How to install Kodi on PC, Mobile and Android TV [Guía 2021 ]

We are going to tell you how to install kodi in different devices step by step and in a very simple way. It is very likely that you have heard about Kodi at some point, one of the most used programs currently. If the name does not seem familiar to you, it is because many years ago it stopped being known as XBMC (Xbox Media Center), in 2014, to become what we know today. If you are interested in learning more about Kodi, we invite you to continue reading.

Tutorial to install Kodi on multiple devices

Surely you are wondering what are the steps you must follow in order to have this application on your device, that is why below we are going to give you the instructions you should know to have Kodi on your PC, console or mobile.

Install Kodi on Windows PC

The first thing you should do is download the application to install Kodi on Windows. Since there are many operating systems to choose from, we will give explanations to install the application in Windows. We hope you like it.

Download (64BIT) download (32BIT)

You can also download it directly from the Windows Store.

When you make your selection you must choose the versions it shows: Release and Nightly. If you don’t know, the Release version is the official transfer that has been shown to the public. On the other hand, the Nightly version is the beta version, so the application is quite unstable, although it allows you to test advances in which it works for Kodi.

Once you have made the decision you must carry out the download By choosing the method you want to use, in this case, everything will depend on the operating system in which you are going to install it. In the case of Windows, the most comfortable and simple option is to choose Windows Store so that the download is done through the application store and you do not have problems.

When you press the download button, the browser will ask if you want to open the application there and accepting it will open a Kodi tab. Once in this space, you must click on the icon of “Get” or “Install” and proceed to download and install Kodi on the device. When the download and installation process is finished, you can open it from the start menu.

Install Kodi on mobile

When installing Kodi on your mobile phone, you must take into account its Operating System, since the procedure is not so simple on Android and iOS. Although following our steps it can be achieved without problem.


In case you have an Android mobile, you just have to download the application from Google Play or from the official Kodi page by selecting the Android version. You can search for it or click directly on the following link to download and install Kodi for free.


In case you want to install Kodi on an iPhone or iPad, the procedure is a bit complicated. The first thing you need if you don’t want to do jailbreak is download Cydia Impactor, an application with which you can install Android applications on other devices and that you must have downloaded to your computer.

download windows download mac

Now, you will also have to download the version for iOS that you find on the official page of the application. We leave you the direct link below.

kodi for iphone

The first thing is to connect your iPhone to the computer and have iTunes closed to continue.

  1. Opens the Cydia Impactor application and drag the Kodi.ipa file that you downloaded in the last link.
  2. In the drop-down menu, the option of Smartphone or Tablet. Click on “Start“.
  3. In this way, the application will be installed on the iPhone. Now you have to go on your mobile to the section of Settings > general > Profiles and select the one that corresponds to your Apple ID.
  4. Click on Trust to be able to run the app on the iPhone. It is ready to be used.

Install Kodi on Android TV

To install Kodi on Android TV, you just have to look for it in the official application store, as if you were doing it on your Android mobile. The installation and configuration procedure is the same as for smartphones.

However, sometimes the download may fail or you may not be able to get it from there. Then, you will have to go to the official Kodi website and manually download the file corresponding to Android. In this case, remember to have the option enabled to allow the installation of apps of unknown origin.

We leave you a direct link to the app to install Kodi on Android TV:

download kodi (android tv)

Other applications that may interest you:

How to set up Kodi

The moment you go to run the application for the first time in Windows, it will ask you for a series of permissions that are essential that you accept them. The application is in principle in English, but do not worry because you can adjust it. To do this you must press the icon of the main wheel on the left side to enter settings.


In this area you will find many configuration features, but, in this case, you must enter “Settings Interface”. Here you can change the interface language. Once inside you can change the language to your liking and place it in Spanish.


In these Kodi options you can change player settings to choose the languages ​​and subtitles of the contents. At the same time, you can control the resolution or access the file explorer without problems.


