How to connect two computers in a network with Windows 10 [WiFi o Ethernet]

Network two computers with Windows 10 can be useful as it allows you share files quickly. However, this process can be somewhat complicated for some people. To help you connect them, we are going to teach you two methods, wired or wireless, so you can do it in a few minutes.

How to connect two computers in a network with Windows 10 [CABLE]

To connect two computers in a network with Windows 10 via cable, you must take the Ethernet and follow the following instructions:

1. Go to Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center> Change adapter settings and you will see some types of connection options.

2. Right click on the option Ethernet > Properties > Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and click Properties.

3. In the pop-up window, set the IP address and subnet masks of the first computer to:

  • IP –
  • Subnet mask –

Also, do the same on the second computer and set the IP address and subnet masks in:

  • IP –
  • Subnet mask –

Note: The IP value of two computers must be different.

You must connect the Ethernet cables to both computers and look at the workgroup in which the computers are located, which is usually called WORKGROUP.

4. To check: Control Panel > Security system > System

5. Now we will have to go to the folder or unit that we want to share with the other computer and select Properties > Share > Advanced Sharing

6. It only remains to give access to the other computer so that it has access to the folder you have shared. For that, go to the folder itself, right click and select Grant access to > Specific Users and select All from the dropdown tab.

You can select the type of permitor what you give to that user. The only thing missing give to share and access the folder from the other computer.

How to connect two computers in a network with Windows 10 [WiFi]

If you prefer to have both computers connected without the need for cables, then you must configure the sharing options over WiFi. To do this, access from the WiFi icon by right-clicking on the bottom right and entering Open network and internet settings.

There you should look for the Network and Shared Resources Center (Sharing options) and select Advanced Sharing Settings.

In the Private section we must have the network detection and file and printer sharing boxes activated such that:

On the contrary, in the Public or Guest profile we must have them deactivated.

In the last section we select the first option and leave the following as they are, keeping the 128-bit encryption for the connection and password protection activated.

From here you must follow the same steps to share any folder with the other computer.

Important: Set user password

To connect two computers in a network with Windows 10 we must have a user password with which to access the other computer. To establish it we have to go to the menu setting > accounts.

By clicking on Login Options, you will be able to access the username and password for shared use.

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