How to get free Google Play cards November 2021

In this guide we will tell you the methods to get free Google Play Cards in 2021. Google Play cards are cards that can be used online to buy applications and games from the application.

Not only the application and the games, but you can also buy all the services that the store offers. Nowadays, many students have an Android phone, but what they don’t have is a credit card, so for them it will be great to be able to buy any app or other services without using any credit card.

4 Methods to Get Free Google Play Cards

If you have come this far, it is because you want to know some formulas with which you can get free Google Play Cards codes. Although it is not something fast, it is possible to find some platforms and applications that allow you to get rewards like this one. Let’s look at some concrete examples.

The first method you can use to get free Google Play Cards is by conducting paid online surveys. There is one that is the most popular and that you can use to get codes to spend in the store: Google Opinion Rewards.

This application works as follows: once downloaded, you will have to fill out a form about yourself and you will receive a weekly survey (approximately) that is usually charged at 0.80 cnt on Google Play. The questions can be of any type, from “Which logo do you like best?” and “Which promotion do you find the most interesting?” to “Where do you plan to go on your next trip?”

Viewing advertising

Another method of getting free Google Play Cards is through applications where you have to see advertisements and advertisements in exchange for these rewards. One of the most famous is King of prizes, where you can also get credits by playing and overcoming tasks, being able to receive your rewards on Google Play.

Go to King of prizes

It can also be interesting Slidejoy, an application with which to obtain money in a simpler way. When you have your mobile screen locked, this app will show you advertising and pay you through Google Play for it.

Playing and betting for free

Believe it or not, there are also game applications in which they will pay you with Google Play codes for testing their games. This is the case of AppKarma, available for Android and iOS and which continues to function correctly today. If you like to have a good time trying new games, this app is for you.

go to appkarma

Another example is Achiever’s free sports bets. It is a platform where you bet on events exclusively with points, and if you run out of them the next day you will receive new ones. If you win, you can get free Google Play Cards.

go to winner

Points Prizes

We cannot forget about this multiplatform in which you can find all these methods together to get free Google Play Cards, although you can also opt for cryptocurrencies or money. Some of the tasks will be to watch videos, fill out surveys and much more.

go to points prizes

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How to use Google Play codes and Cards

free google play cards

Once you have used some of these methods and want to redeem your Google Play Cards for free, the first thing you have to do is access the Google Play app itself and look for the “Redeem” tab. There you just have to write the code and you will receive whatever amount is in your Google Play account.

What you can’t do with Google Play Cards

Google Play Cards

Fortnite has taken the world by storm, and you will find most teenagers and even some adults glued to their smartphones playing all night. And although the game has made its way to Android, Epic Games has decided to avoid the app store.

What does this mean? Epic Games realize that the game doesn’t need the Google Play store to be a hit, and they don’t want to share 30% of the revenue to stay in the Play store. The company that develops the game determined that they do not need the online store to download the game, for this reason they are developing and offering their own installer that works on Android, it does not require intermediaries for which this company obtains more money and consumers will be able to save more.

Spotify Premium does not accept Google Play gift cards. And this is strange because you can still download Spotify from the app store. You can use the free app very well, but if you want to upgrade to Spotify Premium, you can’t do it through the Google Play store.

When do Google Play cards expire?

Best of all, Google Play Cards do not have an expiration date, so you can accumulate the amount you want and spend it within certain years without problems. As you can see, there are many advantages of using these codes that, as we have told you, you can get for free.

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