How to know the inches of a TV: Guide 2021

Televisions are measured in inches, although many times users do not know the size of their televisions as they do not understand how this system is handled. Here we explain how to know the inches of a TV. As time passes, it has been seen that to watch a good movie or series it is better to have a large television and thus be able to enjoy its quality.

Televisions have become part of our day to day, it is an activity in which you can spend a lot of time and we want to take advantage of it having the best possible quality. Choosing a good TV is a very important to many users.

Many times we would like to have a large television in order to get the most of its potential, but the capacity at home is a very important limitation, and more so for those in which their homes have small spaces. So knowing the inches of a TV is very important.

It is always helpful to know the size of the televisions and how are they measured in inches to take into account when buying a model.

All televisions, regardless of their make, model or size, are measured in the same way, calculating their diagonal. This is the distance between the upper left corner and the lower right corner. This means that if the TV is diagonally 50 inches, then the TV is 50 inches.

How to tell the inches of a TV

To know the inches of a TV, as said before, is taking the distance between the upper left corner and lower right corner. But, in addition, you can also be interested in how much it measures in centimeters to know in which space to place it. This is because many buyers choose a television and have to return it due to lack of space.

Convert inches to centimeters

It is very easy to know how much your TV measures from inches to centimeters. An inch is 2.54 centimeters, Because to know how many centimeters the television is, you only have to multiply the inches that the television has by 2.54. With this operation you will know exactly the measurements of your television and you will also know if it is a correct purchase.

That is, if the TV measures 50 inches, you must multiply that 50 by 2.54. Which gives a result of 127 centimeters. This tells us that the TV measures 127 centimeters. Once you know the size of your tvIt depends on the buyer if the model of the TV is ideal or is it good for their interests.

Anyway, here we will place a table where it can be seen more clear and simple the inches and inches from televisions.



22 56 cm
24 60.9 cm
28 71.1 cm
32 81 cm
40 101 cm
42 106.68 cm
43 109 cm
48 121.9 cm
49 124.4 cm
fifty 127 cm
55 140 cm
60 152.4 cm
65 165 cm
70 177.8 cm
75 189 cm
77 195.6 cm
85 215.9 cm

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How far away should we watch TV?

know the inches of a TV

This is not ending here. Once you have learned to know the inches of a TV, it is time to calculate the distance that must be between him and the people who are going to see him. Obviously, it will not be the same if your screen is 50 ″ or 32 ″, just as its resolution also influences it.

Therefore, the larger the screen, the greater the distance for correct viewing. There are several online calculators to measure the distance to the TV, but to give you an idea, we give an example:

  • A 50 ″ TV with 4K resolution can be seen with a distance of less than 1 meter.
  • The same with FHD resolution we will have to see it at least 2 meters.

That is why we recommend calculating the size well and knowing the inches of a TV as well as the resolution and the distance so that you can get the most out of all the content. Samsung recommends measure the distance from which you watch TV and divide it by 2. The result will be the screen size “optimal” for a better viewing.