How to add text over a picture in Word in 2021

In Word you can apply different procedures to get to write or insert text on an image, so you can use the one that seems easiest and simplest to the user. Through its use, you can create and edit professional, original and unique documents capable of generating recognition for the work done.

There are different procedures that can be followed to write or insert a text on an image in Word, among which are:

How to Add Text Over a Picture in Word Step by Step

Let’s go step by step to see how to add text over an image in Word easily:

  • The first thing to do is open a new document in Word from the desktop, or from the start button on the computer.
  • After doing this, you have to wait for the computer to load the program without problems.
  • Next, you must insert the image on which you want to place text. To do this, what you have to do is choose the “insert” tab, and then choose the “images” option, as long as the image to be used is saved on the computer. Or you can also choose “online images”, if you have the web link of the image you want to edit.
  • Immediately after inserting the image, we will insert the text. For this you have to go to the “insert” tab. In it on the right hand side will appear the option “Text box”.
  • After pressing this option, a tab will appear with different variants that can be chosen for the text box. In this case, the option to “draw text box” can be selected.

  • Subsequently, the cursor is placed on the image already previously inserted, to draw the dimensions of the text box that you want.
  • Finally, You can write the text that best suits you, and edit it to your liking with the font, color, size and more options.

Do not forget to right click inside the “text box” to remove the blank padding from it. To do this, right click inside the box and then look for the “fill in” option.

After choosing the option “without filling”, click and that’s it. After clicking on it, the text box will be in transparent mode. However the box will show everything that is behind it.

Add text to an image with WordArt


There is also another option in Word, which can be used to insert text over images. This is known as WordArt. This option is located next to the text box.

All you have to do is select the font you want to use. Then write the text or words that interest you and then move the text box over the image, adjust it and that’s it.

The WordArt can be selected at the top, where the toolbox that Word offers to make any document is located.

Interesting tutorials on Microsoft Word:

A quick alternative

Finally, there is another much more dynamic and faster procedure when writing and inserting images in a Word document.

What you have to do is insert the image with which you are going to work. Size adjustments that may be appropriate are made.

After this, it is searched where it says Layout options, which can be found by clicking on the image that has been inserted and in the upper right corner of it. Doing so will bring up a small box.

Select it and a series of options will appear, in the tab that appears you will choose the option behind the text. This It will allow to enable writing on the image without any inconvenience. You can even continue editing the dimensions or the image itself if you want. All without interfering with the text that has been written before.

And voila, so you will always have a text in front of the image, and a background that can provide personalization and style to the document that is made.

How to write or insert text over a picture in Word

It is of great relevance to have this type of programs, which offer tools and options, capable of facilitating the daily work of people and companies in such a way that can carry out important documents in an original and professional way, without taking a lot of time and effort in it.

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