How to make money with Twitch

Twitch is a platform belonging to Amazon, which was originally oriented to the broadcasting of video game games. However, channels that offer all kinds of content, from entertainment, music and cinema, to marketing or science, have gradually been incorporated into it. For this reason, this guide explains how to make money with Twitch, so that you know the variety of monetization possibilities that this streaming platform has.

How to make money with native Twitch options

Owned by Amazon, Twitch is currently the largest platform for live streaming in the world. As such, it offers multiple monetization options for content creators.

In principle, Twitch has two native forms on its web platform for monetization; They are the affiliate system and the partner system. Both modalities are described in detail below.

Twitch Affiliates

In order to be taken into account as a participant in this program, the streaming platform needs certain requirements to be satisfied by the creators. They are listed below:

  • The first of them is to have issued a minimum of eight hours in the last month.
  • Those hours issued have to be divided into seven different days at least.
  • On the other hand, the account is also required to maintain fifty followers minimum.
  • Another requirement is that at least three simultaneous spectators in the last month.

Once all the requirements are met and your channel has been selected, Twitch will send you an email and a notification on your dashboard so that you can start the process.

How to become a Twitch affiliate

When you receive the notification from Twitch, you only need to follow the steps indicated by the platform and listed below:

  • The first thing you should do is provide the information that the platform requests.
  • Then, you have to proceed with the signature and acceptance of the Affiliate Agreement to Twitch.
  • Next, you need to provide Amazon with your tax details.
  • Finally, you must specify the way in which Twitch will send you the income you generate.
  • The options you have are deposit to bank account, transfer, PayPal or check. Depending on the preferred method, it may take longer or shorter for payments to be received.

In order to become an affiliate and complete the registration process, Twitch also requires your channel to have two-factor authentication.

How to do two factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a two-way security measure to prevent log-ins from outside your account. It is double factor because two different methods are required in order to log in, using a password and a mobile device.

The procedure to do this consists of carrying out the following steps from the computer:

  • The first step is to go to the security settings of your channel.
  • Once there, you must click on the function Enable double authentication.
  • Now, you have to enter the password with which you start your session, as well as your phone number.
  • After this, you will receive a verification code, which you must enter and you will already have your double security authentication.

How to make money being affiliated with Twitch

Twitch offers all its affiliates some tools so that they have the opportunity to generate money such as subscription, bits and game sales, which are described below:


Although on this platform you can follow the creators completely free of charge, you can also subscribe to their channels and have access to premium content. In this way, according to what each creator prefers, subscribers have the possibility to avoid ads, get new emojis, emblems or have access to broadcasts and chat that are exclusive within the channel.

How to make money with Twitch


Another option are the bits, which is the currency used within the platform, in a similar way to the use of TikTok virtual currencies. These can be achieved at the top of the screen, by clicking on the function Buy Bits, with a transaction value of at least 100 bits for € 1.53.


Finally, there is the sale of games or items within the game. This option is largely tied to the gamification culture found on Twitch. So that users will have the possibility to see offers about the game or its articles, which the streamer is playing on the condition that there is availability on the platform. The streamer will receive a 5% percentage on each transaction carried out by this means.

Twitch Partners or Partners

The partner or partner program is very similar to that of affiliates. The difference is that their acceptance criteria are somewhat more demanding, such as the following:

  • To aspire to become a partner it is necessary that you have a transmission average of twenty-five hours.
  • This transmission average must be distributed in a minimum of twelve days.
  • Similarly, the channel must have averaged about seventy-five spectators, in the last thirty days.

How to make money with Twitch

In addition to the requirement of these requirements and the way to access the affiliate tools, the formats are quite similar to those of affiliates, but expanded. In this way, partners can earn income through various advertisements in their broadcasts.

Notably, they also have a number of benefits in terms of personalization and account control, such as an increase in the number of options for creating stickers, lifetime subscriptions, among others.

How to become a Twitch partner or partner

Even if you continue to work hard with your Twitch channel, meeting these requirements will not guarantee that you will be considered a partner. The steps you must follow to complete the procedure are the following:

  • Once you meet the requirements, you can click on Apply-Apply.
  • The platform team will evaluate your request, having a period of seven working days to give you an answer.
  • If you get to be rejected, you should know that the achievements obtained are not lost. You have to contact the team again in the future in order to request it again.

