How to edit Photoshop PSD files online

Photoshop is a software that has positioned itself as a leader in the field of image manipulation, making it possible to freely modify a photograph or an image file. But it is not a tool that is available to everyone, especially if you only want to make simple adjustments. However, there are alternatives to open and edit PSD files online, without having to buy the program and without performing any type of installation on the computer.

If you are a professional in the area of ​​images, these programs may not be the most suitable, but if you are a user who requires it for very specific uses, they can work in a quite acceptable way. The web programs to edit PSD files they are suitable when you need to make a single edit or make simpler modifications.

What is a Photoshop PSD file?

A PSD file (Photoshop Document) is an image that has been saved in Adobe Photoshop’s proprietary file format, and can only be worked on with excellent results through this program. But it is possible to find other image editing programs and other resources on the web, which can also read PSD files and allow modifications to be made to them.

A PSD file has all the features that help you edit the image without losing quality. One of its disadvantages is that these PSD files they cannot be used in many of the programs, so they are generally converted to JPEG or similar format for saving. PSD files have everything necessary so that the image can be viewed correctly in different types of programs. In general, all the modifications are made directly in the PSD file, and then a copy is exported to other formats, such as JPEG or PNG, so that they can be published.

Edit PSD files online

Some of the programs that are available to edit psd files online are as follows:


This is one of the best programs to watch and edit PSD files online. Photopea It has an integrated image editor, so you only have to upload the image to be able to edit, using a wide variety of tools that are available. After you do the editing, you can save the image again as a PSD or export it in one of the available formats.

It is a program that is very simple to use, and that is very similar to Photoshop, in terms of the ease of working with PSD files, in the interface design and in the tools, which are very similar. It does not have the same power as Photoshop and it does not have all the features and functionalities of the program, but it works quite well for a free program.

This online program offers a wide variety of effects, keyboard shortcuts, tools for working with layers, filters and the most commonly used brushes, as well as cropping, eraser and fill tools. This is sufficient if you are an occasional user of these types of programs. In addition, you learn to use it quickly. It has a wide variety of basic tools and effects that can be applied without any difficulty when PSD file. In the event that you need more specialized tools, you should resort to a more professional image editor, but if what you need is to do occasional work, it is the most recommended editor.

The biggest disadvantage of this program is its limitation in this regard, since the tools and functionalities that can be used are very basic, despite the fact that it has a wide variety. But in case you want to do a bit more professional editing, you won’t be able to do it. Even so, it is one of the best alternatives to see and edit PSD files without having to make any kind of payment.


This online program works in a very similar way to Photopea in that it allows upload a PSD file and do the online editing, and even edit other types of image file formats. The main difference it has with the previous program is that it has neither the interface nor the way to work in Photoshop, but has developed its own style, which has resulted in a much more user-friendly interface and tools. easier to use.

iPiccy has a user interface that is easy to navigate, in which an inexperienced user can edit images in no time. The icons that the program uses to symbolize the tools, their background and their size, make it pleasant to use. These features are preserved in your mobile application.

It offers a wide variety of tools, which are more than enough if you are an occasional user or to do the image edition for web pages. You can find the most common brushes and effects, but also tools that allow you to work with sharpness and vibration, hue and saturation, cloning, and more, which make this program go a bit beyond basic image editing.

The program includes tools dedicated to retouching portraits, including a stain and gloss remover, airbrush, a wrinkle remover, and the like. You can also add a tanning effect, make-up, remove red eyes, change the color of the eyes, add masks and a number of other touch-ups. This makes this program the right one if you want to work with portraits or images that have faces as the main object.

The disadvantage of this program is the same as that of Photopea, the impossibility of adding custom tools or fonts. Despite this it is a online editor very good features to work with PSD, JPEG or any other files, for free.


It is one of the first programs of online image editing which sought to resemble Photoshop, GIMP, and other popular graphics programs available on the market. It has a mobile version, being one of the most popular graphic editors. Pixlr it has an interface that looks a lot like Photoshop and also offers almost all the tools that are necessary to perform basic image editing.

This program stands out for presenting a layer system and adjustment tools similar to those used by Photoshop, which means that you can have great control of the PSD files. The disadvantage it presents is that the editing system destroys the images prior to the changes made to the layers, causing information to be lost or modified. This makes it necessary to pay close attention to the changes that are made to the original image.


Polarr it’s a online image editor which owes its popularity to being one of the most comprehensive mobile editors available on the market. Its operation is similar to image developers, in which exposure, tone and details can be adjusted using different controllers.

It also has several advanced editing tools, such as curves, local adjustment masks, creative and tonal filters, and more. One of the advantages of this program is that in addition to allowing work with PSD files, you can make adjustments to images and make corrections without destroying previous layers. It has a tool where you can apply face adjustment mask, which offers results similar to mobile photo editing tools, with the disadvantage that the final result does not look very natural.


It is a program that stands out for being very versatile and efficient to work with different types of image files, including images in PSD format. Fotor It can be used without problems by beginners in the field of graphic editing, as it is very easy to use. Among its features are the large number of filters and effects it offers, which allows you to have the ability to make highly creative edits.

However, if you are going to work in the free version, it is very limited, so It is advisable to acquire a license, to be able to work without any type of limitations, in which case you can work in a similar way to Photoshop. You must bear in mind that the program can apply a watermark to certain files, which prevents you from using it freely.

Advantages of online editors of PSD files

How to edit Photoshop PSD files online

Some of the many benefits these offer online programs to edit PSD files, are as follows:

  • It is not necessary to download any type of software on the computer or device, also avoiding having to do the installation. This represents many advantages in different aspects, such as allowing to save memory in the computer.
  • You save on having to invest to buy a license. This does not imply that you should stop using professional programs, but if it is for occasional jobs that do not justify making the investment to acquire Photoshop, it is advisable to use this type of program to edit PSD files.
  • The functionalities that most of these online editors of PSD files offer are equivalent to PhotoShop. By analyzing the functions and tools offered by the web programs that were mentioned above, it can be seen that all of them can effectively perform the same tasks that you can do with Photoshop to edit PSD files, so using these alternatives can ensure that they are you will get a good result in editing.
  • It is necessary to bear in mind that, if you have thought of using as an alternative to edit files in PSD format some program, whether online or not, or a tool that does not offer to obtain a quality result, it is advisable not to do so.
  • You should also remember that currently on the Internet and on social networks there is high competition, in which great importance is given to the visual part, so if you use tools and programs that reduce the quality of the images you publish, you can generate as a consequence that they have little receptivity among your followers or other users, affecting your reputation.
  • It is not necessary that you have knowledge or are familiar with the work area or with the tools that these programs offer you, since they are generally very intuitive.
  • On occasion, it may be necessary to carry out a registration process to be able to access these online editing programs, but in general it is a quick and easy process, and in many cases it is done through your Facebook account profile.
  • Depending on how you use the tools and functionalities, you will be able to achieve good results, with a high quality, which on certain occasions may seem that the editing of the PSD files has been done with professional programs.

For edit psd files online There are different alternatives, most of them free and others as part of trial periods for more professional versions. In general, these programs are indicated when images are carried out on an occasional basis, since the tools and functionalities they offer, although they offer quality, are not appropriate for more professional jobs.

These online programs are recommended when you do not want to make the purchase or download a complete program that allows you to do the editing psd files, and they are only to touch up one or two files. In addition to the programs mentioned above, you can find others that are simpler to use or with less functionality. But the ones described allow you to do quality work without the need for very complex editing procedures.

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