In the content settings you must press the gear wheel that is at the bottom left and, by default, the basic configuration will appear, but it is necessary that you see it from the standard one. In the menu in the left column you must choose “Collection” and go to “Font management”. Then tap on a content to choose where Kodi searches for files.


If in this case we are looking for music, on the first screen you must press “Add music”, then the “add music source” window will open and you must click on “search” to find a folder from which you can import the files you want to the folder.

This process must be done with the files you want to manage with Kodi: music, photos or videos. In this way, you will be able to manage where Kodi chooses the different files from and will allow you to add content from external sources such as USBs or hard drives. Once you have all the files loaded, when you start the application again, you will see all the files added to the folder that is on the main screen.

How to install add-ons on Kodi?

In Kodi you can install add-ons that allow you to perform various activities such as watch videos on YouTube or listen to the radio. As this application is very famous, there is a long list of plugins that can be installed.

One of the easiest is YouTube, for this you just have to click on the search button at the top that is on the left. When the pop-up window appears, you must click on “Search YouTube”.

This action will make Kodi ask if you want to install the YouTube Addon and when you select yes, it will guide you through the process automatically. Once you hover over the Add-ons section in the menu on the left, you will see the YouTube logo in the list of add-ons.

Once it’s installed, you can connect your Google account to see the channels to which you are subscribed, the popularity list, the history, the recommendations, the playlist or any other type of search.

If you want to install another addon you just have to click on the Add-ons menu and choose the type from the list. The variety that the application has is enormous and you only have to have an account that many third-party services will be able to have them if you have provider credentials. As the application explains the process by itself, you will not get lost.

What is Kodi?

install kodi android TV

Kodi is a free app that is maintained by volunteers and donations. It is currently one of the best known and most complete multimedia centers available on the internet. Because it is so universal it is available for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Raspberry Pi and BSD. Kodi allows you to transform your computer into a multimedia center where you can view and manage all kinds of content through a clear interface.

In its origins, XBMC appeared on the market to take advantage of the first Xbox video consoles that, at the time, had managed to be unlocked. What the application did was play the multimedia files that were in the device’s storage, something that with the passage of time it achieved being done on computers thanks to the change of the application to the computer.

Kodi reached popularity thanks to addons– Extensions that add additional functionality that was not in the original design. If you have the unofficial version, you only have the options to manage the content of the system that can come from the hard disk, a DVB, a cloud service, a remote location, among others.


  • Kodi has a free code so Internet users can access its source code and adapt it to any system or device where it is needed.
  • There are versions for Windows, GNU, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android and any other device that needs the application.
  • It is an application that can be tailored to the consumer. This is because it has themes to change the interface and an add-on system that allows adding various functions according to the requested characteristics. The add-ons allow you to watch television channels over the internet.


Kodi is a program that stands out for its versatility. Because it has many options, its functions are infinite, so we are going to name the main ones:

  1. Streaming: it is an application compatible with all streaming content, it can be live television broadcasts.
  2. Music: play MP3, Wav, FLAC and other formats; it also allows to reproduce many lists and recognizes information of the tags.
  3. Movies and videos: Kodi has the reproduction of video files in all the essential formats and allows their organization in collections.
  4. Photos: allows you to import the collection of photos from any external device to be able to see them on a TV screen, in addition to making slideshows and applying filters.
  5. Web navegation: visit web pages from Kobi and have the possibility to download or view content from them.
  6. T.V. series: allows you to organize the content by seasons, download a summary of the chapters and remember by the minute the episode was left.
  7. PVR: If you want to record television channels that broadcast live and you want to watch the content whenever you want, Kodi allows you to do so because it works with popular backends such as MythTV, Tvheadend, MediaPortal, among others.
  8. Cloud video: addons allow you to access cloud storages and use photos or videos from there.
  9. Others: gives the possibility to play games, check the weather forecast, listen to the radio and many other interesting options.

As you may have noticed, Kodi is one of the programs more useful and easy to use that will allow you to be able to carry out an infinity of actions and enjoy many advantages without any difficulty. We hope that the information provided has been useful to you and that Kodi becomes one of your allies.

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