How to fix update error 0xc1900130?

When updating Windows 10, problems may arise, such as the one that appears on the screen called as error 0xc1900130.

This kind of Windows 10 update error, may appear when the network connection between the Windows Update server and the user’s computer is interrupted, and the installation cannot be carried out, because the hash instance cannot be found.

The installation failure warning 0xc1900130 may appear on the screen. If found, you must first verify your internet connection and try to reinstall Windows Update.

5 ways to fix error 0xc1900130

If these options do not work, it is necessary to apply other methods that we will develop below.

Configure the status of services associated with Windows Update

To do this, run the following commands one after the other

This will ensure that the associated services are available.

How to fix other common errors in Windows:

Run the Windows 10 update troubleshooter

Download the Microsoft Windows troubleshooter, it is one of the most used tools to fix the Windows 10 update error, named 0xc1900130. This must be done in administrator mode and as follows:

  • From Microsoft’s support page, download the Windows 10 update troubleshooter.
  • Restart the PC.
  • Try to install the update.

How to fix error 0xc1900130

Manual download of the update

To find out which update has failed, follow certain steps such as:

Settings> Update and Security> and see there the update history.

Determine which one failed, updates that have not been installed are displayed visible with errors in the column State.

Then go to Microsoft download center and look for that bug update, with KB number. When it is found, download and install it manually.

It is also useful to use Microsoft’s update catalog, as this service contains a list of software updates to help in these cases.

Manual download of the update

Fix incompatibility between Microsoft and Intel software

This is one of the most common reasons for error 0xc190013.

Controller problems iastorac.sys they can effectively block the Windows 10 update component on PCs, especially those with Windows with Intel RST drivers.

If it happens that way, the problem can be solved by accessing the location of the controller iastorac.sys corrupted and rename it with the extension “.old” so that the operating system ignores it.

After restarting the computer and having practiced these steps, many users determined that they could update Windows 10 without any problem, and even with all the updates that were pending to be executed.

Fix incompatibility between Microsoft and Intel software

Download CCleaner

Finally, there is the possibility of one more tool to alleviate the Windows 10 update error, called 0xc1900130. This program that we leave you here to download for free frees the PC from malware, hardware failures, loss of files and improves the computer in general.

to download

Once downloaded, click on Start Scanning to look for possible Windows registry errors causing problems on the PC. And finally click on Repair Everything. Multiple errors being resolved, including Windows update 0xc1900130.

Download CCleaner

With these simple steps you can easily fix the error 0xc1900130 that arises during the Windows update.