How to activate Windows 10 in 2021 ▷ Forever

If you want to learn to activate Windows 10 forever and for free, stay to read our guide. In addition, taking advantage of the arrival of Windows 11 We leave you at the end the official program so that you can check if your PC is compatible with the new version.

The fact of activate Windows 10 it can occur in many situations, even when buying a new PC that comes with this operating system. Others, on the contrary, tend to occur when trying to activate a version unofficially.

How to activate Windows 10 forever

For activate Windows 10 forever it is best to have the license key that comes with the purchase of the Operating System at hand. But for those people who are looking for how to activate it forever for free, we are going to introduce you 3 different methods.

Windows 10 Activators

The fastest way is by using one of the activators Windows 10 like KMSPico and Microsoft Toolkit. They are among the best known and currently used, both for this case and to activate Office. It really is an option that you should use at your own risk, since in many cases they may contain some malware.

If you want download one of these programs with which to activate Windows 10 forever, We leave you the following direct links.

download kmspico download microsoft toolkit

Once you have it installed on your PC, you must disable antivirus, run it as administrator and select the option Activate Windows.

If, on the other hand, you want another free and more secure option, it is best to use a generic password.

Generic keys

activate windows 10

Another one of the best methods for activate Windows 10 forever is using the so-called generic keys. They are really licenses provided by the company itself for those who cannot buy an official license, whose price is usually around € 150.

However the inconvenient If you use these keys, you will not be able to access all the options and functions of the operating system itself. Although better than nothing. Here are the main generic keys with which activate Windows 10 for free.

Windows 10 Key
Pro N MH37W-N47XK-V7XM9-C7227-GCQG9
home TX9XD-98N7V-6WMQ6-BX7FG-H8Q99
Enterprise NPPR9-FWDCX-D2C8J-H872K-2YT43
Enterprise N DPH2V-TTNVB-4X9Q3-TJR4H-KHJW4
Education N 2WH4N-8QGBV-H22JP-CT43Q-MDWWJ

Once you have the key corresponding to the edition of your Windows 10, you must run Command Prompt as Administrator and enter the following. We will use the example key from Windows 10 Pro:

slmgr / ipk W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX

slmgr / skms

slmgr / ato

With digital license

with microsoft account

Another free method to activate Windows 10 is using a digital license associated with our Microsoft account.

For this, you will have to go to Setting > Update and security > Activation (left column)> Add Microsoft account > Add Account.

How to know if Windows 10 is activated

check activation windows 10

Once you have chosen one or more of these methods to activate Windows 10 for free, it is time to check if, indeed, the product has been activated successfully. To do this, you have two simple options:

In configuration

To check if Windows 10 is activated, the easiest thing is to enter Setting (Windows + I)> Update and Security > Activation > and in the section of Windows you will see if it is really activated or not.

It’s honestly the easiest way to check it, although there is still a faster option: use a keyboard shortcut to get there.

With a keyboard shortcut

Another foolproof method to check if you have activated Windows 10 correctly, select on your keyboard Windows + Pause (This is usually next to the Imp Pan key). You will open the System window, where you can find more information about your computer, Windows, the amount of RAM installed, whether it is 32 or 64 bits …

Regardless of whether you want to activate Windows 10 for free or not, knowing this shortcut is essential to reach all the information on your PC quickly.

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In short, for Activate Windows 10 You can use several methods. Some are more secure than others, just as they can be more effective depending on the edition of Windows you have installed. We recommend having it well activated to be able to use all the functions that are incorporated.

Although we cannot ignore that the arrival of the new Windows 11 has caused a furor, especially with the good changes in terms of performance and aesthetics of the new operating system.

If you want to know if your PC is compatible with the new Windows 11 update, download the official App to check the status of your computer:

check if your pc is compatible with windows 11

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