. Keep in mind that as you work, the header will lower its color level, this is to avoid interfering with the content of the document. However, at the time of printing, it will look the same quality and hue that you saw it in at the beginning.

Word program templates for letterheads

Word contains a number of templates letterhead. In addition, there are many websites that offer free templates for creating letterhead. Some of them can be found in SmileTemplates and Pinterest, where you just have to download the file and open it within the program.

Searching we came to a page Free letterhead templates, a site that offers us in a very simple way a significant amount of free templates with different letterhead formats.

For Word letterhead templates do the following:

  • Open the program, click the “File” tab and choose “New.”
  • Click on “More Templates.”
  • Use the search engine to write “Letterheads.”
  • Wait while the results are loaded and select the one that best suits what you are looking for.
  • Click on the template to open its preview.
  • Press “Create”.
  • Wait while the template is downloaded and modify its content to suit what you need.

It is worth mentioning that visual characteristics, such as color, can be modified in the “Design” tab, in the “Colors” section. In the same way, the option “Fonts” allows you to change the typography used in the template, you can also insert images, footer, do not limit yourself, it is your creation.


This is an easy procedure that it only takes a few minutes. You only go to the top of the toolbar, you search to insert, you locate the heading and you position yourself there, your creativity, taste and concept is what is going to take you when creating it, help yourself with the templates, dare to create.

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