How to make money being a Twitch partner

By becoming a Twitch partner you will reach a new level of streamer, in which you will have the possibility of starting to generate more income than what you get as an affiliate.

In addition to the previous modalities, with subscriptions and through the bits, you will also have this option:

Insert ads in your streams

It is one of the most common ways to make your streams profitable. It consists of the placement of advertisements during your live shows.

In this way, you can attract more and more important brands. This situation will not be invasive for your subscribers, because from your control panel you can make adjustments to the duration and frequency with which these ads will be shown in your transmission.

When does Twitch pay?

The aspects that are taken into account by the platform to make the payment are the following:

  • First, a check is done to verify that your balance exceeds the monthly minimum of $ 100.
  • In case you have not reached it yet, the balance is maintained for the following month, until you reach that amount.
  • If the balance is correct, the payment is made fifteen days after the end of the month.

Other alternatives to earn money on Twitch

In addition to those native options that Twitch offers to ensure that its creators have the possibility to live off its content, there are other ways. In this way, as Twitch is an open platform, the incorporation of various means for monetization has been favored, some of them are explained below:


This monetization tool works from the association of Streamlabs with Twitch, a software designed for the monetization and development of streamers. Its application is very simple: content creators have the opportunity to modify their pages of About, and add a donation button to them. This button will direct users to the Streamlabs platform where they can make their donation through their link with PayPal.

Some of the main features of Streamlabs are the following:

  • It allows the incorporation of personalized alerts every time your viewers take a specific action, such as donating money or subscribing.
  • Through it you can add a chat.
  • Background themes can be edited during streaming.


Streamloots is a Spanish platform that allows users to interact directly with streamers.

With this monetization channel, the platform has been introduced into gamification, which is a feature closely associated with the style of Twitch and new digital trends. This tool makes it possible for streamers to create interactive card decks, which will make their broadcasts reach a more dynamic rhythm.

In other words, depending on the card that each user has, he or she could be able to change the name of the broadcast or make the creator meet a challenge during the broadcast. These cards are generally sold by chests and are activated the instant the user picks them up, digitally, during transmission.

In this type of service transaction, the platform will keep a commission of 20% of the sale.


Streamion It is an automated platform that integrates video ads with Twitch broadcasts directly, almost as if it were a television commercial. Like the previous medium, this option does not require that the creators be affiliated or partners of the platform. Therefore, it proposes a direct monetization plan, by incorporating advertising within the transmissions.

Other general options to earn money

In addition to the above options, it should be noted that there are other monetization tools that are general in this sector. For this reason, they do not constitute modalities that are specific to the Twitch platform. Some of them are explained below:

External affiliate platforms

Product affiliation is a widely used means of generating income on different digital platforms. It consists of directing users to purchase products on Amazon or Aliexpress through affiliate links. This option has adequate compatibility with Twitch considering that it is part of Amazon services, which is a giant in eCommerce.

Merchandising sale

Likewise, the merchandising option is also available, because influencers and streamers commonly generate an image and a particular community. That is, the creation of products that capture the interest of the community, such as caps and t-shirts. This is an element that celebrities have been exploiting for a considerable time.


Finally, there is the option of sponsors, that is, the fact of having brands or services that provide support for the channel, reinforcing the necessary aspects for its dissemination. This gives it a more personal and interactive nature than ordinary advertising, since it can be worked on by specialized campaigns.

How can you tell if you are meeting the Twitch requirements?

Twitch offers you the presentation of the screen Achievements in your control panel where these requirements will be updated in accordance with their compliance.

  • In the column on the right you will see all the achievements that are on Twitch. Those that are shown in the upper part are the recent ones, then those that you are about to complete with their percentage come and finally those that have already been completed.
  • In the column that you will see on the left, they will be presented in order according to what you are getting, being an affiliate or being a partner.


By reading this guide you can verify that there is a variety of options for earn money on Twitch, which are available to the user, however, it is necessary that certain requirements are met in order to qualify for any of these modalities.

There are ways to generate income through options native to the platform itself, in addition to others that are based on external platforms and options that are in general use on all live streaming platforms, such as merchandising and sponsorships.

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